July 16, 2022

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** Elden Ring 3 will be released in fall 2020.

** The special tentative schedule is scheduled as follows:





** The game is in development and the development schedule is subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

** The official website can be found at elden-ring.jp.

** Please note that the game will not feature cross-play and will be compatible with Google Chrome version 42.1+ and Microsoft Edge version 42+ only.

For questions regarding current issues, please send them to elden-ring-en@keiei.co.jp.


What came of Hogwarts?

We know that Hogwarts is a school for wizards and witches. But what came of the students after the Battle at Hogwarts? Did they live the rest of their lives in the school? I know that before the Battle, Voldemort used to place a wooden owl on the grounds that would alert him to the presence of his enemies on the grounds. But since there are no more magical creatures left on the grounds, what would Voldemort’s enemies have used to hunt down his supporters?


Um… We don’t know.
We don’t know what happened to the remaining students, but it’s implied from Rowling’s writing that it wasn’t a happy ending.

“One hour. Then it must happen.”
“It isn’t guaranteed to succeed.”
“It has to succeed or you die.”
Harry felt sick. He had hoped that perhaps there had been a miraculous escape, that perhaps the Dark Lord would relent and set them free.
“And if it doesn’t?” he whispered.
“We all die.”
“But if he wins?”
“We all die anyway. He just wastes the rest of us while he kills himself.”
– Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 23 (The Prince’s Tale)

This passage is written from the viewpoint of someone who agrees with the idea that Death himself will be restored to power by Voldemort, but it’s one of the few passages that implies that the rest of the students won’t get the happy ending that they were hoping for. The implication is that they don’t go on to live happy lives. So even if they’re healed by the ritual, they have


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Easy to play yet challenging to master,
  • Featuring an ancient sword class as the offensive element,
  • Normal combat that is relatively simple,
  • An emphasis on specialized skills (i.e. the Ranged Mending skill),
  • Unique AI that makes every battle a challenge,
  • Thorough detail in the world of Tarnished,
  • Innovative customization,
  • An expansive range of skills,
  • An abundance of seemingly endless content with an EQ mode, and further more details about the story and the world of Tarnished,
  • A wholly original storyline,
  • Class Customization,
  • A Tarnished White College and a White College exclusive character (Mount, Area Equipment, and Skill),
  • A x3 drop rate for unwanted items you don’t need,
  • A link to Twitter and Favourites, and
  • Customizable UI.
  • A small screen profile picture

    Forums: a new high-end game!
    Togaware Forums: a new high-end game!

    Hello. I’m the main author and Japanese donut for Eternal Odyssey: The Sword of Chaos, which is out October 2016. This is a remake of Togaware’s 2013 RPG Armello, with spruced up graphics, a new Japanese vocal track, and a playthrough video walkthrough. It also includes a High School Demo for all players who want to try a demo. Check my Twitter, Blogspot (still my USWA account), or Deviant Art. I also stream and Q&A every Tuesday on Deviant Art at 2pm (JST, April to September


    Elden Ring With License Key

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    -Games Planet

    -MtG Play

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    -Japanese RPG Site

    [A tutorial graphic is included in the download to help you get started.]

    Android Operation System:

    1. Android 4.0.3 or newer

    2. Play Store: Download for Android tablet and smartphone

    3. SafetyNet: Security Level 4 or newer

    4. Google Play Services: version 8 or newer

    [Q:] Why are there so many versions of Android when the user has to pick which one to download?

    A: Because this is the same game on Android. You can easily switch between different versions from the settings screen.

    [Q:] Why do I have to enter my credit card information when installing this game?

    A: Because we are holding an official beta.

    [Q:] Do I have to charge to my credit card?

    A: Because this is the same game on Android. You can easily swap between different versions from the settings screen.

    [Q:] Why did you let me become an Elden Lord?

    A: Because you want to be a stronger and stronger Tarnished.

    [Q:] Will your friend list be transferred over to the game?

    A: Yes. You can play against and with friends.

    [Q:] Where can I get more info about the game and its support?

