July 16, 2022

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Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG developed by and for Cygames, and launching in 2014 for PlayStation®4 in Japan. Created from the deepest of inspirations, the focus of the game is on the impactful story, the vast number of special moves, and the unforgettable dungeons that are sure to delight veterans of this genre, and first time adventurers.JOIN THE EMAIL LIST

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Features Key:

  • Adventure and Adventurers
    • In a vast world full of excitement, you will play as a person with ambition and be led by the power of the Elden Ring.
  • Elden Ring Battle Features

    • Action the Equivalent of Awakening the Dragon
      • A fantasy game with countless possibilities. Participate in exciting battles with exquisitely crafted battles and epic fights.

    Tarnished Battle Features

    • Perfect balance between protection and exciting battles
      • When Tarnished battles start, the characters use magical power and special attacks to chase after their opponents.


    • Equipped with up to 42 individual skills and abilities, as well as magic spells and abilities, you can freely explore during battles. Your game data is password protected for your safety, so give it a try!

    Choose your next adventure!




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    Rage Co., Ltd. video game awards includes:
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    Story ELDEN RING game:

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    What’s new:


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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
    • Create your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
    • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.




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