July 17, 2022

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Nude Girls Wallpaper – We’ve also got a section of our site dedicated. Landscapes & Beds From 1:00 to 7:00.2016 Women’s Junior South American Volleyball Championship

The 2016 Women’s Junior South American Volleyball Championship was the third edition of the tournament, played from 12 to 18 July 2016 in the city of Asunción, Paraguay. The top three teams qualified for the 2016 Women’s Junior World Championship.

Argentina won the gold medal.

Ezequiel Florito of Ecuador was elected the Most Valuable Player.

Pools composition

Preliminary round

Group A



Group B



Final round



5th–8th classification

5th–8th semifinals


7th–8th semifinals


5th–6th semifinals



Final four



3rd place




Final standing

Individual awards

Most Valuable Player
Ezequiel Florito
Best Setter
Anaïs Thomaz
Best Receiver
Monica Carrizo
Best Libero

Best Server
Sara Ferreira

Best Spiker
Anaïs Thomaz
Best Blocker
Anna Gabriel

Best Receiver
Diana Dopico
Best Server
Luciana Costa
Best Libero

Best Scorer
Diana Dopico
Best Spiker
Taylor Pycroft
Best Blocker
Sara Ferreira
Best Receiver
Anaïs Thomaz

Best Set

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