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The BMI calculator is an important tool, as it allows you to determine your body fat percentage. It can also be used as a weight loss calculator. The simple BMI tool has a number of free and customizable features that provide multiple functions.
Generally speaking, the BMI calculator can be used to calculate:
-Your body fat percentage, by using the built-in formulas or by entering your measurements. It can either calculate your percentage on an adult body or on a child’s body.
-The ideal body size
-The ideal body weight, which is calculated depending on your height.
-The ideal BMI, which involves different calculations.
-The ideal weight loss (or weight gain) weight, which allows you to determine your ideal weight.
-The ideal body mass index, which involves different calculations.
Besides, the software can also be used for fitness and sports, including:
-Calculate your body fat percentage for running, swimming, cycling, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, martial arts and other sports.
-Measure your body and calculate your ideal weight. This can also be done for a limited number of other sports.
-Calculate a lifetime weight loss goal for your body type, while calculating your ideal mass.
-Calculate your lifetime weight loss goal, which is based on your height.
-Calculate your ideal or ideal weight range for different age groups.
-Calculate your ideal weight range for children and teenagers, and for adults.
-Calculate your ideal body mass index, weight loss and weight gain (or weight gain) during exercise.
-Calculate your ideal and ideal mass, for different body types.
The BMI calculator can be used to calculate a number of facts, like your body mass index, ideal body weight, ideal mass and ideal BMI. The software also calculates the ideal body mass index based on the ideal mass.
The BMI software can also calculate various sums of measurements for the ideal weight, weight loss or weight gain (or weight gain), for different age groups. In addition, the software calculates the ideal or ideal body mass index based on your body mass index. Also, it calculates the ideal and ideal mass, for different body types.
Plus, the software will help you determine your ideal weight and calculate your ideal body mass index. Furthermore, it can calculate your ideal or ideal weight based on your height and ideal mass, for different age groups. Furthermore, the BMI calculator can calculate your ideal body mass

BMI Calculator Crack+

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) in the simplest way possible. The BMI Calculator is a free tool that can be used by all kinds of people without having to install any additional software.
How it works:
All you need to do is entering your sex, date of birth, weight and height, which will be then displayed as your BMI values.
The results are pretty cool and include a preview of your BMI value compared to the accepted categories. Once you make sure that you’re not obese, you can even proceed to the assessment of your other characteristics.
As far as the app goes, it’s actually just a standalone utility, so everything is handled by itself. There are, though, a couple of things that could be a little better, such as the fact that the displayed values in one of the predefined categories are not very precise.
That said, everything works fine and is easy to use. And even though the preview window that pops up after completing your measurement is nothing more than a simple window, the app still wins a great deal of points for its simplicity and clean look.
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BMI Calculator With Serial Key Free

The BMI Calculator can calculate the ideal weight for different body types as well as the difference between two body types. It is based on a body mass index calculation.
Body mass index is used to determine if someone is underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. BMI also indicates the overall health risk for a person.
The BMI calculation is based on one person’s height and weight.
How to use BMI Calculator :
This application will calculate the BMI for users using your height and weight.
You must enter height and weight in the respective fields.
* If you are too young to have a BMI calculated, it will display an option to delete the entry.
* The BMI calculation will use your height and weight to calculate and display the BMI value.
* Entering zero or an invalid value will also display the options to remove the height/weight entry.
* BMI can also be selected from the menu to be calculated.
* The calculated BMI can also be exported to a.csv file to view in Microsoft Excel.
Other calculator applications features:
* Bmi calculator calculates BMI in a user friendly manner.
* BMI calculator calculates BMI for different body types.
* BMI calculator allows a user to make an assumption of a weight change and estimate the BMI.
* BMI calculator allows a user to enter two body types and calculate the BMI difference.
* BMI calculator can be added to the Quick Launch section and also uninstalled.
* BMI calculator can show the option to delete a weight/height entry.
* BMI calculator supports different file extensions, including Png, Jpeg, Jpg, Bmp, Bmp2, Bmp3, and Pdf.
* BMI calculator can import values from the.csv file.
* BMI calculator can export values to the.csv file.
* BMI calculator can calculate/export the BMI values in different formats.
* You can go back to the options menu by clicking the Windows logo in the top left corner.
You can go back to the options menu by clicking the Windows logo in the top left corner.
Features for extra users:
* BMI calculator can be used as a standalone application without installation.
* BMI calculator can be placed in the program folder.
* There is a Help option that can be accessed by hitting the? button on the Options Menu.
* There is a thesaurus dictionary that can be accessed by hitting the Options button and then selecting Thesaurus.
* There is an about option

What’s New In?

It is a simple calculator that calculates your body mass index (BMI) with the minimum and maximum data input. It is a very useful tool as it assists in calculating and maintaining your ideal body weight.
It has a reading bar, percentage, decimal number, and BMI chart, to which you can add an individual’s height and weight. You can compare it to your friends and the BMI chart shows how much you may have gained or lost.
The software also remembers the Height, Weight, and Body Mass of your previous input, so you can quickly enter your data again.
With this application, you can calculate your BMI instantly on your PC with the bar chart. Choose the option “Save For Ever” and store your reading chart. The BMI calculator can be accessed any time by clicking the shortcut on the desktop, which automatically opens the software on your desktop.
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System Requirements For BMI Calculator:

Windows XP:
OS: Windows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.4 GHz or faster
RAM: 512 MB
Windows Vista:
Windows 7 or Windows 8:
CPU: 2.


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