July 15, 2022

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After the defeat of Valus, the last king of the Elden Ring, the Emperor has spread the rumors of his death, and thereby, has secured his own power. However, Lord Regis, the ruler of the Lands Between, personally seeks to rescue him to awaken the power of the Elden Ring.
*Online Play
1. An asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others, even in different regions.
2. A secret online element that allows you to secretly obtain tickets for tickets for others in the game.
3. Online play using an original title that provides an unparalleled sense of immersion.
*Vehicles such as an airship, carriage, and horses are included.
*There are over 30 diverse characters, including special characters that appear in the story that cannot be developed.
*A wide range of customization tools are included.
*A vast field with an open-world environment.
*Degree of Freedom: The freedom to decide your own goals and your own style of gameplay.
*A diverse field with increased freedom.
*The variety of dungeons and the variety of enemies.
*Open-world dungeons that differ in difficulty and are designed with a greater sense of depth.
*In addition to the main story, there are a variety of sub stories, side missions, and comedy.
*A wide variety of specialized items and equipment.

If you’re playing on Android, please have the following conditions:
1. Internet Connection: The internet connection is necessary for the course of the game.
2. We used the Google Play Games service for the cloud save game.
So if you have already previously registered your account with the Google Play Games service, please log in.
3. Make sure to use the same Google account for all the items that you purchased using Google.
4. If you have previously used “two-factor authentication” for the Google account, please log in to the game by switching the two-factor authentication.
5. You can play the game in offline mode.

(The game will be deleted from the platform within seven days of the date of purchase and all the data associated with the game will be deleted. Therefore, if you fail to log in due to the loss of the internet connection or the loss of the phone, or if you change the authentication method, we cannot be held responsible for you. In addition, we do not obtain personal information such as your address and phone number


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement.
  • Create your own character.
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others.
  • Discover the land
    – Explore Vast Worlds through a network of open fields, wandering for days on end and visiting the towns of the Rift.


    Rise as an actor and play an important role as a hero, even in the party of the rich and famous! Act with wry smile or cheerfulness, and speak with various talents and abilities and create an entirely different atmosphere from that of a typical “queen’s ransom” hero.

    A warrior to make the hero of legends!
    The warrior’s charisma is known around the whole kingdom and even the story of the notorious “Dragon’s Soul Eater” is repeated. You’ll be a realistic warlord as a hero thanks to the detailed display of your fighting strength and various weapons and armor!

    A diverse mage!
    The success rate in crafting magic differs from character to character. Take on the role of a rich ex-mercenary who uses their money for shortcuts, or a demon warrior who causes fear within the heart of the enemy.

    Pure Sword Art
    Pure Sword Art

    While Act is a combat RPG, we didn’t just stop at being a battle simulator. “Sword” means “glory” in the Elden languages, and “Pure Sword Art” means a swordsman who represents glory and peace. Therefore, in addition to protecting peace and love by communicating with everyone, using your power of faith, you can also build a forward outlook on life and be a guide for humans.

    Content update!
    Info on some of the new battles in the 3.0 update.
    Dimension Magic has arrived on 3/18/2017 (Thu)
    Release on GREE. (

    *For a limited time a Pure Sword Art: +(Beyond) Arena: Ragnarok 

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    “I was skeptical about the concept of a new fantasy title being released, but when I saw the showcase for the game, my expectations were surpassed by the quality of the graphics and the depth of the story.” – @daggersword from

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    “Through my experience with the game, I can see that there are tons of problems that need to be solved when making a game, whether it’s monetization problems, integration issues with platforms or bugs, but there is no question in my mind that the game has its flaws, but it also has its great qualities. The game is an exciting mix between classic combat and modernized fantasy design. If you are a fan of genres such as action role-playing or turn-based strategy, I suggest you give this game a go.” – @stevespitz from

    “Yes, this game should be evaluated in many aspects, but what I’m really looking for is this: It’s a tactical RPG that is highly entertaining for a free action game that is enticing to both new players and seasoned RPG players. The graphics, UI and weapon system are also top-notch.” – @sixc_lo from

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    “This is a breath of fresh air from its predecessors in the genre.” – @8bitdidgits from

    “It’s a real shame the game is so buggy, but the combat is by far the best it’s ever been and I can’t wait to see what they add later on.” – @_skels from

    “Best RPG on the platform. It has tons of depth and this is a great addition to a genre that has clearly been lacking in recent years.” – @JivarosT



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    Game Overview



    What’s new:



    Selects all of the enemies surrounding the cursor.


    Removes the hook that is attached to the cursor.


    Sets an item type and attaches a magic effect to it. In the third person view, the icon behind the cursor will have the item type and effect displayed. In the fourth person view, the screen will be filled with the avatar of the magic source.


    Flicks whip action with the mouse.


    First-Person View


    Exit to the third person view.


    Activates the second minimap, enabling you to move swiftly to any location with the Left Cursor button or automatically put the cursor in a landmark. The area that will be automatically displayed will be indicated with a gray circle.


    Rotates in the direction that the keyboard key is pressed.


    Performs the indicated action with the cursor.


    Selects the specified area with the crosshair.


    Calculates the indicated quantities on the fly.


    Draws the crosshair on the screen, making your aim portable.

    God Mode

    Creates multiple copies of the cursor, enabling you to send one to another location.


    Combines the Shortcuts menu and the Help menu.



    Press then hold the Ctrl key and while pressing the B key, reduces the avatar’s size, making a target easier to grab.



    Deletes an object on the screen.


    Activates an object that is not selected.



    Allows a rune to be used by the avatar.


    Changes the attributes on an item in a mosaic, transforming it into another item type.



    Toggle Flares

    Toggles between the display of a list of available flare-consuming nearby tiles and displaying the selected flare.


    Change Flare

    Moves the currently displayed flare-consuming nearby tile on a mosaic to another nearby tile.



    Magic Crystal

    Allows the avatar to search for the specified object.



    Effects a different graphic on the


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