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Press release of Delhi Women’s League

After a hiatus, women's league in Delhi is activated with a record number of teams. Football Del

Press Release

Football Delhi launches Academy Accreditation and Licensing System New Delhi, November 18: In a

Club List

  • Delhi Police Football Team
  • CISF Head Quarter
  • Young Bengal Association
  • Uttaranchal Heroes
  • Venus F.C
  • Union F.C
  • State Bank of India Football Club
  • Shakti F.C
  • Royal F.C
  • Royal Bengal F.C
  • Rohini FC
  • New Friends
  • New Delhi Heroes Football Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mughal SC
  • Lodhi A.C
  • Growing Star Sports Club
  • Golden star
  • Goan S.C
  • EIMI Heroes FC
  • Delhi Students FC
  • Dwarka FC
  • Delhi Cantt
  • Columban Youngsters
  • Collegian FC
  • B.B. Star
  • Ashoka FC
  • Indian Air Force (New Delhi)


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