July 1, 2022

24 Free Photoshop LUTS


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Online sites and blogs offer essential, free online Photoshop resources. We’ve identified some of the most helpful sites in the world to help you use Photoshop right.

Photoshop: How to Use It Well

This tutorial from the site of one of the Photoshop gurus explains how to use Photoshop effectively. It goes a bit beyond the beginner’s level, so it will take a lot of practice to get comfortable using Photoshop on a daily basis.

Photoshop for Video

Our friend, “the king of photomaking,” Todd Jordan provides an excellent video tutorial. His YouTube channel is loaded with video tutorials, live commentary, and even photography, art, and design courses.

Extreme Photoshop

Traditionally, Photoshop had been reserved for image manipulation, but with the recent releases of Photoshop CS6, it has found a new use as a digital video editor. A frequent subject of our blog, video editing is just one of many things that you can do with Photoshop.

Learn on the Jobs

Learn How To Create Great Digital Art, Graphics, and Design on the jobs. How to make Photomanipulation? Learn More. Learn How to make Video for the web?Learn More.

Old Photoshop Documentation

Although there are a lot of good guides on the web, the old documentation is still great. Adobe has a very helpful website for downloading everything from Photoshop 1.0 through Photoshop CS5.

Reading the Manual

Even if you know where you’re going, learning Photoshop is an educational experience. It’s interesting that while this is true for “normal” people, it’s a learning opportunity for a graphic designer.

Shopping Around

You probably wouldn’t think that the “What’s New” pages would be useful, but they are. They’ll point you to any updates that you might have missed. Of course, you need Photoshop to use the What’s New page, but it’s a good resource nonetheless.

The Photoshop Blog

This is the official blog for all things Photoshop. Very helpful tutorials, news, and tips.

Photoshop Essentials

As the name suggests, the website covers some of Photoshop’s basics.

The Best Non-Photoshop Tutorials

What would you use Photoshop for? Well, because Photoshop can take a picture and make it into any other digital image, it also enables you to create all sorts of images you wouldn’t have the skill, time, or equipment to create

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Users should keep in mind that these images cannot be taken for granted; these are just a rough idea of the likes. Other albums are possible.

0. Create Your First PSD with Photoshop Elements

1. Import the File

Open the image you want to edit and click File > Open. In the Open window, click the tiny button on the upper right to choose All Files (*.psd), and go to the location where you saved your PSD file.

2. Edit the Image

Choose Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast > Adjust. Click OK to go back to the main screen.

In the next step, adjust the image so it looks nice and bright. You can play with the levels:

Brightness: Decrease it to decrease the brightness.

Contrast: Increase it to increase the contrast.

Saturation: Decrease it to darken the colors.

Hue: Adjust to adjust the colors.

Gradient Map: Add a gradient map to add a gradient to the image. Choose one of the bright color, such as cyan or magenta, from the tab at the bottom of the window to add the gradient.

3. Save the Image to PNG

Click File > Save. In the Save as Type window, go to the bottom of the page and click the Save to Save image as PNG option, and choose either a.psd or.psf file.

4. Add Watermark

A Photoshop Elements watermark is the text on your file that says the file has been modified by Adobe Photoshop Elements and is not a copy of another file. Choose File > Scripts > Watermark. Enter the text you wish to add and click OK.

5. Let’s Curate Some More

If you want to add other edits, such as pasting a photo from the web, creating a text mask from any image, cropping, or other edits, click the tiny button in the upper right.

6. Save the Image to PNG

Choose File > Save. In the Save as Type window, choose PNG, and in the Save As Type dialog, go to the bottom of the page and click Save, and save the file.

7. Add a Stroke Effect

Now let’s add a stroke effect to the image. Choose Effect > Stroke > Add Stroke. In the Stroke dialog box,

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