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– How does the theme of the Chronicles of the Elden Ring connect with gameplay?
The world in the Chronicles of the Elden Ring is inhabited by dragons and

youthful warriors, who live their daily lives in a world of deep superstitions.

The magic in the Elden Ring is what gives the protagonists their power

and drives them on to a quest for the power to save the world.

– What kind of story will I experience in the Chronicles of the Elden Ring?
You will be able to experience the history of the lands that were

desolate before the lands were blessed by the Elder Dragon. The

protagonist will have to overcome numerous powerful foes using the

magical power of the Elder Dragon that was awakened when they were


– Who are the main characters?
The protagonist is not the usual type of hero who has all of his senses

attuned to the world, but a young man who lacks confidence in himself

and aspires to save the world. While the young man can sometimes be

refractory, his ignorance of the world is actually very useful.

– Who is the Elder Dragon?
At its core, the Elder Dragon is a god. They are the spirits of the World Tree, the core of a world in which all of the gods who form the World Tree existed.

They are the spirits of the life force of all life. It is a goddess.

– What will happen to the protagonist?
You will encounter many powerful foes in a world of deep superstitions. If

the protagonist fulfills their own dream and achieves their objective

of becoming a great warrior, I hope that you will all feel the same joy

when you step on the battlefield.
– Is there a multiplayer aspect to the game?
In the multiplayer aspect of the game, the protagonist learns the complete

story of the Lands Between through a series of set quests. You can also

meet people who can freely talk with you and accompany you, similar to

time spent together.

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– Is there a main story?
Yes, there is. However, you can continue to play even if you complete

it. Moreover, your progress will be shared with other players.

– Is there a Free-to-Play aspect?
In Free to


Features Key:

  • World Story :
    > The Elden Ring is a symbol of power and infinity that symbolizes the hope and fear of the territories between this world and the underworld. The location of the Elden Ring extends to both sides of the Limpkin Plains, but its exact location and even its existence is a secret known only to the masters and to their god and the gods.
    > The people of the Lands Between, including the Celestian Base, the Sanctuary, the Hagia Vexen and the Sleeping Children, even the adventurers in the Brotherhood of the Burning Flame who are never described, all find their dream calling in their dream.
    > Four-Element Arcs :
    > Four-Element Arcs in the open-ended dungeons act as a preset occurrence. By matching four-panel challenges, you’ll be able to complete an arc in advance or beat monsters at the altar.

    Hikaru’s Key features:

  • Curve of Style
    > Players can enjoy the story while increasing their experience points by defeating monsters and collecting items. Players can enjoy the story while enjoying the cute and lively heroine by increasing their level and collecting items. The gameplay itself aims to stay novel by introducing action and “off-model” systems that take advantage of the iPad’s screen shape. It won’t be simple or easy, but we’ve carefully designed it so that you’ll enjoy the entire journey.
  • Swarm Bgm
    > Even with the host of other players swarming around, the combat seems to go on quite smoothly. In this system, players switch their characters to others’ hands in order to play the Bgm at the same time. Even the situation changeover is done in a spectacular manner and I’m sure they’ll be able to enjoy the Bgm in its fullest.
  • Limpkin Plains
    >The Limpkin Plains is the mysterious story of the Elden Ring itself. The Limpkin Plains is a new story between the four-panel arc and World Story. It is centered around a mysterious incident where the protagonist visited the Limpkin Plains with his friend to find out the truth behind the Legend of the Elden Ring, and is set in a world where every fantasy is located somewhere between a myth and dream.
  • Celestial Links
    > The celestial links are a tool to let players exercise by exercising creative ways to utilize the power of the situation. The 11 circumstances where


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    Game Grumps profile:

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    UPDATE: 3:55pm on October 23, 2016

    Added Aretuza Sentry Orb (Equip) and Elixir Vial (Purchased) to the inventory.

    Added Initial combat stats.

    Added Character Info and Stats.

    Added Game Items that are added to you when you use the item and consume an Elixir.

    Added Aretuza Shield to Equipment.

    Added Force multiplier on the shield.

    Added Aretuza Armor to Equipment.

    Added Force multiplier on the armor.

    Added Protection from elements (Fire) and increased speed of walking.

