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Name Airport Renovator: Prologue
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The Tinkers are part of a mysterious alien race known as the Scythians who once used hyperspace to cross vast distances in short periods of time. The Tinkers fled into the galaxy after their ancient civilization collapsed under the attack from an enemy force, and now they are trying to re-establish themselves.
The Arda Seed are a race of alien beings that hail from an extraterrestrial proto-type that came to this galaxy 3.000 years ago.
The Arda Seed once lived on the remote planet of Arda in a great and complex space-craft city that now lies dormant in the depths of hyperspace.
Have your players unlock the secrets of the Arda Seed’s lost civilization, and either help or hinder their efforts to rise again.
What kind of player can handle this game?
Legacies is a complex strategy game built with the sandbox gameplay in mind. Everything in the game is setup to be built and updated, including ship and weapon technologies, ship traits, specializations and more. You can do almost anything in the game’s galaxy or explore huge new areas on an almost limitless scale.
Legacies is designed to offer balance and simplicity in one package, unlike other games in the genre. It is possible to build many different kinds of ships, but you can’t do that for every race. Once you decide what type of ship to build, you’ll know exactly what it can do.
You’ll need to balance firepower, mobility, speed and defense. The Tinkers don’t have the same balance problems, which makes them a very easy faction to play in a modern sandbox galaxy. The Arda Seed build even more extreme ships that don’t need to balance out at all.
To help the players understand the game, thousands of in-game tips are built into the game to help players understand the ins and outs of the game.
Legacies allows you to enjoy the best of modern sandbox gameplay in an easy to play form.
*Legacies ships have special hulls for single player.
*Legacies ships have a specific role in the game.
*Legacies uses unique ship bases and mission structures to offer a fast, fun and highly competitive sandbox experience.
*Legacies ships are made up of multiple components;
*Legacies ships are rated for damage and shields on a point scale.
*Legacies ships are capable of transforming into more powerful and customizable vessels.


Features Key:

  • Action packed space opera based campaign
  • features campaign options system to unlock advanced stages of the campaign
  • various difficulty levels to meet your needs
  • colours, ships and weapons variety – 8 playable starships and 40 equipment hulls
  • 12 basic modules to provide basic function for your ship
  • 22 colonization units and 37 planet types to unlock in the campaign and randomized missions
  • randomized planet selection for campaign missions
  • weapon turret systems that fire when target speed and angle are right
  • ship system that assigns one to five subsystems to keep your strategic options open
  • control panel system that lets you trade spent subsystems for resources to use in construction
  • parameters like scanning range, maximum scan distance, scanner resolution, rate of scan progress display and so on
  • modes to easily enjoy your game with or against other players
  • multiplayer network with various game modes and game types
  • Buy Key Features:

    • 3 difficulty settings plus 1 very simple difficulty
    • 2 campaign modes, plus 1 sandbox mode
    • 4 guided and 5 free-form campaigns plus randomized missions
    • 6 different difficulty levels
    • 5 atmosphärge
    • Bazaar of Keltir
    • 3 save options: on disk, online and error-checking save

    Buy With Game:

    • 10 missions
    • 3 colonizable planets & 287 system types
    • 5 starships with 4 types
    • 6 units to build space stations, planet bases and research bases
    • various Psi weapons

    Buy With Credits:

    • 4 missions
    • 3 colonizable planets
    • <


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      Airport Renovator: Prologue For PC Latest

      PLAYER 1
      EGR1 – Mohammed Abdollahi – moh_ac_t_t, ehr_ac_t_t, rej_ac_t_t, tr1_ac_t_t, cf_ac_t_t, for_ac_t_t
      EGR2 – Shahrokh Maleki – shahro_f_m_t, rej_f_m_t, for_f_m_t, tr1_f_m_t
      SUB1 – Hamid Hamed – amh_f_m_t
      SUB2 – Hamed Naser – ha_f_m_t, amh_f_m_t
      J6 – Hadi Adib Majd – a_f_m_t, egr1_f_m_t, ha_f_m_t, egr2_f_m_t, tr1_f_m_t, tr2_f_m_t, cf_f_m_t, for_f_m_t
      P1 – Hossein Raseh – rej_f_m_t, ha_f_m_t, egr1_f_m_t, egr2_f_m_t, tr1_f_m_t, tr2_f_m_t, cf_f_m_t, for_f_m_t
      P2 – Hamid Mansouri – rej_ac_t_t, ha_ac_t_t, egr1_ac_t_t, egr2_ac_t_t, tr1_ac_t_t, cf_ac_t_t, for_ac_t_t
      SUB3 – Mohammad Soleimani – mo_ac_t_t, ha_ac_t_t, egr1_ac_t_t, egr2_ac_t_t, tr1_ac_t_t, cf_ac_t_t, for_ac_t_t
      Development Team:Mo Abdollahi,Shahrokh Maleki,Hamid Hamed,Hossein Raseh,Hadi Adib Majd,Hossein Raseh,Hamid Mansouri,Mohammad Soleimani
      All creations on


      What’s new in Airport Renovator: Prologue:

        Skellig Michael: Storm of Souls (2011, with Jacob Groenendijk)
        A Quarter Century (2012)
        Wild’O (2012)
        Thunderkittens (2013)
        God Seed (2013)
        Desperate (2013)
        Children of the Worm (2013)
        Seed (2013)
        Legacies (2013)
        Desperate (2013, international edition)
        The Seventh Sacrament (2014)
        The Glittering Eye (2014)
        Gateway to Limbo (2014)
        Metastoria (2015)
        Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (2016)
        Chicken Suits (2016)
        The Invincible (2016)

        He also directed the following video shorts:

        Tower (1991)
        A Lovers Dream (1991, international edition)
        The Debt (1992)
        Whip In (1993)
        Tears of the Sun (1992)
        Winds of the Night (1992)
        The Child (1993)
        Heroes (1993)
        Expulsion of the Innocent (1993)
        Turtle Doves (1994)
        The Devil’s in this Place (1994)
        Blood Moon (1995)
        Animal Business (1995)
        Cape 3 (1995)
        Eat This: Tokyo Woman (1996, cut and re-edited)
        Kavu (1996, unreleased)
        Real Sloppy Food (1997, unreleased)
        Go Ahead Grasshopper Go for It (2000)
        A Cochinnehoma Man (2001)
        Salvation and Slavery (2001)
        Kamernomoogiri 2006 (2007)
        F.A.Q. (2008)
        Don’t Break the Future 2010
        Poppy 2010


        Further reading

        “Krikor Mohr – Interview in the Iranian Country Magazine”, Iranian.com, 2015.

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        Free Airport Renovator: Prologue Crack + PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

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        For more information, please check the readme file and/or the FAQ.

        Please note:

        The C version of the game is the full version.
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        Development blog:


        For a description of each game please open the readme file, and click the respective buttons.

        Version 1.0 – Finished the game!

        Version 1.01 – Added new elements to the game, and fixed the first issue regarding glitches.

        Version 1.02 – Fixed a mistake in the video.

        Version 1.03 – Improved the gameplay and level maps.

        Version 1.04 – Added a new difficult mode.

        Version 1.05 – Added a new glitch that would occur at the end of


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      System Requirements:

      OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 (32-bit) or Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
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      Memory: 1 GB RAM
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      Network: Broadband Internet connection
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      Additional Notes: 16×9 is preferred



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