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Another good Web-based accounting software program is Sage 50 (www.sage50.com); similar to QuickBooks in its features, and even with a Linux version, too.

## PrintShop

PrintShop is a basic photo-editing tool designed for graphics editing, photo editing, and Web creation. Like Photoshop, it provides a layer-based interface.

## Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro (www.xara.com) is an image-manipulation program that provides more tools for those who need to create graphics such as publishing contracts and Web pages. It was primarily designed for the print industry and offers a robust set of file-management features, not just editing, that make it a powerhouse.

## Web Designer

Web Designer (www.thebigmess.net/wd) is a basic web-

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Adobe Photoshop Elements functions

Fixing Red Eye

Photoshop is the most-used version of Photoshop (and the most-used photo editing software) on the market. It is used by photographers and graphic designers for large-scale changes. Here, the software allows you to easily fix your red eye.

To do this, there is a very simple process:

Step 1: Press the Photo > Adjust > Red Eye button to activate the the red eye tool.

Step 2: After enabling this tool, a series of sliders will appear on the image, allowing you to identify which specific part of the face you want to edit. The smaller the number, the smaller the part of the face, and the more details will be included. When you are done, remove the slider.

You can then edit the rest of the image with the various editing tools available on the software.

Using Photoshop for various image editing tasks


Modern computers are very powerful, and Photoshop is no exception. It’s even possible to use the software to prepare full-frame images for printing.

Your biggest advantage to using Photoshop is the numerous editing tools available. Some of the tools are quite advanced and many allow you to create complex and fascinating images.

Here, we explain a couple of such tools, and tell you how to use them for different image editing tasks.

Creating HDR images in Photoshop

HDR or High Dynamic Range images are dark areas of a picture that appear brighter than the light areas. You can use Photoshop to create HDR images.

Here is a link to a tutorial about using Photoshop to create HDR images from your photos: Create HDR images in Photoshop.

Correcting Lens Distortion

Digital photography cameras with a wide aperture (large F number) allow you to capture the entire frame on your camera sensor. In contrast, the aperture of a classic camera is limited by the optical design and is determined by the diameter of the lens. Consequently, the optical design of a camera’s lens can cause lens distortion, a common problem when you capture an image at a wide aperture. This tutorial explains how to correct for lens distortion in Photoshop.

There are several techniques to correct this problem in Photoshop. Here are a few:

Working with other editing tools

Photoshop allows you to edit almost all common types of images, be it from film, digital and printed. In some cases

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Pier D’Alto

Portas de Souros

The main landmark of the old town is the parish church of Santiago do Eustáquio, built in 1740 by order of King John V, and destroyed by fire in 1911 and 1973. The parish church of Nossa Senhora de Lagoa is the object of an important restoration works undertaken in 2010 in respect of its historical and artistic value.

Set in a 15th century structure, which however preserves the oldest part of the township, it is one of the few buildings of that architectural period remaining in the city center. Its two spires look out over a lawn and give a particular touch to the landscape of the fortified town.

It is preceded by a magnificent 18th century rectangular house with rustic shutters and a neo-classical tabby portico, today home to the National Library of Lisbon, which in its own time was the seat of the Consulado de Comercio (today the Bank of Portugal) and the Portuguese National Library.

Category:11th-century establishments in Portugal
Category:13th-century establishments in Portugal
Category:Historic and Artistic Monuments of Distrito de SantarémLiposomes as carriers for potentiated natural killer cells (PAN) in neuroblastoma: dose and time dependence.
Natural killer (NK) cells have been identified as cytotoxic effectors responsible for the lysis of neuroblastoma cells. Potentiation of target recognition is a well established mechanism of enhancing tumour cell lysis by lymphocytes. In the present study, we determined if liposomes could be used as a carrier of natural killer cells (PAN) to treat a neuroblastoma xenograft tumour model (EAN-1S) of neuroblastoma in BALB/c mice. Liposomes were used at dose levels which correspond to liposome/neoplastic cell ratios in the range of 1:3 to 1:30. A large dose of PAN (2 x 10(7)) resulted in only partial increase of tumour regression, and little increase in survival. At a lower level (2 x 10(6)), liposome-mediated PAN administration resulted in a significant increase in survival and in reduction of tumour size after 4 days. Despite this small dose, the antitumour effect was maintained for up to 10 days, resulting in a significant survival advantage. Both dose and time

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One more time for the kids

This is a nicely done print commercial. TV is no longer the only way you’ll learn about music on this planet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t show the kids how it’s done. So look for some CD’s coming from the show’s library. And check out the site for more info. If you can’t understand the import of this commercial, read the print ad at the end.

I hope so. If not, we should not give up. Personally, I’d like to see his career as a la-la-la-like Jack Black. I do not mean a “joke” career. I mean one that has a consistent message behind it. I cannot understand how someone so obvious can get into so much trouble.

Hey Billy, Here’s a thought…maybe your Dad has a “look at me!” Personality.

There was another day:when I heard old folks tellin’ ’bout their youthWhen I heard the drum, I felt my soulUnite and flow like the change o’ the mornWhen I heard them call, I heard the call of the drum.

Now, it all comes back again,I walk by their door and I just can’t keep on,I walk by their door and I just can’t keep on,

I see their eyes and I can’t keep on,I see their tears and I just can’t keep on,I hear their words and I just can’t keep on,I hear their laughter and I just can’t keep on,I walk by their door and I just can’t keep on.

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Pepper and Salt are best friends. They’re both assassins by trade, and they work well together in this old school platformer. The music is ethereal, and the visuals are retro. It�


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