    Added Poison effect on the projectiles of the lance.

    Added Unique Equipment.

    Added Unique Skill and Soul Skills.

    Added Damage Skill and Skill Slots.

    Added Skill and Skill Slot icons on the Skill Tree.

    Added Ode to Joy to the Soul Skill tree.

    Added Efficiency on the skill.

    Added A more colorful and visual Soul Skill tree.

    Added Black Stripes effect when equipped and use the skill.

    Added Soul Slot icons on the Soul Skill Tree.

    Added Unique Attack types on the attack interface.

    Added the Challenge mode to Stamina.

    Added the “Map Hack” in the Game Options.

    Added Game Statistics.

    Added Unlicensed content.

    Fixed the missing email option in the Options.

    Fixed the missing scrolling on the Skill Tree.

    Fixed the missing effect of the Soul Attack.

    Fixed the display of the Soul Skill Tree.

    Fixed the missing “Lucky” effects of the attacks.

    Fixed the missing effect of the Bonus, Extra, and Soul Strike when used.

    Fixed the flashing of the Soul Slots.

    Fixed the spelling mistake of the Skill Tree.

    Fixed the missing skill type “Mol


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    • Creating a Different World, Life, and Play Style:
    You create a character that can freely customize appearances and choose between Swords, Lances, Bows, Magic, and other elements to play with.
    You can freely change and combine the elements you equip, and you can develop your character according to your play style.
    ○ Create a charecter to meet your style.
    ○ Customize your appearance.
    ○ Choose between elements and advance elements in increments.
    ○ Support character growth by learning new elements.
    ○ Stable gameplay by disabling combinations that do not match your style.
    ○ Unlock a personalized element.
    ○ Equip elements made through dungeon exploration.

    ○ Several Elements, Each with Their Own Style.
    You can freely change and combine elements in the Game. You can use them to build your character.
    ○ Variety of Elements:
    Weapons, Armors, Shields, Spells, Additional Attacks, and Other Abilities.
    ○ Attribute and Skill for Attributes
    Attributes can be improved and used as skills. Level up your Attributes and Skills to improve the quality of your attributes.
    ○ Change Any Attributes You Want At Any Time
    You can change any attribute at any time, and it will be reflected immediately.
    ○ Skills
    You can add new skills to increase your combat style.
    ○ Upgrading Skills
    You can upgrade Skills with attribute.
    ○ Customize Your Appearance and Set Your Style
    You can customize your appearance, set your style, and play a different role.
    ○ Customize Your Appearance
    You can change the size of your character model.
    ○ Set Your Style
    You can set your play style, and you can freely swap between the Styles in the game.
    ○ Upgrade Your Attributes and Skills
    You can improve attribute and skill attributes by leveling them up.
    ○ Badges and Titles
    You can purchase and use Badges and Titles to receive effects.
    ○ Magic
    You can increase the power of your spells by learning it.

    ○ The Game environment is strong with many dungeons.
    You can freely choose from among the hundreds of dungeons that you can discover in the game.
    ○ Up to three character members can travel together in the world.
    You can freely connect to other players and travel together.
    ○ Map for 3rd Party Games.
    After the release of the game, you


    What’s new:

    The Legend of Legacy (PC).
    The world of the subculture, the second generation.
    In the future, Satsuki’s soul blended with another person’s.
    And, the Elden Empire was born.
    The era of noble discrimination. A decline by the Elden Empire Lord Race is set into motion, and a rebellion broken out.
    The fall of nobility was a different world?

    With the appearance of a man-sized stone, Satsuki’s existence and origins came out into the open. Her supposed future to touch on, to a future where the society was totally not set up, slowly opens.

    Exploding crystals created into Traces of memories, a step back to a time before the system of nobility was established.
    To the people who have seen the name of their grandfather, the people who aren’t born by the ancient ordinance.]

    12 May 2017 15:36:50 +0900Nienthou God Bless – a new 4th king of Shadow Kingdom in Nienthou




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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    MS Windows 7
    Processor: Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB
    Graphics: DirectX9-compatible video card
    Hard disk space: 30 GB available space
    Internet Connection: 10 Mbps download speed and 256Kbps upload speed
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