July 6, 2022

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The motion capture data is then used in these new in-game animations:

Nike Touch Revive, that helps players with a weak stride to keep momentum;

Shot Impact, which allows players to influence shots in every direction of the goal;

New Real-Life Ball Physics for the striking and dribbling of the ball, making it feel more responsive and true to life;

Improved passes, especially between teammates, which will feel more natural and fluent;

New Player Trajectory Analysis, that will help players with poor technique learn more efficiently;

New hit animations and positioning on contact;

Improved ball control and more ways to execute attacks with the ball;

Rotational Body Force, that allows players to control the ball faster and with more focus.

The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.The motion capture data is then used in these new in-game animations:New Real-Life Ball Physics for the striking and dribbling of the ball, making it feel more responsive and true to life;New Player Trajectory Analysis, that will help players with poor technique learn more efficiently;Improved passes, especially between teammates, which will feel more natural and fluent;New hit animations and positioning on contact;Improved ball control and more ways to execute attacks with the ball;Rotational Body Force, that allows players to control the ball faster and with more focus.

Virtual Pro and Pro Clubs

FIFA 22 introduces the new Pro Clubs experience, that allows players to create their very own virtual pro team for FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 introduces the new Pro Clubs experience, that allows players to create their very own virtual pro team for FIFA Ultimate Team.FUT Master Manager – This new mode takes the FUT Master Manager experience and transfers it to the pitch, providing the tools and cues to create fantasy teams from scratch or edit and improve what you already have from the leaderboards.

New Play Styles

FIFA 22 introduces 4 new play styles, which focus on improving the player’s overall performance and tactical options at the same time:

FIFA Elite game mode, where you’ll gain experience and team chemistry to form tactical combinations: 1v1 duels and 2v2 game modes;

Focus game mode, with a more tactical approach to gameplay;

Freestyle game mode, a more flowing game mode


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Up to 3 v 3 matches, featuring customizable corner kicks.
  • Carries over customizations from previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Nine leagues (England, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, USA, Mexico).
  • FIFA Ultimate Team with the “FIFA Men’s World Cup 2018” packs.
  • New Stadiums.
  • Three new commentators: Nizar Ben Aissa (who debuted in FIFA 20), Chris Burleigh (former West Brom and Watford player), and Robbie Earle (NFC defender)
  • New 2019 kits.
  • New formations (3–4–3, 4–5–1, 3–4–1–2, 4–4–2–1 etc.)
  • FIFA Ultimate Team All-Stars (29 new real pros – 14 goalkeepers, 15 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 forwards)
  • New managerial backgrounds.
  • New tactics.
  • New game modes (Matchday and QuickFire)
  • Fluid and mobile football control.
  • Fewer scripted moments.
  • Improved AI.
  • New “Create-a-Pro.”
  • Pro team training and blueprint.
  • Increased attributes variance.
  • Counter-pressing gameplay.
  • FPS drops for pro match speeds.
  • Handballs and long passes.
  • Front foot first touches.
  • Reverb tweaks.
  • Improved checking of player characteristics.
  • Post-match analysis.
  • EASPA, CONMEBOL, and COU games.
  • New English soundtrack, reworked Spanish soundtrack.


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Playing FIFA with your friends has never been easier. Join friends online, play with them online, or use the new 5-on-5 Seasons Co-Op Career mode.


Breakthrough Play

FIFA’s first Enhanced Intelligence Engine (EIE) gives players more control over the ball and around the pitch, removing the flaws that have stood in the way of true possession-based game play in years past.

The new Ignition Engine sees players move with more confidence on the pitch and takes gameplay to the next level. Highlights include new No-Match Movement to make positioning the ball more realistic and intelligent No-Match Defending with Situation Awareness to create more intelligent and unpredictable defensive play.

Re-Routed Player Sprint

The Player Sprint tool allows players to control the direction and speed of a player sprinting through the air by using the right analog stick in a similar way to real-life.

It’s a simple tool that removes the complexity and guesswork from the process of being able to sprint in any direction, based on input from the player.

Your player now has the ability to recover faster after receiving an injury, and be more decisive in the moments he puts in an inspired performance.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Create your ultimate team of 25 players featuring top global stars like Neymar, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and more with FIFA Ultimate Team. Customise them and use your new, flexible Transfer Market to shape your team into the side of your choosing.

FUT includes brand new cards, such as Star Power, Ultimate Boost, Ultimate Team Boost and so much more.

Massive new Ultimate Team Seasons features bring the depth, excitement and longer term progression of Ultimate Team to a new level. Play with your Ultimate Team in Seasons; create your dream side that will win Seasons cups and set a new global record for most goals ever scored in a single season.

Asterisks mark repeat appearances.

