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pGina is a lightweight group security based authentication and authorization solution. It is written entirely in perl. It can be used to control users and groups in a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server environment. Administrators can define their own profiles of users and groups as well as allow users to log on using a Microsoft Windows logon file.
Of course, you can create your own server using your own authentication and authorization policy to add a costumer interface.
The following plugins are available:
An example of authentication/authorization policy plugin. With this plugin you can define your own authentication/authorization policy.
pGina Sample Login Policy Plugin:
The pGina Authentication plugin allows you to use the Windows accounts as a valid identity for authentication in addition to using ldap. You can use it to implement two-factor authentication.
You can use a username and password combination, a Kerberos account, a TACACS+ account or use LDAP groups to specify what users can log on.
pGina Integration Plugin
Using this plugin you can easily integrate pGina into any application. It creates a simple “web interface” for a web based application.
With this plugin you can be sure that your users don’t have to type their passwords. They simply enter their username and press a button to log on. This plugin is a basis for creating your own integration plugin.

pGina Help Desk Plugin
This plugin can be used to create a web based help desk. For example, you could add a field to your website where your users type their username and click a button to enter their password. Then your help desk checks if a user is logged on.

o Test Demo :: Install and run pGina.
o Windows Server Tools :: Install the pGina-server.exe program and the pGina-cli.exe program.
o Documentation :: Read the documentation.
o Support :: Contact us.
o License :: Source:
o For More Information ::

Copyright 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007 by Thomas Maurer

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– Authentication: You can choose between several different backends that work with RDP and also enable you to use one of many available other types of authentication.
– Authorization: You can implement your own rules and also allow users to set up their own rules.
– Plugin Configurable: Each plugin can be customized.
– Authorization for groups: You can also set up authorization for groups.
– Separate usernames: In case the users want different names, you can separate the users into groups of users who use the same name.
– Support for LDAP: You can also use LDAP for authentication

Tired of using a username and password combination to log into your PC? And if so, do you see problems with using the standard Windows logon process? Do you think it’s an insecure way to access your PC?
Why not use a Backend. A backend like pGina is a piece of software used to replace the standard Windows logon process with a secure and much more convenient alternative.
pGina allows you to configure user access to your PC. This means you can use the same login with different groups, you can give access to one group but not to another, you can specify who can access which share, etc.
How does that sound?
pGina is a frontend/backend/authorization backend system for Windows, and it’s designed to replace the standard Windows logon process. It is primarily used for the automation of user management, specifically for RDP (remote desktop protocol). But it’s also suitable for other protocols such as VNC, X11, and others.
It is created to make it much more secure to log into your PC, and much more convenient for you. It is a standalone application, without any dependencies on other applications. Because of this, it’s very versatile and it can be used for a number of other purposes, such as:
– Authorization/Authentication for Windows services, terminals, or remote PCs
– Protecting your PC through firewall technology
– Protecting your PC through Windows functionality (screen locker, virus protection, etc)
– Using it for access management for additional protocols that use the Windows logon process.

You can use “Other” when using pGina. When you have chosen a backend, you can give access to users. The users will be displayed on a list box. Below the list box, there is a field named “Options”. By clicking on

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pGina gives you an easy to use graphical interface to accomplish what the command line can do. It can use a backend such as LDAP, Active Directory, Radius, NIS, /etc/passwd. It can use an Authorization server such as apache-auth to authenticate users.
All in all, the GUI is what you want to see and the command line is what you want to do.

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What’s New In?

A to J have already been released. I’m working on A-D right now. It is done with the ftbw library. I need help for J.
J is the most important one, because A,B,C and D are just extensions.

J is to certify the user between A-D. For example: a program is sending a reply from x-amz-sns: the user is sent to J, where he have to prove that he’s a real user and don’t forge an IP.

I need a python script to connect to a website via webscrape, then check if the website contain:

* Everything is fine
* Connectivity problem
* The developer doesn’t care about security
* There’s no captcha

Otherwise the script should report to me with a text file:

Your IP
You’ve had a bad IP: xxx

Here are some examples:

– Your IP is xxx
– Your IP is xxx
– Your IP is xxx
– Your IP is xxx
– Your IP is xxx

Here are some examples:

– The site works fine
– The site is loading
– The site is not loading
– The site is up
– The site is down

If the response of the website is:

– Everything is fine
– Connectivity problem
– The developer doesn’t care about security

Then I want to print something like:

You have

And so, for example:

– Everything is fine
– The site is loading
– The site is not loading
– The site is up

The website will have a new layout every minute:

– The site is down
– The site is fine
– The site is loading

So the script should work without problems when the website is fine, up, down or loading.

The script should take 6 hours to do the scan, the first time it will be slower than after.
If the site has captcha, the script can solve the captcha, and check the words and numbers.

The script will check the word on all spaces, and will check every character of the word on the website. If it finds a word with numbers, I’ll remove it.

The script will check some URLs/Domains with the webcrawler.
If the result is not good, the script will


System Requirements For PGina:

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