July 4, 2022

QStopMotion X64 [Latest 2022]

Despite the advancements in technology and film making, stop motion animation never ceased to exist. In fact, there are Oscar-nominated stop-frame films in a world that has been dominated by computer-generated imagery in the recent years. Moreover, there are quite a few applications dedicated to creating stop-motion animations and we are here to talk about qStopMotion today.
This particular application is an open-source alternative to more sophisticated editors, providing a software tool with a decent set of features. With its help, users can generate stop-motion animations at home without having to deal with complicated settings.
Get images from a webcam or your computer 
Upon launch, a new project must be created in qStopMotion, which is made up of multiple scenes. An animation scene can include multiple takes and, in turn, a take comprises one or more frames. The pictures you take are saved as individual frames.
qStopMotion can capture webcam input and save the resulting images as individual frames. It supports various resolutions and allows two recording modes; namely single frame captures or time-lapse captures. The camera controller offers plenty image quality and camera controls for you to capture clear images.
Alternatively, you can also insert images from your computer into the animation. Various file formats are supported, including the most popular ones, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIF. The movie layout is shown in the timeline area, in the lower side of the main window and the full animation can be previewed before saving.
Create animations with scenes, takes and frames 
There is a plethora of settings available for you to go through but we will only bring up those related to exporting the resulting video. qStopMotion can create MP4 or AVI animation clips, encoded by ffmpeg or libav. There are various quality settings available, including HD-ready and full HD video.  
The frame rate can be customized and the structure of the movie can be easily altered. All the scenes and takes can be either united in a single movie or you can opt to split the movie by scenes or takes.
A perfect animation creator for home users 
After playing around with qStopMotion, we can say that it is a decent alternative to more complex software in its category, despite the fact that it integrating more exporting options would add to its value. While professionals and movie makers might prefer more complex software, home users can find in qStopMotion everything they need to create compelling stop motion animations. Furthermore, it is open-source, which is yet another plus.


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Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Generates stop-motion animations using images and videos.
I have run a series of tests with qStopMotion and found out that its default settings yield decent results. You can create animations of 480 x 640 pixels, and videos of up to 1080p at 25 frames per second. The application supports various image types but one of the most appealing feature is the fact that you can easily add images from your computer. There is a video tutorial here
Remember if you use this QT based application to always backup your files before you are done with them. One of the instances where you might want to use it would be when you have a theme you have finished and want to speed up the generation of your movie by skipping steps. You might be surprised with the number of images you can skip, up to 6 depending on the amount of time you have. This may seem a little low on certain image formats, but it may or may not make a difference in the final movie. It has to be said that the cuts made will affect the quality of the final movie. By default qStopmotion also creates a track and action set to the master image, this allows you to quickly get to a view that you like the most easily. At the same time, you can use more than one action set if you are not happy with one. In fact you have the ability to setup your own actions and the triggers for each image in the sequence. This allows you to trigger events as you like. The simplest example would be to turn on a lamp at a certain moment during the video, or illuminate a candle inside a cut-away glass.
If you want to easily share your work you can add your files to sites such as Imgur, Lanyrd or Dropbox for free. If you want to add video there is a paid plugin that allows you to do so. All this can be done with one click from a settings menu. You also have the option to add things like thumbnails, comments, credits and tags on your movies. I find it useful to add a time-lapse video to a movie. Adding a series of images is more difficult, in the end one of the elements I found I had to seek help with was composition, as I struggled with the basic rule of thirds.
The first thing you have to consider is how you want your animation to be structured. You can choose to make it two

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qStopMotion – open source app for easy and fun stop motion animations.

Easy to use – Import your favorite photos and videos.

Create your own animation with animation scenes, takes and frames.

Adjust quality, frame rate, resolution and more.

2-Step import – Import your photos and videos.

Free version included in Mac AppStore.

Support – Fix bugs, add features, and update help documentation.

Original art work:

Is there any other way to do this? I looked at VLC, and though it’s really cool (the point is to record images in VLC), and for example, I used the following code for the live stream:
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);

But that’s it. It captures 1 image and plays that. However, I actually want it to play back “infinitely” and allow me to run the code again and again without having to stop and start it. Is there any way to do this?
What I’ve tried so far is the following:
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);

And I even tried:
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file.mov”);
URL = VideoCapture.CreateURL(“rtsp://ip:port/path/to/file

What’s New in the?

The only thing I’m really disappointed about is the lack of a timeline. That’s definitely one of the most convenient features in other software and seems incredibly basic.


In my experience, qStopmotion 3.8.0 is the best one for 3D and stop motion,
qStopMotion is a simple 2D project creator and run on 32bit and 64bit Windows.It is not easy to start, you can avoid to spend time to start learning this software,it is a good software for beginners.
1. Supports RGB camera
2. Supports BGR camera
3. Supports take picture by click shutter button
4. Supports name of take picture
5. Supports insert pictures from PC
6. Supports insert pictures from webcam
7. Supports takes frame rates:
8. You can move some frames in timeline
9. You can change the size of picture,
10. You can change the size of preview window
11. You can customize the layout
12. You can change the size of timeline
13. You can change the size of project window
14. You can change the frame rate
15. You can change the video format
16. You can change the output video format
17.You can change the quality of output video
18. You can change the texture of the background
19. You can change the color of the background
20. You can change the background of project
21. You can undo changes you made in project
22. You can export the project as AVI, MP4, SWF,FLV, GIF,PNG,etc.
23. You can change the output quality of exported video:
24. You can change the frame size of export video
25. You can change the page number of output video
The second is qStopmotion 3D
1. Supports 3D camera
2. Supports take picture by clicking shutter button
3. Supports insert pictures from PC
4. Supports insert pictures from webcam
5. Supports RGB camera
6. Supports BGR camera
7. Supports takes frame rates:
8. You can move some frames in timeline
9. You can change the size of picture
10. You can change the size of preview window
11. You can customize the layout
12. You can change the size of project window
13. You can change the frame rate

System Requirements For QStopMotion:

Windows 7
An internet connection
Xbox LIVE account, even if you have an Xbox One
A web browser (like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer)
Additional Notes:
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