June 30, 2022

InstalledCodec 1.01 Crack For Windows

InstalledCodec is a useful Windows application that displays all codec drivers and DirectShow filters on your computer.
With a very clean and well-organized interface, InstalledCodec shows all details right in the main window, allowing users to disable a certain codec just by right clicking on a given entry.
For instance, you can see display name, type, installed and modified time, file description and version, company and product name, file size, driver key, filename only and creation date.
Right-clicking one of the found files lets you disable or enable the item, open it in RegEdit, save or copy the files, generate a HTML report either with the selected or all items, see properties or refresh the files.
InstalledCodec automatically displays all files when you launch the application, and the “Options” menu let you pick the items you wish to view, which can be either DirectShow filters, video drivers or audio drivers.
There's no help file in the package and that may be a bit of a problem given the fact that rookies may have a hard time reading the provided information, so InstalledCodec is more like a tool appropriate for those with a bit more experience.
There's no other configuration screen and InstalledCodec works flawlessly on all Windows workstations, while remaining very friendly with computer resources all the time.
All things considered, InstalledCodec is a very simple way to view all codec files on your computer and although it may not be addressed to beginners, it's still a good thing that it provides such a user-friendly approach.


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InstalledCodec Crack License Key

· InstalledCodec is a free utility that displays all codec files on your computer.
· InstalledCodec displays all files in a nicely arranged interface.
· You can right-click on a given entry to enable, disable, copy, open it in “RegEdit”, save it or send it to your clipboard.
· You can refresh the files automatically or manually.
· You can easily generate a HTML report with the selected or all files, or you can export the data to a.txt file.
· You can generate a.txt report with all the files in a specified folder.
· You can download the InstalledCodec’s installer.
· InstalledCodec is available in English, French, German and Spanish.
· InstalledCodec version v2.1.0.13.
· InstalledCodec is freeware, available for free trial period and for personal and commercial use.
· InstalledCodec is ad-supported.
· InstalledCodec supports OS X.
· InstalledCodec’s size is 4.02 MB.
· InstalledCodec’s installer size is 1.19 MB.
· InstalledCodec’s update size is 0.20 MB.
· InstalledCodec’s original installer is in English.
· InstalledCodec’s original size is 1.19 MB.
· InstalledCodec’s language pack is in English.
· InstalledCodec’s language pack is 20 KB.
· InstalledCodec’s current rating is 4.7 by 274 users.
· InstalledCodec’s last rating was 5.0 by 8 users.
· InstalledCodec’s download count is 5.
· InstalledCodec was added on 2016-10-01 (040) and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
· InstalledCodec’s developer was added on 2016-10-01.
· InstalledCodec’s license is freeware.
· InstalledCodec’s name is “InstalledCodec”.
· InstalledCodec is available on most of the websites and you can download it directly from the links below.
· InstalledCodec’s file size is 4.02 MB.

InstalledCodec Keygen For (LifeTime) [March-2022]

InstalledCodec Activation Code is a small (17 KB) application that displays all codec drivers and DirectShow filters on your computer.
It has a very clean and well-organized interface with many options.
InstalledCodec Serial Key displays information on codecs and filters installed on the computer and gives you many options for usage and control.
It displays a list of all video and audio drivers, from which you can select for view or delete items.
You can launch a codec file, by right clicking on it.
In addition, you can open, save or copy the file and view its properties.
It also allows you to disable a codec just by right clicking on it.
It also allows you to synchronize the codec list with a CSV file or generate a HTML report for the list as a whole or for any item individually.
InstalledCodec 2022 Crack provides an open source community so you can improve it!
It is an open source application, created by:
Roy Taylor
Other applications from the same developer:
Visual Codec Manager
DirectShow Codec Manager
Driver Inspector
Codec Configurator
Hotfix Manager
* For more details about how-to-tutorials from the author, simply visit:
What’s New:
2.1.10 – October, 2017 – Constant Improvements
InstalledCodec 2.1.10 is a constant improvement of the project.
To learn more about this update, visit:

2.1.8 – December, 2016 – Clarifications on the HTML Report
The report from the previous version of InstalledCodec was set to WebPrint, meaning that it wouldn’t work on any version of Windows.
InstalledCodec 2.1.8 is the last version which generates an html report.
To know more about this update, visit:

2.1.6 – March, 2016 – New improved user interface
InstalledCodec 2.1.6 has a new improved user interface that’s more user-friendly.
It has many features like the new buttons for disabling or enabling codecs, a timeout and different sizes

InstalledCodec Crack+ Activation Code Download

Installed Codec is a professional and easy-to-use tool that shows all codec files on your computer. It can find all video and audio codecs you installed and can display
every details of them including codec properties, modification times, sizes, filenames and descriptions.
InstalledCodec supports video- and audio-related codecs such as RealVideo, QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media Format, RealAudio, Matroska, Theora, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Flac, etc.
As for codec functions, we can open them in the Windows Registry Editor or copy them to the clipboard or add them to the Mp3 Music Library.
InstalledCodec has built-in cache, which can load codec files from offline. You can also generate a HTML report of all detected codecs, which can be used as a reference. So many codec functions, just check it out!

HDView is a free Windows application that allows you to browse and display on your Windows computer files, folders and disks with or without a preview.
For instance, you can display all items in a folder, view file properties, copy files, save them, choose to show or hide items, sort the display and view the location of a file on your computer.
HDView is very easy to handle and it’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs to look through files in a quick way. This is all you can do with the program, but if you need to, you can even view disk contents, install drivers and repair software.
HDView also includes a built-in file viewer with basic commands that let you open files, make copies or open archives. You can also easily save or delete files, rename and move them and even share them through a network. There’s also a freeware area where you can download different skins and add-ons that extend HDView’s functionalities.
HDView can index files or folders but it doesn’t display the files or directories index, and you can only browse from the bottom up to the top with the TreeView component, but you can use it to view file properties and even edit them.
HDView also includes an empty file viewer with basic commands and a Disk Viewer for viewing and managing disks. A help file is included in the program’s archive and some examples are also included.
HDView is easy to install and use and it won’t take up much space on your computer. You can try HDView for free now

What’s New In?

Installed Codec is a small application that allows you to browse all codec files and drivers on your computer.
The application directly shows you all details such as codec file name, type, driver type, version, company and product name, file size, driver key, details of the file only and creation date.
Moreover, you can also add registry entries, fix invalid registry keys and manage other settings just by right-clicking on an entry.
Furthermore, you can select individual files and disable them, copy the files, view their properties, run RegEdit directly in the program or generate a HTML report, all from the main window of the application itself.
You can also view filters, audio drivers or video drivers from the Options menu and the application will automatically update information as needed.

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System Requirements For InstalledCodec:

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