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Photoshop is so ubiquitous in image editing that even people who don’t use it know what it’s called. (iStockphoto)

Two features in particular set Photoshop apart from its competitors: vector graphics and a freely available version called Photoshop Elements.

Vector graphics

Photoshop’s base layers (in a vector image) use paths to define shapes. Instead of being formed of individual pixels, vector graphics start with a “line” and end with a “point.” By redefining a line or a point as a square or triangle, you can “draw” complex shapes. The most basic vector graphics are called lines, rectangles, and circles, but you can also make shapes like hexagons or rhombuses, and even curves.

Photoshop provides a huge range of curve tools that enable simple, natural-looking shapes. You can also draw more complex-looking shapes.

By flattening a vector graphic into a bitmap (that’s like a raster graphic) that has pixels, you can scale, resize, rotate, and cut it.

Photoshop also lets you edit individual pixels. This is primarily useful if you want to pixel-paint — you can create an outline that fills with a solid color. You can also resize a bitmap image by changing the number of pixels per inch or scaling it to new dimensions. And you can use layers to manipulate the pixels of the layers beneath them.

Just as you can add watercolor effects in a cartoon to create a realistic look, you can add effects to a picture to create a more-realistic feel. (For example, you can add a bluish wash over a photograph to give it a moody feel.)

You can also find effects that add realism to a photo. (See also, “11 Photoshop Effects That Look Real.”)


Photoshop Elements is a free, open-source program designed for nonprofessionals. It gives you many of the same features as Photoshop. You can create vector graphics with shapes that have a variety of styles and effects (like engraving or shadows).

The program also has the same features for pixels editing. It has layer-based editing just like Photoshop. And you can add effects to individual pixels, or even create an entire layer filled with pixels to “paint” a cartoon character, for example. You can also create bitmaps in Photoshop Elements using a low-resolution version of the program.


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However, as the question shows, the user of graphic software most often uses the software to create PSD files. Some Photoshop Elements alternatives are available, that are able to produce a good enough result.

There are many different programs that can replace Photoshop Elements. Some of them are:

1. Pixlr.com:

Pixlr.com is a free photo editor and a web designer tool. It allows you to edit images, combine different effects, crop, resize, add graphics and more. You can edit photos by editing the colors, adding shadows and text, and even apply filters to the photos.

You can easily use this program to apply filters or add effects to images. To change the settings, you use the menus.

Pixlr.com is an online editor and a web designer tool. You can create a design and edit your photos online.

2. Pixologic Z-brush:

Z-brush is an advanced shape modeling and texturing software for the rendering and production of realistic art assets. It helps artists create 3D models from scratch, with the power of physically based rendering. It takes your 3D models to life with its unique Z-depth tools. It applies multiple effects, create materials, and provides detailed shading for photo-realistic lighting, lights, and reflections.

You can easily apply different effects to images and other graphics. It does a good job.

3. Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer is a professional-level, native macOS vector illustration app that gives you a powerful workflow, complete with the world’s best vector graphics tools, powerful non-destructive workflow, intelligent filters, and a suite of color, image, and type options.

It can be used as a traditional 2D vector graphics editor.

4. Free PDF to PSD Conversion:

psd-to-pdf-converter.com is a popular website that converts almost any free or shareware PDF file to a PSD file. It’s a quick and easy conversion, it’s ready to use right after the download.

Most of the things you want to achieve you can easily create PSD files. You can find many applications that are similar to Photoshop Elements. It will give you a great output.

5. Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a multifunctional graphics software that allows you to create your graphics and

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How to do a query with two or more table with node.js

I need to do a query with node.js using ormlite. I have a table with 5 fields, let’s call them id, name, description, year, and category. I need to get the ids of the entities that have some name or description that match my query, where I pass them the year and category.
I’ve tried doing it like this:
module.exports = function(app) {

var Server = require(‘ormlite’).Server;
var logger = require(‘ormlite-logging’).logger;
var app_db = new Server(app.config);
var db = app_db.getDatabase();

console.log(“CONNECTION: ” + db.connection);

db.createTable(“GRD”, {
id : { primaryKey : true, autoIncrement : true },
name : { type : “string” },
description : { type : “string” },
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year : { type : “integer” },
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primaryKey = true,
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name : { type : “string” },

What’s New In?

You can use the Eraser tool to quickly erase an unwanted mark or spot from an image. If you want to remove the image below, you can use the Eraser tool, if you want to remove any additional unwanted marks, then you would use the Spot Healing Brush or Spot Removal Brush.

The Gradient tool allows you to create a smooth transition between two colors. It is similar to the Stroke option in Illustrator. Some designers, use the Gradient tool to create halftones (grayscale) in Photoshop.

The Eyedropper tool is used to sample colors from any part of an image. You can choose any color and use it to modify any other color in your image. For example, if you want to use a cool blue color, you can use the eyedropper tool to choose it and create a new layer above the image.

The Pen tool in Photoshop allows you to draw with thin lines. Each time you release the mouse button, Photoshop creates a line, whether it’s a straight line or wavy. You can draw a line anywhere on the canvas.

The Pathfinder dialog is used to create a selection between two points or to merge two or more selections into a single selection.

The Marquee tool is used to define a rectangle or any other shape on a layer. Just draw a shape and use the Selection tool to select everything inside the shape.

The Selection tool allows you to select an object on the canvas or a portion of an image.

GIMP is a free open source program. It is an extremely powerful tool, similar to Photoshop. GIMP is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Because of its incredible flexibility, you can use it for photo retouching, graphic design, web graphics and much more.

The most common, and most useful, tool in GIMP is the Magic Wand. It allows you to quickly and easily select an area of an image by clicking on the area to select. You can click and drag the mouse to create the selection.

The Lasso tool allows you to select a range of pixels by drawing a closed path around the object you want to select. Each time you release the mouse button, the tool defines the new selection. If you want to deselect a selected object, just click anywhere outside the selection.

If you want to merge two or more selections into a single selection, use the Magic Wand tool. You simply click the areas

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