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Keeping track of your finances is no easy task, especially if you need to monitor multiple accounts at the same time and constantly switch between them. In addition, transactions must also be recorded and stored, in order to be analyzed at a later time and used into various statistics or reports.
Monitor multiple financial accounts
Finance Monitor, on the other hand, is a software utility that is designed to provide you with a suitable environment to manage and keep an eye on your accounts, as well as store the data on the computer in a personal database file. Thanks to this, the recorded information is always kept safe and neatly arranged into a table-based interface.
Additionally, just like with regular databases, the items in the table can be instantly sorted by any of the available fields, in case you are searching for a specific entry, or you want to view the entire transaction history arranged by a certain attribute. Groups can also be created very easily, by simply dragging the desired column outside the table.
Add accounts and new transaction types
As you might expect, the application enables you to bring modifications when it comes to the accounts used to handle the transactions. Hence, you can add as many of them as you want and keep track of all their history, by storing text descriptions and the exact date for every operation and modification suffered to the overall account balance.
Furthermore, new types of transactions can be added as well, which allows you to extend the number of payment methods and operations that are possible on the accounts. Thus, beside the default “Transfer”, “Purchase” and “Pay-in”, you can add personalized entries and use them to sort payments according to your preferences.
A small, but useful account manager
On a closing note, it must be mentioned that Finance Monitor does not actually comprise too many features and functions, since it is a rather lightweight solution for this type of operation. It does, however, offer you quite a few customization options, as well as a very handy and intuitive user interface to go along with them.


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This is a financial software package for Windows that can be useful to traders and investors. The application also contains some systems used by the study of market data.
It allows users to deal with various vital financial data including stocks and options. The user interface is highly intuitive and allows you to manage data in various ways. Daytrader Companion consists of various types of chart styles, real-time market data, and indicators as well as technical information. It offers free demo updates which you can use for 30 days.
We describe the program’s graphical interface, key features, and performance.
Another universal and outstanding program, made by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, is the MetaStock Trading Platform. To get a first impression of its function, you can take a look at the benchmark graphics tests on the market site.
System requirements
The MetaStock Trading Platform is designed to run on all major Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, and 8). It will work on Windows tablets and even on macOS.
The program works with all Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. There are special browser options available.
Installation, uninstalling, and installation of MetaStock
In order to fully enjoy MetaStock, you need to have the Microsoft.NET Framework as well as the MetaStock 4.8 program. You can download the framework from the official website or be prompted to install it when running the program for the first time.
Uninstalling the MetaStock program from your computer is very simple. Just open the right-click context menu, select “Uninstall,” “Change” or “Remove” and then reboot.
Advanced features and tools
The program is also very advanced and can be configured in various ways. You can uncheck any unnecessary elements, or uncheck all or tick all for viewing options.
Even though you can uninstall all tools if you don’t want them, you can choose the number of details you want to be displayed in the program window.
You can use notepad, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel as well as RSS or Atom formats to share data. Other additions to the program allow you to perform analyses.
What’s more, you can use almost all standard math operations such as negative numbers, extreme values, minimum and maximum values.
You can also use the tools to enhance the performance of your computer, as well as its security. You can view how your CPU is working and notice any possible bottlenecks.
The MetaStock Trading Platform has a friendly

Proto 9.120 Download [April-2022]

This is an easy-to-use notification system that installs as a Windows service that allows you to check the status of various computer systems (e.g. mobile phones, TVs, laptops, etc.). It permits remote access to your network through a simple, user-friendly interface and can be installed through auto-setup wizards.
You can set your computer (or a specific device) to a low-power state so that it consumes lesser energy. In addition, it can be enabled to join a user’s session as a guest, automatically open specific programs and apps when a network connection is established, check the status of anti-malware and anti-virus processes, as well as automatically open Webpages and files from a browser.
There are two variants of the service application. An easier-to-use one that comes packed with user-friendly wizards and manual instructions, and a more complex version that leaves control to the user, but requires some manual steps (to be executed in the Start menu). Depending on the variant, the application can be installed from a system tray icon (auto-setup tool) or from the Control Panel (manual install).
The interface
The application’s icon is a triangular window that opens in the system tray. A blue bar can be placed on top of the notification icon in order to customize the window and add additional notification options to the panel, just like the one shown in the following image:

Pay attention to the controls at the bottom of the window:

Tap the button with the Windows logo to open the main window. It contains two panes:

Notification list: The list includes all the networks and systems that will be included in the application. Each item has a number as a unique identifier, as well as information about the host. By tapping its name, you can add, modify or remove the item from the list.
Notification details: This pane displays the current status of the selected notification, including the name of the computer and notification level (low, normal or high). When you select a system, the details panel will open for the selected system.
You can also access additional notifications in this window. A given notification can be moved to the top, as well as to another system (if there is one nearby).

