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Combine combines text files, or parts of them, into a single file. The command line syntax is COMBINE [/a] [/fl] [/lb] [/nolist] [/nologo] [/nosum] [/s] target file1 file2. which can be brought up to the screen anytime you need to remember the commands by writing “COMBINE” or “COMBINE.txt” without any other arguments.
Combine works by appending the text of each file to the resulting file, depending on the order you specified in the command prompt window. In the end, you get a file with all of the text contained in the source files. It’s a one-way operation.
No destructive components whatsoever
You don’t have to take any time-consuming steps. Combine is an easy way to create a single file with the text content from multiple sources. It doesn’t overwrite the previous text or anything else. The process is totally reversible.
Warning: Combine may not be supported on all versions of Windows
Since this is just a.exe file, it can be executed without the need of any additional applications. So you don’t need to install it. Since it’s not a self-extracting archive, you can place it in a folder of any kind and launch it whenever you need to merge text files. You don’t have to worry about it being installed somewhere out of the ordinary.
COMBINE [/a] [/fl] [/lb] [/nolist] [/nologo] [/nosum] [/s] target file1 file2.
The following properties are customizable and cannot be removed:

Target file name;

File extension;

List of files to append to the new file;

Show the status of each file appended to the file;

Display the size of each text file appended to the file;

Show the size of the resulting file.

Download Combine by Grahamed

Combine is a useful yet tiny program for merging multiple documents into one without a hassle. If you need to join files with different extensions into a single file, this tool will happily assist you.

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Desktop app that merges multiple files into one.


Windows 10

File size: ~30.0 MB

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package org.apache.samza.config;

import org.apache.samza.task.Task;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

public class Statement implements Task {
private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Statement.class);

private int max;
private int cur;
private int job;

public Statement() {

* Set the max number of running tasks. This causes the broker to limit the number
* of tasks running at any given time. This value must be larger than 1
* @param max The maximum number of running tasks


Command-line application to merge multiple files into one file. That is, Combine is a command-line utility that merges multiple text files into a single text file. The merged file can then be easily read with any text editor.
Combine appends the text from each file name/path/file into the new file. If the files/paths are in the same drive, Combine works. If they are located on a network, Combine works if you specify a port. If the file exists already, Combine appends to it. If a file/path is not specified, Combine creates a new file and creates it.
If the destination file already exists, Combine appends. If the destination file doesn’t exist yet, Combine creates the destination file and appends.
The following are allowed in destination file name:
file name: string of alphabetic characters, optionally followed by:
.[file extension] or a file name with a [file extension] for a text file: e.g.


Combine Usage Examples:

combinename /a /fl /lb /nolist /nologo /nosum /s < destinationfile.txt [file extension] : changes the [file extension] of the destination file. /a : Appends files. The first argument represents the file name. The second argument represents the file name to append. /fl : Collates and formats the text. /lb : Lists the file names. The file names are appended. /nolist : Listing of file names. /nologo : Suppress the usage message. /nosum : Calculates a sum for multiple files. /s : Summarizes multiple files. The command should be preceded by the destination file. For example, the command: combinem.exe /a would result in the creation of a new file called "merged.txt" that contains the contents of both "original.txt" and "add.txt". First, try the following command: combinename /a This command without any arguments would add the text of "original.txt" to the file "add.txt" that already exists in the same directory as "original.txt". Now, try the following command with a name argument

What’s New in the Combine?

Windows App Developer:
The best solution for merging multiple documents into one. Combinator can save the image of the files so you don’t have to extract the text to combine the documents. Uses to merge text documents,.jpg,.doc,.txt,.csv,.rtf, and more.


Effortlessly merge two or more text files into one
The application can only be accessed from a console window since there is no graphical interface available. Even so, it’s pretty easy to use. The syntax is COMBINE [/a] [/fl] [/lb] [/nolist] [/nologo] [/nosum] [/s] target file1 file2., which can be brought up to the screen anytime you need to remember the commands by writing “COMBINE” or “COMBINE.txt” without any other arguments.

To combine two or more files with the default configuration, it’s necessary to first write the name of the destination file, and then the names of the files you want to join. Make sure to include file paths too, if they are in different locations on the hard drive. It’s also mandatory to specify the file extension.

Appends text and creates one text file
The program works by adding the text of each file to the new one, depending on the order you indicated in the command prompt window. In the end, you get one large file with all text content extracted from the source files. Please note that the source files are not destroyed, so there’s no need to create backups when using this app.

Once the files have been merged together, you can check out the status for each item along with the size of the resulted file. It can be immediately opened in your file browser to see if Combine did its job well.

Can also combine text files of different formats, like TXT, RTF and CSV

A cool thing about this app is that it’s capable of combining files of different formats and producing a new type of file, as long as they have the text content type. For example, you can merge TXT with RTF to generate a CSV file. ASCII, Unicode and UTF-8 are supported. However, it doesn’t work with other content types (although no errors are mentioned in the console when attempted to do this, we tried with a couple of JPEGs).

Information about the optional commands are available on the developer’s website. All


System Requirements:


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