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Astro Vision Lifesign 12 5 WORK Full Setup 1


Astro Vision Lifesign 12 5 Full Setup 1

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How to assign a variable to the function address in OCaml?

I have a function as
let f (x:float) =
(* code goes here *)

I want to bind a variable v to the address of f (and f should be the f like I just wrote).
I tried the following
let v = f

and also
let v = ref (f:float -> unit)

What is the correct way?


You can use tupled anonymous function, an example from documentation:
let l = [1..3]
let m = [ ~a=1 | ~a=2 | ~a=3 ]
let f a b = fun () -> a + b
let tuple f1 f2 = f2, f1
let l = ref 1
let m = [ ~a=2 | ~a=3 ]
let f2, f1 = (fun () -> l :=!l + 1) m
let a = f1 1 2 2 in
print_int a

The call to tuple is a function that takes 2 argument. The second argument is a function from a -> b, in this case f2. Then the function f1 is called using the first argument, here the tuple.
Another way to do this is by calling a function that accepts as argument a function from a -> b and then apply the function to the first argument as the new function. This is also explained in the documentation.
You can call f 1.0.


Triple negative-ness of the integrand

I’m trying to understand the integral
$$ I = \int_0^1\int_0^1\int_0^1 \frac{\ln(3-x^2-y^2-z^2)}{3-x^2-y^2-z^2} \ dz \ dy \ dx. $$
This is a triple integral of a triple-negative integrand. As such, I have made the assumption that

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