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Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition full license SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC] Download For Windows Latest



A fantasy action RPG of a new IP, designed by Aquria. You take the role of a member of a race “Elden,” a powerful people who dwell in the Lands Between. Powerless and unable to leave the Lands Between, the Elden race was doomed to eternal hardship. That is… until “Varda,” the Goddess of Reason, bestowed upon them her magic ability to “Endgame,” which granted them immortality and eternal happiness. Now, the Elden race has flourished into a mighty kingdom.

However, as the Elden race began to worship Varda’s daughter “Kalyani” as a goddess of death and destruction, causing the kingdom to lose its sense of purpose, the Elden race has begun to fall into chaos.


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• Discounted Royal Garment (15,000 CR)

• Discounted Black Chapter Hero Ticket (2,500 CR)

• Discounted Royal Family Hero Ticket (2,500 CR)

• Discounted


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rise is a narrative-driven fantasy role-playing game that combines action RPG elements and strategy RPG elements.
  • The action begins when monsters appear. You beat them in turn-based online battles and gain experience points by doing so.
  • At the end of each fight, you acquire new items such as weapons and armor from defeated enemies.
  • During quest stages, you solve time-consuming but very important side quests. You can also visit towns to take in-game money and talk to NPCs.
  • You can play solo or invite other friends to enjoy it together online.
  • The Legends of the Endless Sea.
    Ah*s Ara Douki

    A fantasy role-playing game for the royal star Saja*ss J*. A boy who shall play in the world of The Legends of the Endless Sea.
    A prince called Saja*ss J* who has nothing but swords and horses. He has lived in a prestigious school and learned his trade as a member of the noble royal family, but jealousy slowly eats at him. The family he has loved the most treats him like a stranger, and when he hears that there is a youth festival in a neighboring country, he decides to make his escape, and travel to the endless sea.
    In a world where his beloved family and capital are gone, Saja*ss J* begins to build on the shared pride to survive one day at a time.
    However, is all of his suffering simply the beginning of a grand adventure or a trap, unknown to him?

    Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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    “ELDRING Online” is a brand new fantasy action RPG that begins with the story “RISE, TARNISHED, and be guided by Grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Torrent Download and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.”

    ■ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

    “The Elden Ring Cracked Accounts” is a multi-layered story that is told in fragments. An epic drama that is set in a multiverse between the game world and actual reality, and includes a mixture of lively characters and colorful sights.

    ■ The World that Shouldn’t Exist

    Through various magic that caused a massive power cut, mankind was forced to flee into the Lands Between, and people started to survive from various resources and encounters with dangerous creatures and beasts. However, the world is not like it should be, as it is a living battlefield. An unusually huge and dangerous monster that could be a threat to everyone was awakened by the sudden power cut, and is threatening the survival of people.

    ■ Cut Switches between Multiple Stories

    Players will get to experience the story along with the different perspectives of the characters as they progress and learn more about their history. As they play, the player can see a different story related to the cut switches of the characters.

    ■ A Whole New Role for Everyone

    In the game, using your own character, you can work your way through in order to support the survival of your party and strengthen its power. You can strengthen your equipment, increase your physical strength to become a strong warrior, or even use magic. As you become stronger, you will be able to fully fulfill your role and make an impact in the world.

    ■ Players Can Discover the True Basis for the Exploration of all the Lands Between

    The world has natural traps that you can easily fall into or that will become your road to death. All the buildings are likely to be traps, and the places where you think the safest are highly likely to be the most dangerous. What will be your next move?

    ■ A System that Will Reward Each Action You Take

    Life is not a matter of luck. You need to fight with the strength that you have acquired through repeated growth, and if you don’t, you will die. Our action RPG has a system that will reward you for your actions, and the player will feel its rewards.

    ■ Characters and Monsters

    Everybody has a different opinion of people. People are fl


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    Nominated for “Best Art Direction”

    Game Art by 가라갓I

    Character Design by コンシュ

    Game Design by 배라로윤

    The majestic land of Elden lies between the living world and the dead world, and the humans of the Elden Ring reside there. The Three Kingdoms, Lorien, and Bernn are the four largest realms that the humans of the Elden Ring inhabit, along with Bernn, and one of them is set to take on the next step to obtain humanity’s true power and, in doing so, come into direct conflict with the others.

    Meet the 3 new main characters of the Elden Ring:

    Elden Lords:

    – Kae
    – Bezon
    – Lemur

    Elden Girls:

    – Marie
    – Estar

    Each Elden Lord and Elden Girl will follow a story based on a different world realm.

    Nominated for “Most Memorable”

    Story by Ka-sa

    The director of this game is the legendary Ka-sa who has directed game products such as Fate of Mana, 7th Dragon III Code: Total Recall, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He is also a member of WUXI and the president of WUXI development office.

    This game will also be provided with materials written by Eugeo, the creator of the Fate series of games.

    ■ Main Features:

    1. Character Customization
    – Activate various skills at the press of a button.
    – Choose from a wide variety of skills, including magic, weapon skills, and weapon defense, to build a character that suits your play style.
    – Craft items and fuse them into weapons to change their stats.
    – Equip different items to equip weapons with stats that match your play style.
    – Change your appearance to create the image you desire.

    2. Massive Worlds
    – Explore an expansive world with numerous environments and characters.
    – Various creatures are wandering all around the world, and each has a unique way of behaving.
    – You can interact with many individuals to progress the story.
    – The number of freedom that character creation brings is truly amazing.

    3. An Epic Story
    – A multilayered story is told in fragments.
    – The fragments that you complete will combine to form the overall story


    What’s new:

    As the best fantasy action RPG, TEKKEN™ 7 brings over a decade of TEKKEN experience to the Next Generation platform. It breaks all the rules in the genre and will revolutionize your gaming experience. Come and let the bloodbath begin!

    Brand: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Platform: PlayStation®4
    Developer: Arc System Works
    Publisher: Arc System Works

    from the Publisher Arc System Works

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