July 15, 2022

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Name Elden Ring
Publisher charede
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IELDSBETWEEN is developed by Spiderweb Software, a

leading developer of role-playing games in the Japanese

and overseas markets.

Spiderweb Software is a member of the Square Enix

Group of Companies.

Design Director: Michiru Yamane

Art Director: Atsuhiro Iwakami

Art Director: Yuji Horii

Producer: Hideki Ishio

Producer: Hiroaki Shimizu

Producer: Noriyuki Oda

ISSUED FOR PC (Windows®)

As of August 25, 2017, Minecraft™ servers on the PC version of

THE Elden Ring Activation Code will be shut down. The full version of THE Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version

will remain available for purchase.

Due to the ongoing server shutdown, the downloadable version of

THE ELDEN RING, which includes the complete game, will no longer

be available for download. If you purchased the game previously,

we recommend deleting the title from your PC. For more information,

please see this website:

THE ELDEN RING will not be playable on the Xbox®One or the PlayStation®4.



If you have any questions, please send your inquiries to

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Well-designed Strategic and Action RPG
  • An enthralling story rich in mythological intrigue
  • A large world, vast amounts of freedom, and multiple endings
  • Characters from the popular Dragon Quest series and Fairy Wars series
  • Online play and asynchronous play (mirrors game servers)
  • Customization of characters by exploring in real-time by boosting attributes/skills (you can not only get a look at the attributes of other characters, but even control a character from their view!)
  • A detailed, realistic, and gorgeous world with dynamic weather changes
  • Incredible depth of story lines by character stats
  • An attention-grabbing boss rush game
  • Unique position-based blocking (separate for the front lines, rear lines, and corners)
  • A balanced game that can be enjoyable without the need to clear a story dungeon
  • The heroes of the wide world are stuck in a cycle of wars, and you have to rid the world of this fear first
  • An enemy that requires a different type of strategy when attacking large numbers
  • Cutting-edge visuals / clear and joy-inducing musical score
  • Dynamic combat and skill switches that don’t interrupt the action
  • Artisan contents from high-level game designers, anime character designs, and more!
  • A global event for helping a certain character with a request to the Lord of the Land Beyond
  • An endlessly creative and dramatic experience
  • Front Line Strikes for Progress

    • You begin the game by being given the position of a “Tarnished”, in a world which has been forgotten by the land beyond. Unaware of the world, you are cast out by the other lords to roam the unsightly Lands Between. From here, on through the course of your adventure, you gradually realize that your struggle is only beginning and your status as “Tarnished” is simply a beginning. 

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      “I feel like I’m immersed in an action game. The exploration is addictive, and the characters are likable. The characters’ wavering emotions help to make for a more engaging story.”



      “I really enjoyed the story and the action. I strongly recommend this game to people who enjoy role-playing games that take a more traditional approach.”



      “In a genre that’s steadily growing, Elden Ring offers some refreshing choices and approaches for its franchise.”



      “A sequel is by no means a sure thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up sitting comfortably alongside games like Devil May Cry, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and the Castlevania series.”



      “The action is very good, even the dungeons (which is a rejig of the same generic maze from SotC.) The skill system is different but the same fun. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for new action RPG.”

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      Elden Ring For PC

      How to Play:
      To learn how to play the action RPG genre that brings to life both realistic fantasy setting and combat system, we have picked the strong points of TFT and made them more powerful. The new action RPG is designed to have an appeal that encourages a more dynamic gaming experience through creating a believable fantasy setting.
      A positive change of fantasy setting:

      1. A New Type of Fantasy World
      The game world of Elden Ring is a world full of exciting and moving danger. From the borderlands, populated by dwarves and elves, to the vast lands of Elden, inhabited by humans and dragons, you can freely move through it. A majestic World of Fantasy
      2. A New Type of Combat System.
      Lacking the action of fast-paced combat game, the battle of TFT requires a lot of thought.
      3. System of Influence:
      RPG-like magic is replaced by influence. You can freely modify your character’s attribute and equip your equipment according to your play style.
      4. A New Speed of Game Development
      In TFT, you can freely change the aspect of the RPG genre that the other games, which are developed based on a uniform RPG genre, do not have such a degree of freedom.

      This enables the player to enjoy a variety of gameplay through modifying the aspect of the game and increasing the interactive elements
      Graphics and Sound ELDEN RING:

      How to Play:
      The visual appearance of the game was made to be more visually impressive. The elegant and moving graphics make it easy for players to feel the excitement of ELDEN RING.
      An average-looking world:

      1. The settings of a variety of places.
      On a sunny day, you can enjoy hanging out on a green field or visit the grimy dungeon. You can freely decide where to go.
      2. Graphics that look as they are real
      The world of Elden Ring has been created as a fully three-dimensional world. Not only the vast worlds of Elden, but also the fields, rivers, and cities that may be found there.
      3. Art that shows an outstanding sense of detail
      Even the most minute details of the various places are beautifully illustrated, creating a clear world for the players to enjoy.

      The field where the player can see the details of the world.

      4. Environments that show a variety of emotions

      The environment has been considered even when viewed at a distance,


      What’s new:

      Are You Tarnished screenshot

      Are You Tarnished is developed by Fly Innocent Extra and will be coming soon to consoles and PC.

      Are You Tarnished seems to be coming out of nowhere at a rather slow pace. After all the hype I heard about the game it really doesn’t have anything neat about it on paper and it seems to be another Dragon Quest style action game. I guess it could have been a good thing to not develop it too fast considering the lack of marketing at the moment, but when I saw it get its first official trailer I thought this would be a decent sequel to the Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions game.

      Are You Tarnished? It’s coming for PS4, PS3, and PC

      Here’s the official blurb from the story:

      “If you intend to change
      the fate of the nascent
      land called the Lands Between,
      you must take on the role of a
      Tarnished Lord who has been
      tainted by magic. You must
      solve a variety of diverse
      enemies, battles and quests,
      meet new people and forge
      friendships as you create
      your own original character.
      However, the allure of power
      is intoxicating and
      precipitates the desire to
      focus exclusively on goals,
      forgetting that “grim
      reality” is awaiting you in
      the next chapter! In the
      true belief of your highly
      developed philosophy,
      though, you hope to travel
      with grace between the real
      world and the land of dreams.”

      If that sounds confusing it’s because it is. The fact that it is a “diverse and complex system” should be a hint since pretty much any kind of JRPG is complex. I expect this to be an MMORPG or RPG at the end of the day and nothing more.

      Soo I don’t know how this is a prequel because final fantasy type games like to use its own world so


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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the setup file from the download button

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      Note: If the file is in ‘.exe’ format then this needs to be run as administrator. For that ‘Right click’ on the file, go for “Run as administrator”

      Click on the ‘Install’ Button to begin the installation

    • After installation open the ‘Elden Ring Windows’ application

      Use the ‘Skeleton Key’ to activate the game

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