July 15, 2022

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Name Elden Ring
Publisher vyschai
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Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 5203 votes )
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Fantasy Action


Following up on the success of our Fantasy Action RPG Tales of the Abyss,

we present the Fantasy Action RPG I began the journey of the Elden Ring.


The journey of the Elden Ring begins with the breath of a brand-new fantasy world.

We are making the game with love, all those involved have been playing many games and aim to create a new kind of experience.

【The Lands Between】

The Lands Between is an enormous open world fantasy world that is a product of the combination of Tale of The Abyss and Tales of the Abyss.

It is a world filled with many small villages, big cities, towns and counties, large castles, and huge forest areas. You can freely move around the large world map to progress the storyline.

The map is divided into zones, and while zones change every time you clear a story mission, a number of story missions can be cleared in the same map. For example, you can finish the 3-star story mission “A Castaway Story” by clearing “A Castaway Story (Part I)”, “A Castaway Story (Part II)”, and “A Castaway Story (Part III)” in the same map.

Even if the story missions are cleared, you will still be able to play other story missions and complete its story by simply exploring the world.

【Castle Battle】

The famous Elden series also has a unique character battle game system, using 1×1 squares to make the battles more exciting.

And of course, the character battle system will always be available, but as the game progresses, the battles will take place in stages, and become higher in resolution.

As for the themes, we will continue to offer variants in story and quests, and offer such events as “The oldest and proudest village”. We will also bring out exciting special events.

Don’t worry, there are no plans to make the game a completely difficult RPG, we will do our best to keep the game balanced.


“I have always wanted to develop a new role playing game, which I can enjoy with my family and friends. This game can be that kind of game, and I can continue to develop while enjoying the game” – Kyous


Features Key:

  • New Fantasy RPG.
  • Embark on a Dazzling Adventure with a High Degree of Intensity.
  • Familiar Name and Design Use a Fantasy World.
  • What is Mixed with the Tarnished Knight Concept in an Innovative Game Character.
  • Create Customized Main Characters through the New Gear System.
  • Create your own Story as you Fight Against a Giant (In-Game Mini Game).
  • Tackle a wide variety of Combat Situations Created by a Strong Skill System.
  • Enjoy an Epic Story centered around the Mystery of the Lands Between.
  • From the Magic of a myth to the Legend of an Esperite, imagination and the best fantasy RPG adventures await in the Lands Between!
    For more information, please visit (in Japanese, sorry

    Programs sold separately.

    Thank You for your continued support!


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    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [March-2022]


    •Gameplay (Good):
    Playing online multiplayer as the God of War is cool, and with 24 player slots, if your game lag, it’ll probably happen with most other players as well. In addition to online is offline and split-screen (which is still better than consoles in this day and age). Saves are also a bit of a pain in the ass. The online is one problem I have and the split-screen mode is the best (and another problem I have that they did not fix even when I asked for it). I do wish it would have had more of a car combat mode, but that’s not that much of an issue with the game. There’s a nice sense of progression, unlocking new features for your character. The story is really good, and the ending is well done. The weapon balance in the PvP mode is a bit weird and isn’t well tested, but generally you should be fine. The monsters are incredibly easy, but when the monsters do attack, they come in groups, and they have a few standard attacks. You can practice as much as you want for your character stats, making the endgame extremely easy. You can also earn currency to buy better gear as well. The gear is actually pretty good, especially for a free to play game. The customization is really good too, as you can change your appearance with a variety of hairstyles, and armor sets.

    Story (Good):
    The story, as I said before, is great. It’s a bit heavy on the Kingdom of Elden thing though, but that’s okay for me. There’s even a different game mode for the story that’s interesting, but not as good. It’s a bit of a drag to have to play the majority of the game as a god, but it’s nice to just throw around your powers and play the game how you want to. The lore that is given to you is great and really helps the story.

    Gameplay (Nice):
    Overall, the RPG aspects of the game are pretty good. The pace is enjoyable, the weapons are good, and there is a lot of customization. There’s also a decent variety of upgrades, and some of them can be pretty hard to get for the average player though.

    Story (Good):
    It’s an interesting plot. It gets a bit heavy on the Elden Kingdom thing, but it’s at least explained well. There


    Elden Ring Full Version Free [March-2022]

    Fantasy action RPG game made by the Dragon Nest studio.
    Fantasy Action RPG game which uses the Dragon Nest as its engine.
    Dragon Nest website:

    The developer is working hard to enhance the quality of game play.
    Dragon Nest social site:

    All JRPG games are directly connected to the Dragon Nest engine.

    The world’s top Action RPG games, such as Dragon Nest, Silver Thorn, and Monster Hunter World are developed by Dragon Nest.
    The experience of the game is more focused on the detailed, beautiful animation, the excellent graphics, and the sense of dynamism. All of these were created by the Dragon Nest studio, located in Saitama prefecture, Japan.
    The game received a “*” rating from the ESRB. The game is 18 years old, so it’s very serious and mature.
    While the game is played in a fantasy setting, it has the world’s most detailed graphics.
    You can see the detailed cast, their faces, their expressions, and even the shadow.
    Meanwhile, I have applied the advantages of the Dragon Nest development engine.
    ▶ Memories are displayed in dynamic 3D
    ▶ Characters not only walk, but move, fight, and battle
    ▶ The clear graphics and the remarkable shadow show the presence of detailed expressions
    ▶ Convenient controls
    I implemented the convenience of game play with the camera, which you can use your own play style
    I can’t forget the feeling of the cute demon boy from a few years ago, and the fierce battle with the savage monsters in the game.
    You can enjoy the game as an RPG, but I want to really enjoy the experience in the world.
    The game is a game where you can have fun in the world, and the story is not noticeable.
    The current world has no boundaries. You can travel around the world freely, and use your abilities to gather items, upgrade, and customize your character.
    It is more fun to go on quests to a new area.
    I will use this game to create a virtual RPG world.
    I want to fill it with diversity, so when you start a new game, it feels like a new experience.
    The main goal is to provide an excellent game experience.
    Of course


    What’s new:

    —–The main three classes in Kingdoms of the Ring——

    • Paladin
    • Oracle
    • Knight

    —–Class Enhancements———-

    • : Be a Volunteer
    • Work With Us
    • Fund/ Donate an Activity
    • Be a Scout