July 12, 2022

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Del3 [2022-Latest]

Remove directories and files from directory tree.

del3 How to use:


Run del3 as a standalone app or run it from a Command Line.

Command Line:

del3 /? or
del3 -?

For a list of possible command line arguments, type
del3 /?

del3 Commands:

del3 /?

/test: Display the current setting in simulation mode.

/?: Display the help page for del3.

/del: Remove the current directory tree.

/d: Delete the current directory tree.

/r: Recursively delete the current directory tree.

/n: Delete recursively.

/z: Resize the current directory tree.

/f: Move the current directory tree to another location.

/dir: Replace the current directory tree with the specified directory tree.



Just download it from github.


Make sure that you have.NET Framework 3 installed on your computer.


GNU General Public License

del3 Changelog:

* Version 1.00
* removed unused options
* added support for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions
* added option -i which enables the simulation modeQ:

Why does my for loop break so early?

Here is my code:
for(int i=100;i

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The program is meant to be used in DOS or Command Line shell to delete sub-directories and files without confirmation. If you wish to delete only directories, you have to specify the /d option.
As you can see, the main advantage of the tool is its fast and efficient, which is why we recommend the use of this for those who do not need to carry their programs on the cloud. There is no need for you to worry about the online storage policy when this tool is in your toolbox.
del3 Free Download has a very simple interface and with a nice toolkit of icons, you can quickly understand what the program is doing. Furthermore, the fact that it is free of charge makes it more suitable for smaller projects. As far as system requirements are concerned, del3 can run on any version of Windows from Windows 95 up to Windows 8.
If you want to use the tool the first time, you can download it below. For you to use del3 online, you have to use del3.com. Remember that it is your choice as to whether you want to get access to this tool.
How to Use the del3 Tool?
1. Click on the del3.com icon and use the login details that you have received. If you don’t receive such a code, you can easily find one in the FAQ section.
2. Now, simply click on the “CLI” icon and you should see a homepage like the one below:
3. From this window, you will be able to perform the required tasks. To delete a folder and its contents just select the app and click on the button. You can also go to the advanced section and configure how many files and folders are going to be deleted.
As you can see, the tool is easy to use and offers a lot of options. You can enjoy it at the del3.com website.But after the Jays fell behind 4-0, a little nervousness was creeping in, which the club was determined to put to rest.

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del3 is a tiny Command Line utility designed to act as a replacement for the infamous DELTREE command. The latter was commonly used with Windows 98 to automatically remove a directory along with all sub-directories and contained files via commands. However, due to unknown reasons it was removed starting with Windows 2000.
According to some users, the DELTREE command still appears to be working with 32-bit versions of Windows, but it is not supported on any 64-bit versions. Therefore, if you have a virtual machine or your operating system is currently having this architecture it does not hurt to pop up Command Line and try out deltree /?.
Designed as a replacement for DELTREE, the tool comes with the advantage that it works perfectly fine on 64-bit versions of Windows. Then again, it is advisable that you have.NET Framework 3 to use it.
As far as the commands are concerned, you can remove all directories and files in a specified folder with or without the directory itself. It is worth mentioning that you can include arguments in your commands, as providing none usually deletes the files in the directory but leaves the sub-directories and the files inside alone. You also have a simulation mode which you can use to find out what the app is going to delete when using a certain command. Pay attention, as the delete occurs without confirmation.


Compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and Windows Vista.
Simulates all the commands used to remove folders and files.
Lets you run the command without any interference.
Lets you choose between the default or simulation mode.
Lets you specify the folders to be removed.
Includes an interactive command window.
Lets you run the command without any interference.
Lets you choose between the default or simulation mode.
Lets you specify the folders to be removed.
Includes an interactive command window.
It does not need.NET Framework 3.
It does not depend on external softwares.

Download del3


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Del3 Lite

Simple directory delete and copy command line utility. Will delete one or more specified directories and sub-directories by default. You can also append additional options and limit the number of files or folders to be removed. Additional features include a command with simulation mode, a command with interactive command window, and a command with arguments as options

What’s New In?

Deltree simulates the Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 feature of the ‘%UserProfile%\desktop’ directory is removed from your hard drive when you log off or restart your computer. If you add ‘%~dp0’ to the /Q parameter to boot your PC without this directory, the directory is removed. DeleteTree leaves the directory and sub-directories of ‘%UserProfile%\desktop’ and files in ‘%UserProfile%\desktop’ and sub-directories intact.
Download del3 1.0 Here

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Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.
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