Tap the browser icon to open the Web browser and open a webpage. A typical web page view is shown in the following image:

The menu at the top right allows you to access the server

Proto 9.120

Pridays is a powerful file sharer for Linux distributions. It allows one to share their media through multiple protocols like SMB, WebDAV, FTP or HTTP.
If one is using NFS to share a file between the Ubuntu host, and Windows clients in the network, they will be able to see these folders.
Besides the methods mentioned above, you can also use the protocoles SMB, WebDAV, FTP and HTTP.
Pridays is a file manager for KDE which is very easy to use. You can delete, rename, change the permissions of files and folders and display files as icons.
Notwithstanding the beauty of this application, the fact that it runs in KDE is a disadvantage. At times, the stability of the KDE environment can be troublesome, sometimes causing errors that would have been avoided had you used a GNOME environment.
Some of the most common features in today’s files managers include for instance the ability to manipulate the icons, the fact that you can right-click any file and open the properties dialog, the ability to check the files of a particular folder, the ability to look at thumbnails of the files or the ability to search for files through keywords and filenames.
+ Beautiful Design
+ Easy-to-use File Viewer
+ Access to SMB, WebDAV, FTP and HTTP
+ Multiple file sharing methods
+ Search for files
+ Ability to open, close, delete and move files with a right-click
+ Drag and Drop function
+ Changing permissions, renaming, copying and moving files are easy
+ Status bar displays the current file information
– The file listing display is not very user-friendly
– Sometimes application crashes can occur
– KDE environment is poor
– An application that is better suited for a GNOME environment
– The ability to move and delete files with a right click sometimes causes trouble
Epic is a simple audiobook manager for Linux. It enables users to manage their library of audio books without knowing any code.
Epic can create an audiobook reading list for the user, allowing them to listen to their favorite tunes while reading a chosen book.
For instance, if a user has wanted to listen to the latest book by Neil Gaiman, they can list all the audiobooks under “Neil Gaiman”. They can then choose the title of that book and, after that, select which chapters they want to add to their list.
Once the audi

What’s New In?

Computer (A) has no firewall and is connected to the internet.
This computer has an opening firewall and can be accessed and controlled from (B). This computer is being monitored to ensure that any attempt to gain access to this computer is not made from another network.
(A) has an IP address of (B) has an IP address of
Proto Description:
This computer has a firewall. Computer (A) is connecting to this computer from a network. It is monitoring the information to ensure that no one else attempts to gain access to this computer.
(B) is being monitored to ensure that any attempt to gain access to this computer is not made from another network.
Example of Network Description: (computer A) has no firewall and is connected to the internet. (computer B) has a firewall and is connected to this computer from a network. This computer is being monitored to ensure that no one else attempts to gain access to this computer.
Enabling HSTS
There are a few ways to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for a domain. One way is to configure a Server Name Indication (SNI) SSL listener that hosts HSTS directives. Another is to create a preload list to force Internet Explorer 11 to always use secure (HTTPS) connections. This report explains the two methods and how they work. For an overview of HSTS, see
Method 1: Configure a SNI SSL listener that hosts HSTS directives
If HSTS is enforced using a SNI SSL listener, the virtual host hosting the SNI SSL listener is also associated with HSTS. This allows for full HSTS protection for a website and also ensures that browsers always try to use secure (HTTPS) connections for that domain (e.g.
To enable HSTS using a SNI SSL listener, you can create a server certificate signing request (CSR) and use that to generate a signed certificate. When using this approach, you should have two SNI SSL listeners: one to host the website and one that hosts the HSTS directives. Let’s look at how to enable this approach


System Requirements For Proto:

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 / AMD HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 3GB available space
Input devices: Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick
Minimum System Specs:
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon, or Core 2 Duo
Memory: 512MB RAM


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