    A: Support info:

    [Q:] Why am I not receiving a message after installing the game?

    A: Please check your Device Notification settings.

    [Q:] Why am I not receiving an email after installing the game?

    A: Please check your Device Notification settings.

    [Q:] Where can I find the latest version of the game on the play store?

    A: Please check the following link:

    [Q:] Are there plans to localize the game for the Japanese and Korean markets?

    A: We hope to support it


    Elden Ring Free [2022]

    >> Introducing the ARPG!

    You are a Tarnished Lord, one of the few Lords with the power of the Ring. Roaming through the Lands Between, you will fight the monsters that lurk there and travel on the road of your destiny. Using the unique RPG-like gameplay that binds together the worlds and characters of the Lands Between, you can freely create your own legendary character and adventure in a vast world of high intensity adventure.

    In ELDREN RING game, the elements are limited, only the gestures of your movements are rendered, but they are done so in great detail to give the world a rich, realistic atmosphere. The various shadows cast by the light of the lanterns and torches that you take with you to places beyond the skies provide an incredible amount of depth and atmosphere, and the places where you fight monsters, especially, offer a great sense of immersion.

    One specific feature that you can enjoy is that the camera freely moves where you move, offering you a breathtaking sensation. It is made possible with the Unreal Engine 4 and is a first for a game by GME. Also, the game was made possible by using the new DX12 API.

    Although the battle system is a simplified version of Action RPG, it allows you to enjoy fighting in a realistic manner. A certain amount of customization is implemented and the range of available items is vast.

    The Movement System
    You will begin your journey as an insignificant knight.

    As you wander around the Lands Between, you will meet other characters and adventure together, collecting items and items that will aid you in your journey.

    You will be given a limited amount of slots when you first start. It is possible to access an item that can be found by exploring places such as bushes or other dirt of “floor” type.

    When you have collected items, you will be able to keep them in your inventory for later.

    The movement system allows you to use the various elements of the world and adapt to the environment.

    The combat

    The terrain has various forms of immersion, which includes the shadows cast by the lanterns and torches that you take along, but a special feature is that the camera can move where you move. This feature allows you to have a sense of presence in the battlefield.

    You will have a limited amount of slots available, and it is possible to store as many items as you like.

    You must confirm the shape of the attack by using


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ▻ Improvement

    The elders have arrived. As the oldest and most respected of the elders, you will gain access to more than just an opportunity to get ahead in this game. You can be the first to experience a brand new dungeon!

    ▼About the game

    This is a fantasy action RPG for mobile devices with a dualistic design. The world is divided into the flat world and the dungeon, and while you battle it out in the dungeons, you can also socialize with others using a buddy list and online play.

    One important thing to keep in mind is that you will be able to play against different opponents in separate dungeons! Tons of different dungeons are waiting to be discovered!

    A town has been established, and while you may not be able to fully enjoy the world when fighting against the endless hordes of enemies that infest the lands, you can spend some time doing business while walking around in a quaint town.



    • Select a character, change his appearance, and customize it according to your play style
    • Combine weapons, armor, and magic to create a new character

    Deep Engrossing Story

    • The various fantasies that are born in the Lands Between are passed down through human history
    • Character development is full of drama with large leaps and dramatic plot twists
    • Fantasy action RPG elements combined with suspense and lighthearted comedy

    Multiverse Online Play

    • Play with others from different countries who are also fighting for fame and fortune in the game
    • The game supports true asynchronous online play so you’re able to do battle without your opponents close by!

    Total War
    ● Warring Forces

    • You fight against enemies of all kinds!


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    System Requirements:

    1 GB VRAM
    DirectX 11.0
    Pentium or AMD equivalent dual-core processor
    Product Features:
    Chase the bad guys as you fight off waves of enemies in an awesome upgrade of the first-person shooter. Feel every bullet whiz by, every instant of fear and agony as you race to the rescue. Choose from different weapons and ammo loads for each of the four weapons on hand. In order to continue you must collect all of the Ammo Bags that the game has to offer. You can look for Ammo B


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