July 5, 2022

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“HyperMotion Technology delivers a tremendous array of gameplay improvements,” said Oliver Kreylos, head of Studio Sports. “Players are now equipped with gameplay mechanisms to work at full speed and intensify action both on and off the ball.”

HyperMotion improves the game’s physics engine, tackling mechanics, pass- and cross-checking timing, goalkeeper AI, player control and on-ball movement, overhead interactions, player control, player control responsiveness, and ragdoll effects. Players also gain a sense of ferocity.


The addition of HyperMotion Technology to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) gameplay has led to a number of significant changes in FUT tackle mechanics. The first-person camera no longer has to angle at 90 degrees before and after a player performs a tackle. This will result in more realistic final position and body contact. Players will attempt to make a clean tackle when the attacking player is closer to the player receiving the ball. The player receiving the ball may be slower to react, while the player performing the tackle may be able to take more time to assess the situation.

The player with the ball will now try and get past his defender by moving sideways to avoid the tackling player’s attempt to make a clean tackle. This generally means that the attacker will now take a short backwards step as he tries to lose the tackle, making him less likely to win a ball during a failed attempt at a tackle. This will result in a more realistic, disjointed free-kick attempt.

The HyperMotion changes to tackling will also reduce players’ ability to perform a two-footed tackle. Players will need to move laterally or backwards to make a clean tackle. A two-footed tackle is an easy way to lose possession.


When players perform a long pass, the direction of movement will be based on natural walking patterns, making it easier for defenders to track an incoming pass. Defenders will react more naturally to an incoming pass. Pass accuracy will be improved with further inspection, and in general, passes will be more accurate.

Performances will be affected by the frequency with which players use their long passes to create movement, setting up for a shot or pass. Players will react more naturally to an incoming pass.

Assists are now more realistic. They will come from the direction and speed of the ball. They may also be made easier to perform with assists granted by teammates.

Defenders no longer have


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Choice: Opt for Dribbling, Power, Attacking, Passing and Shot-Kicking game modes
  • Tricks: Critical thinking at it’s highest level with technical plays, set-pieces and wonder goals.
  • Control: Feel the speed and responsiveness of a first person turn based football game.
  • Fighter: Knock back the competition with the FIFA Virtual Pro.
  • Footballers: Choose from the world’s best footballers like your favourite team like no other game.
  • Coach: Get things done in-game with the new Daily Training, Live Training, Exhibition Match and more.
  • Player and team behaviour: Cultivate the development of your characters with meaningful player conversations.
  • Career Path: A dynamic narrative that guides and evolves your pro-journey. You can choose to play Pro in the best leagues, challenging for the top international spots, start your journey in your favourites secondary leagues – or even follow your journey through Ligue Un.
  • Fifa Ultimate Team: Create your dream squad. Build a strong team balanced with the right combination of players and football gear, and get rewarded for it with an authentic gameplay experience.
  • FIFA 22 supports 4-player local co-op multiplayer.

Bundles available.

This package contains

  • FIFA 22 for PlayStation 4 / PS Vita, Deep Sea, Edition
  • FIFA 22 Multilayer for PlayStation 4 / PS Vita, Deep Sea, Edition
  • FIFA Insider Issues 2017 Official Guide


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FIFA is a football video game series published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by EA Canada. The game developed by EA Canada, is the spiritual successor to the long-running series created by EA Canada’s founder and former president in 1998, Peter Moore.

The main aim of the FIFA franchise is to simulate the rules of the sport in an authentic manner, similar to the worldwide governing body FIFA. The game portrays the competitions and players’ styles from national to club level, since its debut in August 2004. It is available on many consoles, and for mobile devices.


FIFA features a presentation of the sport that is realistic but conveys enough excitement and fun. The presentation includes a wide variety of players’ styles, from traditional to modern and from different nations. Players control their players on the pitch with simple controls and realistic animations. Players can control up to 11, including substitutes, in a match, in single-player, as well as in online head-to-head matches. Players can modify their characters’ clothing and hairstyles. The game also features licensed music, in a series of songs and chants, and correctly pronounced and faithfully modeled chants of all the various language from around the world, as well as a special feature song when an Internet connection is made.

The gameplay, the main difference between FIFA and its predecessor FIFA 2004, is even closer to the real thing than FIFA’s previous installment, EA Sports’ FIFA Street, although it also features a number of gameplay innovations. There are over 450 new features, including revamped dribbling and passing animations, and a new, deep overall tactical game. There is also a new “Pass the Ball” feature, which makes the game easier to play by putting more emphasis on passing and dribbling. There are also brand new seasons modes, including FUT Champions League and FUT Superstars. There is also a new “Team Management” feature for coaching and player development, which lets players pick the character, appearance, and formation of their team before they actually play the game.

In August 2016, FIFA released its first update since 2006, FIFA 16. Since its release, the game has received praise for its enhanced online multiplayer.

Use of player likeness rights

The game has used a set of player likeness rights, developed and owned by EA Canada. It is EA Canada’s signature property, and is thus a source of several “EA Canada” lines, such as the EA Sports UFC. EA Canada was originally under EA


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Build your very own Dream Team and challenge friends in quick matches, or take part in real-world player transfers, unlocking daily and weekly packs and earning limited-edition items and cards from clubs and players.

Player Development – Think about your career from a different perspective. This new feature uses real-world performances and data to create more advanced player models, realistic animations, new skills, and new passing animations.

All-new 5v5 mode brings teams of five to life in FIFA Ultimate Team. Play against friends as your Pro, or show off your skills in a fully-realized Career Mode. Earn Fantasy Points as your stars score, or form a fully-balanced side and compete against 30 other clubs in weekly Real-Money Leagues.

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have found new ways to engage fans. New Dynamic-Theme Campaigns offer dynamic and personalized experiences based on popular themes of the year. Teams and players can react to official events and competitions throughout the year, providing players with various ways to progress their game and get into the festive mood.

In addition to a host of new features and game enhancements, FIFA 19 delivers a game-changing tactical overhaul in the key areas of Off The Ball intelligence, Under Pressure Sensitivity and Defensive Systems, allowing players to win back possession and counter attack in dynamic situations.

FIFA 19 is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September!

“We are thrilled to announce FIFA 19, a game packed with innovation, authenticity and passion.”

In FIFA 19, it is prosperity and prosperity alone that can keep players going. You can earn and unlock more than 350 Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League players, as well as a growing collection of more than 3,500 game-changing players from around the world. All of this, while working in tandem with a clever new Player Development system that does for player progression what the Player Career and Player Roles did for progression in FIFA 18.

FIFA 19 runs on the latest version of the new Frostbite Engine, and will run at a smooth 60 frames-per-second at the highest level on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more details on FIFA 19, stay tuned to FIFA.com, follow @FIFA on Twitter, and stay in the conversation using


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