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Use the.readlines method instead of.read()
with open(‘file’, ‘r’) as f:
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spring integration custom aggregation with pubsub

I have an aggregation strategy that is using a filter with a pubsub channel to do some logic before triggering the callback. The problem I’m having is that the callback that’s being triggered is just the aggregation strategy. I’ve tried attaching a publish-subscribe message to the callback and the originating message, but I think this is a bad idea because it’s changing the contract for the original message, ie, the PublishSubscribeChannel could reuse the incoming messages without using the aggregator.
The only other way I can see to do it is if I could do a custom transition logic in the filter. Is there a way to do this, or is there a better strategy for this?
Edit: As per the recommendation from @James Kanze, I’m giving more info.
I’m not directly interested in synchronous processing of messages. I have a DI of my own, and the input message I’m aggregating is coming from a centralized layer, not my own code. So I’m just trying to figure out the best approach to aggregate incoming messages. My aggregation strategy is this:
Request Factory -> Gateway -> Service -> Queue -> Aggregate Strategy (Aggregator) -> PubSubChannel -> Sink
My first choice would be to expose the Service interface as part of my aggregation strategy. That way, if I have a need to go back to one of my services to do some extra manipulation, I don’t have to worry about reimplementing the aggregation strategy’s callback. My problem with this is that the composition of services, in our system, is a fairly complex, so for my life, I’m going to have to interface with Service at a very low level.
The other alternative I see is to just have the aggregation strategy callback be the gateway. This seems a bit gross to me, but maybe it’s the best approach, or at least, the best short term one.


I am working through this in my current code base and experimenting with using a publish-subscribe channel. The channel is the intermediary for message flow between the endpoints.
In other words, the gateway does not have a

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