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In the Lands Between, the three nations of Aesir, Asgard and Annunaki have been fighting for centuries over a mysterious artifact called the Elden Ring. It is a powerful treasure with mystic properties that has been sought after by the three nations.

Aesir is the leader of the three nations, also known as the other lands, and for centuries has battled against the other two. He and his brave men wield weapons called Aesir weapons.


In Asgard, a hidden empire under the radar of Aesir, a young prince reigns and is the rightful heir to the throne. He is given a magic armor and sword called a Volus armor, which is a weapon that becomes stronger when it bonds with a certain person. He also has the legendary Volus.


The youngest nation in the Lands Between, Annunaki is a peaceful nation rich with magic and filled with beauty. But, there are ruins that show the Annunaki did not have a long history there. With advanced methods and a powerful magic user, Annunaki became the supreme power in the Lands Between.


The Lands Between:


Lands Between: Elden Ring

A wide world that spans three nations.
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

Each country has its own style, “Guidance”, “Magic” and “Art”. They share a certain attitude, but show a different feeling when you interact with each other.


There is a difference in the history and climate of each country. The change of flora and fauna also varies greatly depending on the country. Each country has a unique feeling and ambiance.


Far Away Mountains: Country of Aesir

A land of austere beauty. A place of majestic and mysterious ruins and ancient temples. It is a land of gold and a bright hope.

Dotted Mountain Range: Country of Asgard

A desolate


Features Key:

  • Player versus Player matches or easy PvE experience.
  • Customizable skill development.
  • Customizable equipment — develop your character according to your play style.
  • Legal information:

    IWG disclaims all rights, title, and interest in and to Elonwy: Tarnished and its contents or related rights in relation to any country or other jurisdiction

    Product features:

    • Play your own story in the Lands Between — a world mottled with thunderbolts and laden with secrets.
    • Explore a vast world full of exciting content, and experience the majesty of the color of El Nuro.

    System requirements:

    • PC (Windows 10, Windows 8.1)
    • Intel Pentium III 700 MHz or more
    • Optional: 2 GB RAM

    Purchasing options:

    • Steam
    • HTML
    • Direct Play
    • App download


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    ◆ The Incredible Elden Lord Battle Game.
    For the first time, a game that lets you play the commanding hero of an ancient legend, the Greek hero Hercules, to save the World from danger.
    ◆ The Greatest Hero Battle
    The God of Thunder, the mighty Hercules! Play as a hero that will take you to adventure with this timeless legend.
    ▷ See the faces of an Ancient Legend
    The story of this legendary hero is revealed through the most epic battle scenes you have ever seen.
    ▷ The Power of Legend and Myth
    A large number of mythical creatures, weapons, and great equipment that have passed down through the ages have been intricately engraved, allowing the protagonist to control the mighty weapons of the god.
    ▷ First Generation Online Battle
    ▷ PvP
    #1 Battle Action Game in Japan
    ▷ Popular Japanese Game in the US and Europe
    ALSO FEATURED: • The Base Battle Campaign, featuring the games debut
    System: PS4/PS Vita/PC
    Launch Date: Fall 2016




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    Game Screen of Tarnished Emperium
    “A world without black arrows.”
    —The theme of the ELDEN RING RPG series is centered around the story of Tarnished Emperium and the progress towards freedom from the evil. The “Spark,” which is the symbol of the playability and fun of this series, is a symbol of a nation’s freedom, a spark of hope that the black arrows of a dark empire have turned into light.
    Tarnished Emperium story
    () — An era where everything is a fantasy and a myth,
    () — The development of the ELDEN RING world,
    () — An enormous country full of his order,
    () — The people who appeared on the stage of history,
    () — The future of this world,
    () — An epic story of the storyline of ELDEN RING RPG Series in which the various thoughts of the characters coincide.
    The new fantasy action RPG ELDEN RING.
    A new fantasy action RPG series that centers around the playability.
    What a great history of the dawn of ELDEN.
    We’ve covered both ancient countries with a great history, and our own history where we strive towards becoming a dominant country.

