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First, you need to learn what Photoshop is and what it can do. In this chapter, we begin with a crash course in Photoshop and introduce the key tools for manipulating your images, as well as several other important essentials.

Shooting and editing

Image cameras are getting smaller and more user-friendly as we continue to rely on them to take our digital photos. In fact, many of us have a compact digital camera or camcorder with a built-in light meter and timers for setting the appropriate exposure. Regardless of your camera, we have you covered with our comprehensive information about shooting and editing your photos.

Shooting all types of images

You can photograph, or shoot, virtually anything in any situation. Photographers can capture a range of subjects, from landscapes and architecture to still life and portrait photography. Your camera’s built-in light meter can give you the exposure information you need. You can follow these steps to take an acceptable photo using a compact camera and basic settings:

1. Exposure: Refer to your camera’s instructions manual for its light meter specifications. Some compact cameras feature a mechanical light meter, which displays the amount of light falling on the lens’s area of coverage. (Most compact cameras don’t have a light meter; instead, they display a warning when a light level is low enough to result in an underexposed picture.)

If you have a DSLR, it has an automatic light meter feature. If not, you should take a test picture with and without flash to find your meter’s settings. You can also use an old light meter from a disposable camera or a flash from a digital single lens reflex camera to help you find your settings. If you have a camera without a meter, you can create exposure settings in Photoshop by using the camera’s histogram that displays the lightness and darkness in your image. In Figure 6-1, you can see an example of what the histogram looks like on a camera without a light meter.

2. Aperture: This is the size of the opening or pupil of the lens. Apertures range from a wide-angle aperture that lets in lots of light for a wide-angle shot, to a small aperture that lets in less light for a close-up of a small object. Aperture settings determine how much light comes through the lens. Figure 6-2 illustrates aperture settings for the examples in Figure 6-1.

**Figure 6-1:** For the photo in Figure

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The editing features are the same: inlay, replace and similar features. It also has rotoscoping with a tool and clip path with a tool, perspective adjustments, and advanced layers.

The basic editing features are also the same and include resizing, resampling, cropping, and some options such as filters and vectorizing. Elements can save projects as 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit.

It has a basic image editor with elements such as basic menus, brushes and a selection tool.

The slideshow feature allows you to create a slideshow with various image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF. These images can be altered such as brightness, contrast and color.

Elements provides on-screen help that is similar to the help system in the desktop version.

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1. 1.

Launch Photoshop from your hard drive, and go to Photoshop (see Figure 1-1).

Figure 1-1. The main icon and the menu bar are shown in the main window. The taskbar indicates the application is running in the background.

2. 2.

Select the Brush tool in the toolbox (see Figure 1-2), and set the size and shape of the brush in the Options bar. Depending on what you intend to do, you should set the size of the brush to cover the area you want to paint on. Click on the Dura Brush icon in the Options bar to enter the brush settings. The brush should have opacity set to about 40–50% to keep the hard edges of the brush visible.

Figure 1-2. The toolbox shows most of the brushes and pen tools that come with Photoshop.

3. 3.

Click on the Create or Use button in the Options bar to bring up the options for brushes and pens (see Figure 1-3). Click the plus sign (+) to add new brushes, or use any of the previously saved brushes. You can also download new brushes from online sources. For details on brushes, see Appendix.

Figure 1-3. The Create, Use, and Options buttons control the brushes and pens that come with Photoshop.

4. 4.

Use the brush to paint an area that will fill in a layer. Paint away! You have a new layer with the paint on it.

## Saving Brushes

1. 1.

Because brushes are so valuable, it is wise to save them for future use.

2. 2.

Right-click on the brush tool you are using, and then click on the Save tool in the pop-up menu. This will bring up the Save brush dialog.

3. 3.

Click the Color Icon , and select a folder location for the brushes. Click the OK button to save the brush (see Figure 1-4).

Figure 1-4. You can save a brush by right-clicking on it. This will bring up a Save dialog. Note that the default path is set to a default application folder, which is different for every type of application. The default application directory is usually located at ~/Library/Brushes for Photoshop.

4. 4.

Click on the to close the Save Brush dialog

What’s New In?

// if you want to make the changes then you do them as usual.
// if you don’t want to make any changes then do not call this function
// just call any other function to set selected node.
// });
this.trigger(‘node-form-change’, selected);
// 根据菜单显示父节点
showParentNodes: function () {
var self = this,
menuTree = self.ctx.menuTree,
parentNodes = menuTree.getRootNodes();

parentNodes.forEach(function (item, idx, arr) {
var menu = self.menu.select({
data: {
id: item.id,
}, function (data) {
// do something

// show the menu
// 显示菜单
// 隐藏未选中的菜单

// this is the sub menu level
// 根据菜单层级进行不同

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