New Squad Building

FIFA’s manual tactics mode is reinvented with a new Squad Building approach where you choose tactics and tactics alone, giving you more room for creativity and making the game more a choice.

The ability to build a custom XI from the whole squad, taking into account position and fitness, means you can pick the side of your choice, making your tactics matter.

New R


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Featuring 40 different Ultimate Team cards, including your favorite players from your favorite club, you’re guaranteed to be spoiled for choice. A deck editor, comprehensive set of training tools, and exciting new unlockable rewards make this the most immersive and complete U.T. experience yet. Discover your very own path to greatness.

Club World Cup – Join your favorite clubs from across the world for a true Champion’s Cup Final and the chance to vie for the prestigious Club World Cup title. Play as a club or individual and engage in a series of knockout matches to earn your spot in the 2012 Club World Cup Final, which takes place in Qatar.

Player vs. Player – Play the way you want to play, in this new, all-new offensive game mode, set in 6-vs-6 matches that see both teams develop the skills and tactics needed to prevail in every single encounter. Highlight moments, goals, and spectacular saves can all be tracked and saved with the new replay editor. How you manage both sides of the action will determine who takes the lead.

Dynamic Ultimate Team – Includes in-game improvements to Ultimate Team with revised scoring and a dynamic Player Ratings System. Better data and more immersive strategies result in a more competitive environment.

Social Features – Share cards and your favorite moments with the FIFA community. Compete in a challenging new card battle mode where you must complete objectives and match your online friends. Create and share your own goalscoring playlists, utilizing award-winning Soundtrack Party, and even organize your friends into a party chat to celebrate your favorite goal scores and moments.

Achievement System – Now with Achievement Points for thousands of in-game achievements. Earn more points for completing and winning your way to the Top 50.

FIFA Fans – Enjoy more interactivity and enhanced social features, including sharing goals with fellow FIFA fans, gathering points for more than 1,000 in-game achievements, and sharing memorable moments with other FIFA fans.

Gameplay Changes
We’ve re-engineered the control systems of the core gameplay to create a more fluid and responsive game.

Change in Control Balance – We’ve made changes to the control scheme to further increase the fast-paced and emotional gameplay we know you love while maintaining the true control balance for the top levels of play, such as passing, shooting, and dribbling.

New dribble mechanic – A new dribble system has been added to the game to


What’s new:

  • The biggest overhaul to Ultimate Team since its launch.
  • FIFA 22’s brand new Creation Engine enables billions of new ways to play.
  • Create your own dream squad from a host of authentic players, kits, balls, boots and training equipment.
  • Gamify your FIFA Ultimate Team game and compete against your friends using your FIFA 22 Kick Off Pass.
  • “Real Player Match Day” Telecast mode – a brand new feature for Ultimate Team.
  • In “Injuries”, you’ll now recover from pain and trained quicker on the field.
  • Discover and unlock “Heritage Player Cards” through “Matchday” experience.
    Rewards are unlocked based on the frequency with which you play with them in-game, as well as their offline stats.
  • EURO 2016, The 2018 FIFA World Cup™, the 2017 UEFA Champions League and the 2017 Copa del Rey will all be featured.


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FIFA is the world’s #1 sports video game franchise, with 76 million players across PC and console platforms. Each year, more than 250 million players choose to live out their fantasies as the best and most-talented athletes in the world as they compete in the most popular sports on the planet.

How was it made?

Our goal was to create a new generation of gameplay on PC, building on FIFA 17’s success. It’s now easier and more enjoyable to pass, shoot, and dribble than ever. We also rebuilt the camera and passing, allowing players to more easily anticipate and create chances. We optimized AI, graphics, and physics. That’s why we call it the FIFA We Live For.

How is it played?

More than 10,000 playable teams, 12,000 official leagues, and 250 million player cards have been added to FIFA Ultimate Team. And for the first time ever, 4K TVs are supported by Ultimate Team, allowing you to enjoy your favorite teams in a whole new way.

What new features are there?

We’ve also reimagined classic modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team and FUT Champions, and added new ways to play in all modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA 17’s Online Seasons, and FIFA 18’s Online Seasons.

How do I get it?

The game will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 29th 2017, and we are planning to release on Windows PC in October 2017.

The game will also be available as part of our FIFA Season Pass, providing players with a number of game-changing features and content updates, including double XP for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and more.

This release will be available as part of the following FIFA content season pass:

Season 1: FIFA 18 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Season 2: FIFA 19 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Season 3: FIFA 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Season 4: FIFA 21 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Season 5: FIFA 19 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Season 6: FIFA 18 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

FIFA Ultimate Team Packs and FUT Draft Packs

Player cards from FIFA Ultimate Team Packs will be available in packs as part of the game on launch. Packs can be found at the following locations:


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

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Publisher: MonsterGames, Inc.
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Game Description:
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