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The Double Feature applicaion was developed to be a simple movie organizer for Windows, designed for small and medium-sized collections.







Double Feature Full Version

If you want a simple, easy to use, but still sophisticated file and movie organizer, you will love Double Feature.
This program comes with a small database of files, music and movies. Double Feature is fast and easy to use, and yet is very flexible. Double Feature will do all the things you want it to, and does them so well it will make you wonder how you survived without this program. You can add your own files, music and movies, and as you add files and movies, it will remind you about their file and movie formats. You can also create folders in your list, and create new folders, and manage these two at the same time.

Double Feature Reviews:

Double Feature was reviewed by webmaster on Tuesday, March 19, 2001.
A review by webmaster is an account of all the pros and cons of an
application. If you are looking for a review on Double Feature you
have come to the right place.Q:

Is my selection of return type from an overloaded method sufficiently explicit?

I’ve been learning Java for the past couple of weeks and I’m now in the process of making the most of it, which is nothing but ramping up my knowledge.
(I’m using IntelliJ as my IDE)
One of my aims is to become a more efficient coder, and one part of this is to ensure that I’m not merely typing random code.
One of my novice mistakes is to have an abstract method called doSomething() that takes a value v, and then a couple of overloads that follow the same pattern, only with the value v typed as a different type. One is called doSomething() that takes an int, and one called doSomething() that takes a long, but all with the same implementation.
When the value v is a long, the doSomething() method that takes a long has the return type long.
If the value is an int, the return type is int.
When the doSomething() method is called, the compiler doesn’t care what type the value is and the code in the body of the method will just do its thing.
Anyway, my question is:
Is it sufficient to assert that the return type is always the same, and not provide this information in the arguments of the method? Will the compiler enforce this?


It will not enforce it, but it will complain if you return a wrong value.
You should also

Double Feature With Serial Key For Windows

– 100% Linux support
– [q] drag and drop support
– Movies can be arranged in folders or with an unlimited number of albums.
– Mount a folder or a movie file as an album
– Photos of a movie file can be displayed.
– Manage the.DV files and photos with their full path in the collection.
– Export lists of movies, albums, photos and events.
– Store recently viewed movies or albums in the Tmp file list
– You may re-arrange the movies or albums in the…

imageMagick is a set of high-quality graphics utilities for Linux, Solaris, and OS/2. It provides software tools for the development, manipulation, and presentation of graphical images.
imageMagick Description:
– Compress and resize images
– Randomize an image
– Resize an image using imageMagick’s resampling algorithm
– Randomize an image
– Rotate an image
– Pixelate an image
– Create thumbnails
– Move an image
– Crop an image
– Flip an image vertically, horizontally, or both
– Flip an image horizontally or vertically
– Mirror an image
– Pad an image

Go to the Source is a VOB File Finder, VOB to.avi converter and.avi file viewer for Linux. It is distributed as a.deb file that can be installed in RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mepis and Mandriva Linux distros.
go to the Source Description:
– Open an.VOB file
– Convert an.VOB file to an.avi
– Read an.avi file
– Convert an.avi file
– Run as a command line utility
– Installation:
# wget
# dpkg -i go-to-the-source-0.0.2.deb
– User manuals:
# cd go-to-the-source-0.0.2
# man go-to-the-source

A network interface/package for freenet.

Double Feature License Code & Keygen [32|64bit]

– allows
you to quickly organize your home movies into categories, favorites and “Random”
– it allows you to play one title at a time or play several
– it’s a great way to organize some 100’s or 1000’s of videos
– it’s as small as 341kb and adds only one menu item

– you
can play more than one video title at a time using the F9 key or by selecting
“show sub-menu” from the main menu
– if the video title that is being played has been added to the Favorites menu,
you can easily return to it

– can automatically or manually create multiple layouts
– “Random” videos can be played in only one sub-menu, in one layout or in several
– has an equalizer so that the sound can be adjusted as desired
– and can save the changes that you make in the settings to your system

Feature is not-for-profit. If you would like to know more about our circumstances
or if you would like to have your own copy of Double Feature, please email
us at “doublefeature@joecollector.net”. You can also go here for
a print-able FAQ that includes answers to a variety of common questions.

We would like to
thank all of you who have shown their support for our vision by giving us
the chance to provide this useful tool to everyone. We also thank the people
who have posted helpful comments on the forums.

We would like to thank
pairsix for developing the Sprite Code Editor software that Double Feature
uses. See here for more information on this software.

As with other software applications that require a license, Double Feature
supports a single user license. For a single user, a simple one-time purchase
of $25 is all that is needed to use Double Feature.

Double Feature is intended for home use by people with a disk library of around
100 or so titles. Whether you’re adding videos to the library or using Double
Feature, please remember that it is intended to be a useful tool. Not a
“home video” organizer that will try to cover all of your home videos.

Many thanks go to John T.
to updating the links in the latest version of Double Feature to this new location:

It’s been over a year and a half since we launched Double Feature. Today, we have an exciting announcement:

What’s New in the Double Feature?

1) Double Feature Playlist:
Double Feature Playlist allows you to have multiple Playlist. You can easily add content from your music library and share it among Double Feature, Double Feature Playlist, and other applications. All content is saved to you library automatically. Double Feature Playlist can be accessed anytime from the folder browser. You can also set up the number of songs per movie and their length. If you want to share the same movie in different folders, you can quickly do it with these intuitive controls.

2) Music Player:
Double Feature Music Player is a special version of MPlayer, designed to show any supported video player the current state of the playlist. The playlist is synced and updated automatically from your library.

3) Music Tracker:
Double Feature Music Tracker is a complete visual music management program. As your library grows and changes, you can browse your tracks easily, add new tracks, and download them to your PC.

5) Folder Repository:
Double Feature allows you to store playlists in Folders, which can be organized and categorized. Folders can be shared with other applications.

9) Screenshot Tool:
Double Feature Screenshot Tool is a fast and easy way to collect screenshots from videos. It supports all the most popular formats, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, VOB, and MOV.

10) DVD Playback Support:
Double Feature allows you to play DVDs, VCDs, or any other video format on your PC.

11) Advanced Timer:
Double Feature Advanced Timer gives you the power to schedule Double Feature to execute after a certain time, or to run every time a certain application is launched.

12) Fast Starting:
Double Feature starts up in a matter of seconds, and is always at your fingertips.

13) Automatic Download:
Double Feature allows you to automatically download updates to your library and playlist.

14) Auto-Updater:
Double Feature allows you to automatically check for the latest updates and then perform the download of the latest version.

15) Auto Playback:
Double Feature allows you to automatically start playing the latest movie in the playlist that you are playing now.

16) Online Updates:
Double Feature lets you know when and how any updates are available to your application.

Double Feature History:
16) Varies

Double Feature Version History:
1) Version 4.4.7


System Requirements:

Adobe Flash Player.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later.
Recent Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
Product Details:
Saya Ashiru is a bookish girl who is an ordinary middle schooler. She looks like a normal girl, but she has a devil-like power in her hand. She is feared by bullies because of her unusual hands. She is also afraid of being bullied because her power is unpredictable. She wants to protect her precious hands, but she can not hide her power.


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