July 4, 2022

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Text on your computer might be just a default thing Windows comes with, but there’s an entire art and architecture related to fonts. Windows keeps them in a special folder, and the more you have installed, the less chances to encounter unreadable text. To view them, you can simply use applications like FontView.
Instantly generates a list of installed fonts
Once launched, the main window shows up and instantly starts to display all fonts installed on your computer. You might want to find a suitable position on the screen, because every minor interaction forces the application to update the list, having a rather disturbing flicker effect on fonts, and also slightly affecting functionality, but this mostly depends on the amount of fonts installed.
There’s a side scroll bar you’re sure to use if you want to see all of them. However, scrolling has the same update effect, so you need to frequently pause. By default, fonts are shown in multiple columns, and there’s even a slider to choose the density. On the other hand, setting the value too high can make text overlap and difficult to read.
Leaves more to be desired
An additional slider is there so you can set the size of font. However, the application doesn’t automatically adjust the view in accordance to number of columns, so you need to find a balance by trying different values for each slider. In case the list seems stuck or incomplete, there’s always the update button to refresh the list.
Unfortunately, you can’t interact with any of the fonts, and neither is there a scratchpad to test them out. Moreover, the application itself isn’t capable of reading all type of characters, meaning it doesn’t correctly display all of them. The total number of fonts isn’t shown, and counting them all can take a considerable amount of time.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that it’s nice to have many fonts on your computer, especially if you have to design different projects that involve creativity on a regular basis. Viewing installed fonts can easily be done through most common text editors, and it’s probably the best way, since FontView doesn’t quite live up to expectations.







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Download FontView from this SourceForge page, installing it into you Applications folder, and you’re good to go!

Tabbed and Multitasking
Until about 18 months ago, Windows XP wasn’t very well-received on the other operating systems and it didn’t run on regular PCs for that reason. All in all, nobody had much interest in this platform and almost no vendors decided to offer it.
By the other hand, other operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, or Solaris have already been on the market for more than 20 years. More often than not, more than one developer work on the same code base, can organize their work in a way that makes it well-commented, and it’s not uncommon to share the same code on multiple developer’s repositories.
However, since people were being more dependent on Windows for their daily use, the company decided to keep the Windows on the market for a while. After all, Microsoft made some huge changes in the OS. They went a way from being a heavy operating system, dependent on x86 architecture and Windows NT kernel.
X86 and its kernel are extremely important when it comes to security. There’s no way to make it completely safe, but when Microsoft changed the status to processor-independent kernel, and started to increase the system requirements to avoid a single-core architecture, the system started to change for the better.
Windows XP was from many points of view a terrific OS. For example, it supports all possible hardware and drivers which can be installed. But, as time went by, a lot of OS limitations and limitations of x86 architecture were hurting the system. Windows XP is not really reliable on low-specification hardware and all memory-related aspects of the operating system had to be scaled down to make it compatible with most hardware, while still keeping the stability.
Starting with Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft made a huge overhaul of the system. And while the changes are good for the people who use Windows on regular PCs, it is almost impossible to use on tablets and smartphones. Windows 8 changes all that.
Microsoft allows you to multitask on tablets and smartphones, and they have given a much-appreciated boost to native apps, and they have gone a way from the DirectX layer, which was not as reliable as it used to be.
New Windows: Windows 10
As many of you know, Windows 10 is the next great step forward. The operating

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– Desktop applicationQ:

What is the difference between a “proposition” and a “law of nature”?

My textbook says:

“In Physics, a law of nature is a statement about the way nature works that is empirically proven to be correct….”

Does this mean that everything that we can prove to be true through experiments is called a “law of nature”?


A law of nature can be stated as a proposition – “All fundamental physical particles obey the law of gravity”. It is then proven, by experiment.
A “law of nature” as stated in your book is about a statement about how nature works. This is a statement about a universal and applies to everything. It is more like a definition of what physics is.
“Proved” can mean proven by experiment. The experiment can verify the validity or scope of the law. Or it can verify that no violations have occurred and thus prove that the law applies.
A proposition may or may not be proven, by experiment or by observation, or something else.
“A law of nature” in your sense is not a proposition (which may or may not be “true”), it’s a statement about something fundamental in nature, as opposed to accidental.

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What’s New in the FontView?

FontView is a collection of over 5,000 true type fonts that take up a minimal amount of space. The purpose of the app is to add more fonts to your computer. It shows all fonts that are available in the windows directory on your computer.


Below you can find some screenshots of the app.

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The app is a freeware. I’ve also used it with no issues. However, I’m not sure of the appeal for a journalist. Personally, I use FontExplorer, which is also freeware. Also, I’ve used CorelDraw, in fact, for a long time; however, the software has been discontinued.Mark your calendars! The next Music for the People concert with Carolyn Chavez and The Amputee Choir takes place on Saturday, November 2, 2018 at 6pm in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 2435 East Franklin Avenue, West St. Paul, MN 55112.

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