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• The Development Team: Platinum Games, Limited
Platinum Games, Limited ( a Tokyo-based video game development company known for its production of titles such as Bayonetta, is leading the development of Elden Ring, joining with a team of top-notch game designers, the creative minds who have been at the forefront of the mobile game industry.

Contact: Masahiro Minami
Platinum Games, Limited
Tel:+81 42-2298-1881
Web: www.platinumgames.jp


Please remember to check Google Play for region restrictions.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Patricia Villalobos
PR Manager
www.google.com/+BuddyApps G. Polatsek, “Polarization interference and its elimination in multimode interference demultiplexing,” *JOSA A*, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 601–606, Mar. 1995.

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M. Abrahamsson, J. Arlt, L. Wackerle, M. Zorzi,


Features Key:

  • 8 Costumes with various expressions and textures.
  • 7 Skill Effects with support for DirectX 9.0c.
  • 10 Music Tracks.
  • A total of over 30+ unusual items and equipment.
  • The game will be available for free.
  • If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our official website at:


  • Source Code:
    Without Internet
    connection, Play will be paused

    Game On Dev on Facebook


    Sunday, December 15, 2012

    New Drums in March!

    I have decided to make drums one piece at a time to be more adjustable and eaiser to make breaks or change quickly if I wanted too. I’m just working on the sweet spot of my “wish to hit small circular licks


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Latest]

    • Dengeki Online:

    “I can’t help but feel deeply moved by the ending… It was released in the midst of mass panic and political unrest, and I somehow feel as though it’s a message from another world that has been affected by these events.”

    “Though it’s not always easy to review, this has been a difficult situation to get through. I’ve been so drawn to this game that I can’t stop thinking about it, and despite it being a commercially developed game, the quality is superb.”

    “I’ve been waiting for a long time for such a game, and it’s a really great experience. It would be nice if everyone got the same results as I did.”

    (Read more from Dengeki Online)

    • Game.kz:

    “I don’t know why, but [I’m] incredibly moved by the fact that the story was told so beautifully in this game.”

    “It’s scary when you think about the fact that it’s just a game. I’ll stop playing if the development goes through without a hitch, but even if it doesn’t, the trial version is already too good.”

    “This game is that good. It has everything I hoped for, from action and over-the-top humor to an attractive setting and gorgeous graphics.”

    (Read more from Game.kz)



    Elden Ring Crack Keygen is an action role playing game released in the form of an action game that connects you to others. This game will be downloadable on PC and iOS. This game is the final form of an original, new product created for this year’s game exhibition G-STAR 2016 held in the US.

    The action game is set in a fantasy world that mixes the atmosphere of Sci-Fi and adventures. You play as a person who is born into a world cursed by monsters and evil dragons. You will be sent to the Elden Ring, but even here, you will be suffering from the curse of the powerful Dragon God El Draigo. You must destroy the curse and be reborn as a new person!

    ELDER. is an action role playing game where you are reborn into a new fantasy world. It is the final form of a game design that was created for this year’s G-STAR.



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    How to start a new game in the KZONE:

    [Settings] –> [Gameplay] –> [Gameplay Settings] –> [Gameplay]
    ※ Select [Play free quest] and [Send a friend quest] will be enabled.
    (You can play the quest and send a friend quest to your friend only when the game is in the login screen.)

    ※ This game cannot be changed to [Normal].

    Playable Characters

    In the KZONE, there are 20 playable characters.
    1) Ryuho Tarnished

    A man of pure fortune, KAMUI RYUHITARAN is a hero who inherited his talent of magic from his parents. As he bided his time, he became one of the Elden Lords.
    He is an elf with a good mind, swift movements, and a sturdy constitution.
    A major point of this character is that you can use special buffs with your fellow party members.
    He is called the elf with a good mind since he makes the best use of the equipment and is quick to choose how to protect his party members.

    2) Jin Yuuki

    The second son of Jin Saika, a representative of the Ironfists. Jin Yuuki was surrounded by his father’s violence, but after he arrived in the Lands Between, he forgot the violence and learned the Elemental Runes.
    A magic wielder and a mage with his father’s fighting strength, he was entrusted to protect the city of Amagi.
    He made the most of his fighting strength by using elemental techniques and his powerful magical power.

    3) Kalc

    KALC is a charlatan who roams freely on the roads and who protects people with his great body. He uses a unique body that makes him able to carry heavy objects.
    Because he is a great body, he is often seen as the cool guy around town, but Kalc is a charlatan who is very good at deceiving people.

    4) Kourai Kaori

    AKARI comes from a family that has lived in the outskirts of the city since long ago. He owns a shrine that is the spiritual home for the people in the periphery.
    Although he is a young boy, he is strong and skilled.
    As an oddity, he doesn’t understand the concept of killing monsters. When he looks at the monsters he sees a friend, or sometimes he thinks that they


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Steam version will be released in February 14, 2019 on Steam.
    Platform: Steam (Windows)
    File size: 10.8 GB
    Language: English

    “The written word kills most of us. It is a great educator, but an appalling disciplinarian. The man who can read but has no imagination soon begins to read the dictionary. And he who can read that and have no imagination is a slave. And there is nothing so enslaving as the imagination.

    “But what can you do? One word and the world falls apart. A sentence and it goes back together again. It’s the way words work and for hours I’ve been watching them repeat over and over, falling, tearing, healing, like something terrible growing stronger and stronger inside me. I can’t understand it. I don’t want to understand it. I’m sorry I read it.”

    “-Rebecca West, introspect
    –Prose Poem 3, by Pablo Neruda

    “There are days and there are days, days like that, when even the sun will pass away, and everything you have seen in a dark, and everything you feel has become hardened like a waterfall of ash. So many things are ending and you know that after they have all disappeared, yet you feel like staying. And when that time comes, it seems so good to leave behind what was, and wander through the vast landscape that has been made out of so many different and terrible things.”

    “-Camus, The Stranger

    “It is the only thing that does not decay. It has no past…
    It is the only reality I know.”

    Maxim’s epigraph.

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    Mon, 11 Nov 2014 07:50:56 +0000ContactmuzondogosDGMaven at Bros. MVC in the Fortnite Video Game!

    Some of you may remember that I have a Deltaz game on the 5th of November, 2014. This was just for fun and the video was posted here. Since then I received so many likes



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
    Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 / 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 6 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce 460 or equivalent
    Hard Disk: 15 GB free space
    Additional Notes:
    Game Installation
    Click on the Download button and run the.exe file to start downloading the full version of Sonic Dash.
    If you have any problems or queries, feel free to post them here.
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