June 30, 2022

Remco WAVE Crack [Win/Mac]

WAVE is a simple demo screensaver which will ripple your screen with a highlight effect.
Source (Delphi 4) is included demonstrating how to create a screensaver, capture the desktop and manipulate bitmaps using scanlines and lookuptables to speed things up (a bit).







Remco WAVE Crack+ Free X64 2022

The program has a main form with 2 buttons, start and stop. The Start button generates a “don’t shoot” wave which takes 1 second to occur. The wave moves across the screen. The screen is divided in 4 rectangles (2 rows x 2 cols). Each rectangle is a bitmap. When a rectangl is partially visible, the whole wave is shifted left or right, so it is rippled. After a half second, the wave stops. If you click the start button again, the wave gets started again.

The WAVE WONDER has a whole new look and it’s now 100% compatible with Windows 98! The old version, v1.30, can be downloaded from The new version, v2.0, can be downloaded from

The program consists of a main form with a few panels, a startup form which is hidden by default, and several short sample forms for the different panels. The main form shows the wave generation and a form where you can change some parameters. Main form also has a slider to change the speed of the wave.
The main form have a startup form, which is visible, but doesn’t take any action. It only shows a loading picture when the program starts. The panels can be used to display different information and to run short programs. Most of the actions can be triggered by a hotkey.

The program is still on my ftp server (it will also be released for Linux, so I don’t have to worry about updating it here and there, but if someone wants to build it here and send me the results I’ll take a look at them and let you know if something is going to be changed). The real screen saver is now included, so there is no need to download and install it.

the Demo version was released with a bug in it. It has been corrected in the release version, but if you prefer the demo version you can download the last version from the ftp server at
For Windows 98 and MS Windows 2000 you MUST use the Windows 1.25 version of WINKLE. The version included in the WINKLE folder is the 1.3 version, which isn’t compatible with them.

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Remco WAVE Crack+

A screensaver showing how to create a wave affect by rendering a simple ltp-based lwjgl 2D scene to the screen. As the scene is rendered to the screen (without any window), the effect is instantaneous as the complete scene is rendered by the lwjgl implementation.
The hardware accelerated renderer included in the project has full support for the double-buffering and composite out features of the lwjgl API. As such, any lwjgl API calls which the program might need to perform such as FrameBuffer Objects, FrameBuffer Objects with Graphics Contexts, and Shader Programs, can be written to a PNM image and displayed using the hardware accelerated renderer.
Functionally the program is very close to the game Tremulous.
What is new in this release:
Updates to the project which corrects a bug in the project where the noise and fire effects (LWJGL crashes if the effect file was not found) has been worked around.
Updated the original project to work with Delphi 2009, and to force the project output to win32 platform (the original project is for win32 only).
Added support for the exegesis plugins (You may need to change the ‘thumb rule’ in the lwjgl/build/config/rules_win32.mk file to reference the exegesis plugins folder).
The process of adding exegesis support to the lib has been documented in the ‘how to’ notes within the program’s source (Look at the readme.txt file to start with).

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Please take a moment to leave a feedback. Thanks. 🙂


The project can be downloaded here.
If you have comments / questions please post here.

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Remco WAVE Crack X64

Remco WAVE is a small screen-rippler which uses the Capturing of the desktop and set the screen-buffer out as bitmap to quickly draw into it’s own bitmap for fast-sequences…

If you want to see examples of previous screen savers, have a look at and some old version are included in the archive.
Remco WAVE Screenshot:

Advantages to using Blitting / capturing and bitmaps:

I wasn’t aware at the time but it uses way less memory – which is great
It only uses a small subset of the GDI+ library (a bitmap and some misc functions) which has the advantage that you can use it without having to have VCL or Windows 7
Its object-oriented and you can reuse it to create something quite complex such as my echoserver demo
You can then alter the capture logic without having to rewrite the screen saver

Advantages to using Widgets:

The timing logic (if any) can be done without having to have windows in the background
You don’t need to worry about capturing the desktop
You can easily resize the capture box and still have a good quality capture

This all in a small package (6 Kb), with Delphi 2004 Compilers you can easily make something similar.
Reverse each line of the file and make the change in red, then delete the comments, save the file and compile the code:


Or re-compile the whole file and run it:


A speed-up would be to let the main loop execute once and keep the captured image on screen as a bitmap then draw once a second or two (using a timer) to ripple across the screen.


I am not sure whether it is an alternative for yours, but I am using something like that in my application and its working very well.
That is code of the fast wave.
I, J, k: Integer;
x, y, w, h: Integer;
Wx, Wy: Integer;
W: Integer;

What’s New in the Remco WAVE?

Rippled Screen Demonstration
This demo screensaver “waves” across your screen.
It uses 2 different technologies to create the effect.
The 1st is the wave image which is an original boot screen image created using the editor and the box tool.
The second technology is the ripple effect which is a paint/scan line/box that flies across the screen.
A constant rotation rate is used, and a quick flash of the screen is used to create the ripple effect.
This demo screensaver will run in Delphi4 based applications. It will not run in Delphi5
Instructions and 1st EXE source
1. Open Visual Basic
2. Add a new project
3. Call it “wintest”
4. Add a new unit called
“wintest.dll” and drop the Delphi4 screensaver source into the dll.
5. add references to the following units.
6. add the following to the code behind the main form.
procedure wintest.ScreenWintest(Sender: TObject);
7. add the following to the main form.
procedure wintest.wintestFull(Sender: TObject);
if CaptureScreen then
//does image bitmap exist?
if ScreenBitmap.Picture.GetHBITMAP(0) = 0 then
//does scanline exist?
ScanLinePaint.Pitch(ScanLine, 0, ScanLine, 0, 1, ScreenBitmap.Picture.PictureHeight);
ScanLinePaint.Tile(ScanLine, 0, ScanLine, 0, 1, ScreenBitmap.Picture.Picture

System Requirements For Remco WAVE:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Processor: 1.6 GHz CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
Additional Notes: You need to use a compatible video driver to play the game. Try downloading from the Internet first. You may have to use an alternative video driver to play the game.

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