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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






GHSC With Full Keygen Download

GHSC Product Key is a multi-purpose chat application for Windows. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded for free. It is very helpful to talk with other users from the local network through messages, chatting, etc. You can even use it as an instant messenger to talk to your friends. It includes the basic features of a chat application such as chat rooms, user profile creation, user name change, and more. You can also hide the sender name. With the help of the recording feature, you can post your recordings on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Google Drive. You can record your conversations in chats with the help of the Audio Recorder feature. The application is also very helpful for users whose version of Windows 8.1 is less than Windows 10.

GHSC is very easy to use, so anyone can easily download and install it. Below are some of the features of the application that are listed in the Help menu:

When you start the application for the first time, you need to create a new user account by clicking the “Create User Account” button.

Clicking the “Start Conversation” button opens a new chat window.

In order to start recording a conversation, click on the “Start Recording” button.

To end recording, click on the stop button.

To change the user name, click on the “Change user name” button.

To add another user name, click on the “Add user” button.

To delete your profile, click on the “Delete user” button.

To change the user default language, click on the “Change user default language” button.

To change the user password, click on the “Change user password” button.

To change the user profile picture, click on the “Change user profile picture” button.

To delete the user, click on the “Delete user” button.

GHSC isn’t exactly the best software. But you have to consider that maybe the best software wouldn’t suit your needs. But this is a great software and you must try it as it is a free software.
Have fun!

GHSC is a multi-purpose chat application for Windows. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded for free. It is very helpful to talk with other users from the local network through messages, chatting, etc. You can even use it

GHSC [March-2022]

This is a  chat application that  enables  the user to talk with other people via the internet. It offers you the ability to type text to the user in any  channel  created. This program allows  you to connect to  multiple chat programs  and even to  use  webcams  to talk with the users. It supports text and  images in any  direction, which means  you can  type images to the user.

– The user can type text to the other users.
– The user can send an image to the other users.
– It has a  pull-to-refresh option.
– It supports dark mode.


File Name: GHSC Crack Free Download

Version: [Version 1.0]

Date: [2019-02-14]

System: [ macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19E287) ]


Licensing Information
Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0

Installation Information
1. From the downloaded file, unzip it.

2. Then, move the contents of the GHSC Download With Full Crack folder to your Applications folder.

3. Extract the application file (GHSC Serial Key) to the Applications folder.

4. Run the application.

5. You will find Cracked GHSC With Keygen in the Applications folder.

6. Launch Cracked GHSC With Keygen.

7. To use the application, simply drag content to chat window.

8. After, your task will be successfully completed.

1. For this kind of license,
(i) you cannot use GHSC within schools, educational institutions, or for non-personal use, and
(ii) the above license terms are the entire agreement between us with respect to the use of the program.




Best Regards.


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GHSC Serial Number Full Torrent

The game consists of a chat application.
This application is designed to be easy to use by novice users in the chat room.
There is a functionality of sending messages, files or links to the chat room, which enables users to store or download something to the local computer.
GHSC Functions:
• Sending a user name to chat room
• Sending files, links to chat room
• Creating a new chat room
• Listening to the messages on the chat room created
• Changing the user name
• Listening to all the messages received at all times
• Changing the chat room name
• Listening to the messages sent by the user
• Changing the user name
• Changing the chat room name
• Chatting via the chat room
The application is downloaded as one executable file.
This file will be installed on the computer desktop, but can be moved to other folders and will not uninstall without the uninstall option.
GHSC is a very simple and practical application that you can use in your daily activities.
1- You can open a chat room by adding the name of the chat room in the text box to the channel. This will open it automatically with the messages that exist in the chat room.
2- You can add the name of the chat room to a file, and when you want to share it in chat room you can add the name of the file. It creates a notification for the user that adds the file to the chat room.
3- The file can be downloaded by the user at the time of chat by clicking on the link. It requires a random number of files with names that will be created automatically.
4- The user can change the name in the name box.
5- The application can restore the chat room by opening the old chat room with the ability to send files and links to it. You can not receive any messages with this chat room.
6- Users can open the chat room by clicking on the chat room name in the list. It opens the chat room in the chat room.
7- You can open a list of all the users using the nickname.
8- The user can change the nickname.
9- Chatting in the chat room can be listed on the chat room and the users who are reading the chat can send a message to the specific user in the chat room.
10- You can create a new chat room
11- The user can receive the messages sent to the chat room

What’s New In GHSC?

GHSC is a simple application for users on a local area network (LAN). It is basically a chat application that allows users to chat and chat rooms. GHSC allows users to send and receive messages via the fastest and most reliable network protocol, TCP/IP. Its basic features include capability of creating chat rooms, private chat rooms, password security, control and search capabilities, ability to change user names and much more.
How to use this application and tools for GHSC:
GHSC is compatible with various Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.
Its features include

Support multiple connections,
Support for graphic User Interface,
Fast and reliable communications via the TCP/IP protocol
Support private chat and chat rooms,
Manage user permissions,
Ability to change user name,
Ability to receive messages from a MSN chat application.
Using GHSC

Start GHSC and click on connect and log in
In the chat room list, select the chat room you want to join
Log into the chat room
Create a new channel or select an existing chat room to use as a chat room
Send a message from the list
Select another chat room to continue chatting

Using GHSC Tools

Go to ghsc.net and click on the tools icon

The tools provided are:

GHSC Viewer – Provides a chat room list, topic list and chat log.
GHSC Search – Allows you to find the desired chat room or topic quickly.
GHSC Browser – Allows you to chat with friends by selecting the names from the list provided.
GHSC Chat Log – Allows you to follow the recent chat log.
GHSC Update Chat Log – Allows you to edit chat log for your chat room/channel.
GHSC History – Allows you to follow chat logs.
GHSC Web Chat – Allows you to chat with friends.
GHSC Welcome – Allows you to follow new chat rooms.
GHSC List – Allows you to find all chat rooms on the server.
GHSC Chat Log – Allows you to follow chat logs in different chat rooms.

Other GHSC tools:

GHSC Welcome – Allows you to find new chat rooms
GHSC List – Allows you to find all chat rooms on the server
GHSC Chat Log – Allows you to follow chat logs in different chat rooms
GHSC Update Chat Log – Allows you to edit chat log for your chat room/channel



System Requirements:

1.4x PowerVR SGX530
2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
HDMI Capable Display
WiFi/LTE (supported for LAN Play)
Additional Notes:
Game currently runs smoothly at 720p, but we will be upgrading the game to 1080p/60fps in the near future
While LAN Play is supported (previously on consoles) we are still working on the network lag, ping & connection time settings (and more networking code). We are currently planning to release


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