July 8, 2022

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Caps-notification is a plugin for Pidgin / Finch that will flash your keyboard LEDs when you receive a Chat / IM message.
You can choose the keyboard leds to flash, the flash rate or the flash trigger by accessing the application’s configuration.







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-notification is a plugin for Pidgin / Finch that will flash your keyboard LEDs when you receive a Chat / IM message.
How it works?
Cap-notification is a cross-platform application, therefore it needs the following requisites:
– Finch
– Pidgin
Caps-notification is in beta testing and stable version will be released when all aspects of it have been checked.
To make it work you need to do:
-Install caps-notification icon
-Install caps-notification launch process
For that, you need to extract the plugin archive.
Extract it with:
-Windows: WinRAR
-Linux: File-roller
-OSX: unzip
Once installed (in Windows, for instance), go to Pidgin plugin directory and execute
Then you need to access the Caps-notification application options.
To do that, click on the Caps-notification icon, the Caps-notification icon that should appear inside the application bar.
Here you can configure the Caps-notification settings:
-Select the preferences icon
-Select the left top corner Icon
-Select the Caps-notification configuration
-Select the Caps-notification system tray preferences
-Select the Caps-notification shortcut icon
-Select the Caps-notification icons config
Once you’re done with the configuration, press the Start button and you’re ready to receive your messages.
It all works pretty well, but I have some issues with it.
Currently there is no way to define the LED pattern, and also to have just 1 message in the LED pattern, because Caps-notification iterate all messages, and this takes a lot of battery.
There are also some issues with configuration of the Caps-notification icon, because it is always started maximized.
An other issue is that the Caps-notification icon is 64px in height, and it should be 16px.
Also there are a number of compatibility issues with some distributions and desktop environments (like Gnome, KDE, XFCE…).
If you feel that an error is a bug of Caps-notification, please describe it.
If you feel that some settings is not very configurable or convenient for you, please report it.
If you would like to contribute please see the HOWTO section in the Caps-notification web site

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The ONLY program of its kind!

New functionality in v.1.6: the ability to remember the flash rate from a Caps-notification event and apply it to future events

New feature: optional ctrl+tab support

New feature: ability to use Caps-notification with a custom 1 or 2 ms trigger

The ability to flash caps lock and/or num lock

The ability to flash the right or left alt key

Support for many more features, such as the ability to specify the LED to flash

Support for custom Caps-notification actions for either Pidgin or Finch


* Easy installation
* Multiple modes of operation
* Trigger Modes: Hard-Edge and Soft-Edge
* Custom Actions
* Switch between multiple notification triggers
* Can configure the LED flash rate and interval
* Flash caps lock and/or num lock
* Flash the right and left alt keys
* Flash supported chirafy programmable LED keys
* Flash the left and right windows button in the border color that you select
* Flash secondary display devices
* Flash touch screen devices
* Theme Support
* Background Execution
* Widget Support
* Support for all XChat programs (Chat, Squad, ChatZilla, etc)

Caps-notification is an XChat plugin for the Chirafy programmable LED keyboard. It supports many modes of operation, can act as a controller for a custom 1 or 2 ms trigger (Caps-notification Short Intro: An application that will flash caps lock or num lock on your keyboard LEDs to tell you about an incoming message), and can be configured to allow you to flash a LED in whatever color and edge color you choose (Caps-notification Long Intro:

Flashing caps lock, num lock, or the right or left alt key will prevent you from making a typo or keypress before you are finished typing your message. The important thing to know is that Caps-notification is not a CAPS-LOCK notification system like the one in MS Word, and therefore does not require that you start your text with a capital letter. You can use Caps-notification with Pidgin or Finch, and with the option Caps-notification can flash caps lock, num lock, or the right and left alt keys!

Caps-notification on Pidgin or Finch works like this: When a Chat message is received by P

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1) Includes a config gui that allows you to configure the application. By default, caps-notification can operate in either synchronous / asynchronous mode.
2) Caps-notification is transparent to the application…

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What’s New in the?

Caps-notification is an

Click on the image to install it!
Installation Instructions:
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](
[![Get plugin.sc](

System Requirements For Caps-notification:

Turbocaster 1.1.1
CPU: 1.0 MHz
RAM: 128 KB
Disk: 22 KB
CPU: 1.1 MHz
CPU: 1.2 MHz
CPU: 1.3 MHz


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