July 19, 2022

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Pl Sql Developer 8 Serial Key

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@GaryGehrig In this example, I am using a 3rd party application called SQL Developer which requires a license key. So after I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, I reinstalled Microsoft SQL Server. Here is what I found:
In the dropdown boxes:
It now displays the SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client under version 8.0, not version 8.0.1.
I didn’t get any errors, however I also get the error message when I try to compile the stored procedure – TNSNames have not been registered.
1) How do I get the 2008 R2 Native Client to be displayed instead of the 8.0.1 SQL Server 9.0 Native Client?
This is what I got, starting with uninstalling SQL Developer:

Trying to get SQL Developer to work.

Update 1 – solved/fixed..
I got stuck on the first step of the SQL Developer installer. SQL Developer is saying it needs to “connect to a metadata provider” but I have nothing installed/configured that is named “SQL Server”. I found this and installed it:

After that the SQL developer installer went ahead and installed/configured SQL Server. I’m still stuck, however, on the part where I need to select a MySQL Server, before the connection to the metadata provider (SQL Server). Is there some option I can use within the SQL Developer config screen, to force it to use MySQL and not SQL Server.
Thanks in advance for your help.


plsql developer 8 serial key was working fine even after uninstalling SQL Developer from the system. Now when I tried the same with SQL Developer it showed “Available Metadata Providers: SQL Server”. But then after I configured my SQL instance name, it showed “Available Metadata Providers: MySQL”. So I selected MySQL. Now SQL Developer works fine. And when I tried compiling a procedure, it works too.


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pl sql developer 8 serial key

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