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OpenPOP.NET [Mac/Win] [April-2022] 💹







OpenPOP.NET Crack+ Free Download [32|64bit] [April-2022]

*This is a free open source component, because it is possible to make work in closed source.
*It supports many mail clients, including the ones used in previous versions
*All codes are under the conditions of Open Source. For the sources, they can be downloaded in the file specified by source link and instructions below.
*Intended for Libraries.

Demo Program
OpenPOP.NET Cracked Accounts uses the same as System.IO.Compression.ZipFile. You can use your own class by inheriting from the ZipFile class. However, you must be careful that the server you want to use is not using Zip64.
If you are running this component on Windows, note that there is no Win32 version.
Note: It is OK to add direct reference to the.Net dlls (OpenPOP.dll and System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.dll).
Building the Project and Testing
OpenPOP.NET Cracked Accounts  compiles into a single  DLL  so you  do not need to rebuild anything! To build:

– OpenPOP.NET 2022 Crack/Any CPU in the solution.

– Build the solution. You’ll get OpenPOP.NET Download With Full Crack.dll and OpenPOP.NET.pdb. 

– You can check this assembly existence by double-clicking OpenPOP.NET/Any CPU in Visual Studio. OpenPOP.NET creates a new OpenPOP.NET/Any CPU folder.

–  Copy and use this assembly. You can find the instructions at the beginning of this document.

Changes in OpenPOP.NET  1.3.0:

– Changes to mht file support
– Changes to support.NET 4.0
– C# Language version is now 1.4.0

– Visual Studio 2005 (or better)
-.NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0

Source Code:
– Visit for OpenPOP.NET and OpenPOP.NET.pdb.
– Use the source link above to download the sources.


1. Extract the source files.

2. Click browse and choose the OpenPOP.NET/Any Cpu folder (if there are no other).

3. Double-click on Get-OpenPOPNET.bat

OpenPOP.NET Free License Key

– It is free for non-commercial and commercial use, under MIT License
– Can use for new Pop3 component or of existing one.
– Pop3 is “full featured” class using API provided by Apple.
– Pop3 can be used with Mono or.NET Framework.
– Pop3 supports different authentication modes, username/password, POP3, MOP3 (Session)
– Pop3 supports IMAP compatible modes such as CAS and MULTI_SEQNUM
– Pop3 support for interactive (by prompt) and non interactive (via sync) mode
– Pop3 can retrieve files in different formats such as Base64, ZIP and file MIME
– Pop3 supports retrieving messages only, downloaded files only or both
– Pop3 support for retrieval and deletion of mailboxes, move message and copy message
– Pop3 supports all POP3 versions
– Pop3 supports all POP3 extensions. Supports MS-TNEF – Tagged Net e-mail Files also known as Multiple Attachment Index
– Pop3 supports all POP3 authentication protocols provided by Apple.
– Pop3 supports GMail in POP3 and IMAP mode
– Pop3 supports POP3 SSL/TLS Connection
– Pop3 supports GMail IMAP
– Pop3 supports Username / Password Authentication mode
– Pop3 supports MySQL authentication mode
– Pop3 supports Carbon/Applescript API for Mac
– Pop3 supports MOP3
– Pop3 supports IMAP MODE
– Pop3 supports POP3 AUTH
– Pop3 supports all POP3 ENHANCEMENTS
– Pop3 supports IMAP AUTH
– Pop3 supports PORT / SSL and SSL CA and SSL CRL
– Pop3 supports POP3 TLS, POP3 TLS with STARTTLS
– Pop3 supports TLS with STARTTLS
– Pop3 supports SMTP AUTH
– Pop3 supports all the standard POP3 extensions supported by Apple’s mail program
– Pop3 supports E-mail Encryption (S/MIME, PGP, ZIP)
– Pop3 supports all the standard POP3 AUTH types supported by Apple’s Mail (IMAP/SMTP)
– Pop3 supports “Name” command
– Pop3 supports “Rename” command
– Pop3 supports

OpenPOP.NET With License Key

OpenPOP.NET is a tiny, handy.NET Class library in C#  specially designed  to communicate with POP3 Servers. 
This component supports decoding Base64/QP encoded files and retrieving / deleting messages or attachments. 
The  Full documentation  is included.
Another really useful component is OpenPOP.NET Privacy, a useful utility to hide your email address in outgoing messages. 
You can get it at  

MIME attachments can be of one of the following types: 

MS-TNEF (the one with a nice icon at the top of Outlook 2010).
Microsoft mht file.
MS-Word 2007.docx (doc). 

OpenPOP.NET code:
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;

using MimeKit;
using MimeKit.Implementations;
using MimeKit.Serialization;

namespace OpenPOP.NET
public static class MessageSender
public static void SendMail(string to, string subject, string message)
using (var text = new MemoryStream())
var serializer = Serializer.CreateMimeSerializer();
serializer.Write(message, text);
var messageBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(text.ToArray());

var attachments = new List();
MimeKit.IO.StreamedFile streamedFile = null;
var mht = new MimeKit.Mht.MimeMhtFile();
mht.ContentId = “

What’s New in the OpenPOP.NET?

This component supports Base64, QP and TNEF mime-types. It is for use as a component in ASP.NET applications.
It relies on ZeroCopy stream functionality in.NET.
It supports the POP3 protocol.
It supports standard net (RFC1939) protocol.

This is a C#/NET class library. The source code is available from

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Official site

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