    A world where black arrows have turned into light, the nation has risen up, and it’s time to make history. In this world, you will meet many excellent characters from different backgrounds, and you’ll be led to a bright future.
    (Where it all began. The first time our ancestors stepped into the Lands Between.)
    After enjoying the narrative of the Legend of the Lands Between, which is a fantasy action RPG series centered around the playability, we are going to create another world. In this new fantasy action RPG series, we are going to change the formula by focusing on the playability.
    In this game, your character will have multiple classes and will use equipment that you will be able to freely use. That is, it will be a fantasy game where you are free to freely select a class and use equipment according to your play style.
    Now, let’s learn about


    What’s new:

    Because of their size, they are primarily designed for PC gamers. For those that are looking for a visual novel experience or are unsure of what that entails, you can look for more information on the PS Vita.

    Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:54:20 +0000118521
    >On February 21st at 6pm PT, a secondary lag spike, not originally included in our post-release plans, will be released in the game. This is a regular, standard lag spike that’s happened every time they’ve started uptesting since the game’s release. In the first few days, some players will have to use the exact same top 10 most unpopular/underrated items, or the game may recognize this and give them small/moderate boosts. But in about a week, more people will need those same items, and the lag spike we’ll always have will kick in, so the items that were used most earlier this month will slip into slightly less demand in one week, and so on. But we already have a pattern, because we want to preserve as much player activity on the servers as possible.

    In addition to this change, an extra, newer item that can be used instead of the most popular/rated/underrated items will be added to the item shop. Performance bonus. Players without these items will still be able to use the game, but gameplay may shift further into standardized gear; all items are roughly equivalent, so the game doesn’t care how you’ve earned your items. But in particular, items that are already “old” will be replaced by this new one, so if you want “old” items, you’ll need to re-roll them after the new item is added on February 21st. Also, any items that were anywhere in the top 50 list will be awarded with a small boost to their AOMR by Feb 23rd.

    So what does this mean for you? Make sure you use the AOMR tool at least once a week, to track your item utility, and remember that your items will likely be less useful two weeks after the item


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    Readme for ELDEN RING game:

    1. Extract the contents of the ELDEN RING game archive to your game installation folder.
    2. Copy “x99codes.exe” and “x99codes.ini” to your game installation folder.
    3. Run the game as an administrator.
    4. Have fun!

    Elden Ring game, its files and data are copyright and trademark of the publisher. None of the files may be modified or transmitted to another computer. The customizations provided in the engine are not for game modification but for personal use.

    EGS patch (not included)

    1. Emulate: “x99codes.exe”
    2. Select: “x99codes.ini”
    3. Run the game as an administrator.

    1. If the game gives an error regarding the.dll file, please try updating the DirectX.
    2. If the game gives an error regarding the.ini file, please try downloading the patch file again or updating the DirectX.

    X99 codes (part 1)


    1. Extract the archive to a directory.

    2. Load x99codes.exe

    3. Create a new account in the game.

    4. Run the game.

    5. Press the Start key.

    6. Press the I key.

    7. Press the L key.

    8. Go to the “Auto Select” screen and select “English (Intl)”.

    9. Go to the “Skin Select” screen and select “X99”.

    10. Press the “OK” key.

    11. Run the game.

    12. Press the “Home” key.

    13. Press the I key.

    14. Press the L key.

    15. Go to the “Language Select” screen and select “English (USA)”.

    16. Press the “OK” key.

    17. Go to the “System Select” screen and select “Default”.

    18. Press the “OK” key.

    19. Press the L key.

    20. Go to the “Support Select” screen and select “Yes”.

    21. Press the “OK” key.

    22. Press the L key.

    23. Go to the “Movies Select” screen


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    For Mac OS: Requires macOS version 10.10 or later
    For Windows: Requires Windows 10 or later
    For Linux: Requires Ubuntu 16.04 or later
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