July 16, 2022

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Rise, Tarnished: Rise of a New God, an action RPG about the Elden Ring, has been on the brink of release since it was first announced, but now that it is finally live, I would like to get as much feedback as I can from you, our precious customers, before the test servers are taken offline.

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I received before the game launched. If you have any additional questions, you can also post them on the official website at or via the Elden Ring Discord group.

1) How many people play Rise of a New God?

There are currently around 110,000 active users on the test servers. We are trying to continue to increase this number, and we are trying to improve the quality of the game.

2) How much game content can I obtain through the purchase of the various in-game items?

There are three types of in-game items: XP meters, War gear, and story points. The amount of content you can obtain is as follows:

-You can obtain more than 5000 experience meters for 3 days through the daily in-game quest EXP meter.

-You can obtain more than 700 War gears for 6 days through the daily in-game quest WAR gear meter.

-You can obtain over 4,000 story points for 15 days through the daily in-game quest story point meter.

3) Is the game very challenging?

Of course it is.

4) What is the content of the War gear?

The War gear is equipped with more EXP and also unique stats and abilities. We hope that it will allow players to more easily reach the optimal level.

5) How many different classes are there?

There are two main classes: the Swordsman and the Archer. There are approximately 30 classes in total.

6) Which classes are easy and which are hard?

There are also classes that are very easy or very difficult. For example, the Archer and the Dragoon are very easy classes, whereas the Void class and the Dusk Gauntlet are extremely difficult.

7) Does the player’s current class influence the stats of the War gear?

Yes, they do. Each class has their own set of items that you can use. For example, the Void class has


Features Key:

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    – * All the features of the pay-games are included like save, upgrade, and chips
    * Players


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    Player Stats

    Character Stats


    Hero Stats

    Jeon Stats


    Hyunseok Stats

    Player Stats

    Hero Stats

    Jeon Stats


    Hyunseok Stats


    Hyunseok – Leader of Tarnished

    Jeon – A Witch Called Yuna



    How can i get a event from a class that uses a generic delegate?

    I have a class that listens for a delegate like this
    public delegate TEvent MyEvent(T arg);

    I’m trying to do some refactoring of this code and i’m having a problem with the event.
    I had created a generic event but now that i need it in an abstract class it must be an event of TEvent, not an event of EventArgs.
    I was thinking in doing something like this:
    protected void RaiseEvent(MyEvent myEvent) where TEvent : EventArgs {
    if (myEvent!= null)

    But i’m stuck with this code…
    What i want to do is something like this:
    public abstract class AbstractClass where T : IConvertible {

    public void RaiseEvent(MyEvent myEvent) where TEvent : EventArgs {
    if (myEvent!= null)


    public class MyClass : AbstractClass {
    public event MyEvent myEvent;

    public void OnMyEvent() {
    // Do


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    2015-02-22T21:26:49ZA systematic review and meta-analysis investigating puerarin in acute ischemic stroke.
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    Majesty’s Pride: Rise of the Falcon’s – Risen Praxis :
    We are very excited to announce that the battle has begun!
    Along with Rise of the Falcon’s v1.4 update, we introduce the new
    Risen Praxis update.
    ● New and Improved Missions:
    ● Improved Exploration and Battle Missions (Missions that can be done within a short time)
    ● New and Improved Companions
    ● New Characters
    There are new sets of equipment for the new missions and characters. And
    the following equipment sets (Classes and Powers) are being added for the
    new updates.

    ◆ New Equipment Sets :
    Protector of the Realm
    ▼ New Features
    ►New Equipment Sets for Characters are added
    ◆ New Equipment Sets :
    ◆New Features
    ►New Equipment Sets for Characters are added
    The new equipment sets are:
    ☏ Empire Lord’s Mask
    ☎ Society Lord’s Mask
    ▼ New Items:
    ☏ New Items
    ☎ New Items
    In addition to the new equipment sets, there are new items that can be
    distributed to the new equipment sets.
    The new items are:
    ☏ Empire Lord’s Gloves
    ☎ Society Lord’s Gloves
    ▼ New Abilities
    ☏ New Abilities
    The new abilities are:
    ☏ Recruit Companions
    The companions, which will join you in the new update, have different
    affinities in combat, magic, intelligence, and adaptability. In addition,
    their skills become more powerful and they will carry the best equipment
    for their class.
    ☏ Recruiting a Falcon (Companion)
    ■ Companion
    Possesses a strong affinity to the Falcon. You can recruit a new
    Falcon in the new update.
    ■ Falcon
    Possesses a weak affinity to the Empire, a powerful affinity to the
    Society, and has a strong affinity to magic. You can recruit a Falcon in
    the new update.
    ● New Missions
    In the new update, the following missions can be done within a short
    •New Equipment Sets
    •New Abilities
    •New Companions
    – “Map” mission


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Vista (32/64-bit)
    Processor: Dual-core processor or equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Direct3D 11 compatible graphics device with 1 GB RAM
    Hard-disk space: 10 GB of free space
    Connection: Internet connection and latest service pack is required
    To download the Installer, a computer with internet access is needed.


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