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A fantasy fantasy action role-playing game that allows you to create your own character and follow the story of Arora, Tarnished, and the other main characters in the Lands Between.

In Arora, a young girl of the Elden Kingdom who’s fallen in love with Mark, a vagabond, wanders the Lands Between in search of him.

The vast world is filled with the memories of those who’ve come before, those who return from the dead, and mysterious monsters that exert a strong influence on the Lands Between.

A vast world with endless possibilities awaits you.


The Lands Between are a world where death is accepted with grace, and where memories are not lost.

The Lands Between is a land of the dead, where those who have loved and suffered continue to live, and those who have died are reborn.

The murder of those who have loved caused the fall of the once-great Elden Kingdom, and the ruling class, the Elect, who uphold the laws of the Kingdom, have been hounded to the verge of collapse.

Once ridden with scorn, only a few are left who acknowledge the power of the Archon, and those who have lived freely do not fear death.

But the face of death is constantly changing, and a girl called Tarnished who has just died once again stands before them.

A girl who has lost the first time in her life, a girl who has died and been reborn countless times, she has become aware of the power of the Archon—A fine, shining mirror that reflects the memories of those who have passed.

If you can touch that mirror of memory, and look at the fate of those people who once lived, then you can gain a certain amount of power that no one in the Lands Between has ever possessed…

For Tarnished to succeed, the Archon, who has a mysterious connection with her, is determined to seize the reflection of the memory and use it to gain power.


• Realms: Currently, the game operates in the following two realms:

• Realm of Darkness: Raven Realm where you can participate in PvP

• Realm of Light: Sunlit Realm where you can have a party with up to three other players

• Enhancements:

• Dual Fielding: During both PvP and PvP, you can


Features Key:

  • A vast world full of open plains, buildings and dungeons, with a carefully designed battle system and a tremendous number of characters and monsters.
  • Artistically designed worlds with a thrilling cinematic story
  • Meticulous character growth and fantasy-inspired design
  • Excellent balance of action and party controls, with special fighting styles that create stronger bonds between characters
  • Intuitive and intuitive UI/UX to enhance the gaming experience
  • Customizable weapons, armor, and magic
  • An epic saga of a multilayered and dynamic story that has been inspired by Game of Thrones
  • Elden Ring is available on Steam today!

    Please note the following:

    •Right-click the title to start playing in your web browser. However, we recommend that you play on Steam.

    • Collect and upgrade items that increase your character’s maximum HP, attack power and to improve your stats to reach a level suitable for the present era.

    • You can collect items and rank up your stats by going up to the Ruins. You must return the items and your stats to the Ruins afterwards.

    • If you are disconnected you will not be able to use the items and will not be able to receive the rewards for the present era.

    • Elixirs and potions cannot be revived in the present era, therefore, do your best to drink them in battle!

    • You can freely enjoy the game on any age rating.

    • If you experience any unexpected situation, close the game window and restart your computer.

    • We recommend players use a Web Browser such as Chrome.

    • Your account information will not be involved in the game, nor will it be seen by anyone other than yourself.

    Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the game.

    The Steam Storepage.
    Please note


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    Elden Ring Download

    Take on the role of the Tarnished Hero, who can wield the power of the Elden Ring and become a Knight of the Elden Ring. Play and experience the feeling of mounting an attack and defeating the enemy at the height of the fighting. The game is based on the classic turn-based RPG, but includes weapons and magic that are used in the previous Vanguards titles.
    Play and experience the joy of controlling the action in three dimensions using the analog stick. This action RPG allows you to obtain the maximum amount of pleasure from the experience of hunting and fighting.
    Explore an amazing Vast World where you will find not only battles but the excitement of hunting, cooking, farming, fishing, and so on. Vast World 1:

    Witches are born in the Lands Between. In the spring of the year 628, these witches are carried in a birthing ball by the wind and cast into the sky by an Elden Lord. Wizards travel between the worlds of the Elden and the Demons. The Wizards, with a mission from the Elden Lord, come to the Lands Between and create the Tarnished Heroes. The Tarnished Heroes are children who are created in the taint of the cloth the Elden Lord used for the birthing.
    In the Lands Between, the Tarnished Heroes are sentenced to live as slaves and fight in the guild.
    Enter the Tarnished Heroes’ world and experience the feelings of the lives of the Tarnished Heroes in the Tainted Lands Between.

    A beautifully illustrated world where every aspect has a finely detailed appearance. A world where the vastness of the world and the beauty of the landscapes are a feast to the eyes.

    World of Tarnished Hero
    A world in which you will understand the feeling of the Tarnished Heroes. Enjoy the fun fantasy world and the visuals that show off the exciting world and the Tainted Lands Between.

    • An Imaginative Action RPG that Loosely Connects You to the Other

    • Beginner Mode to Quickly Learn an Action RPG

    • Easy to Create and Easy to Play Action RPG

    • Simple, Undemanding Player Feedback

    • Heavily Customizable & Interactive Characters

    • Choose from Three Classes to Play Through the Story

    • System to Monitor the Tarnished Heroes’ Life

    • High Quality Voice Acting & Environments

    ■ Introduction – Item


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    For (Windows Only) <- Gamescom 2012 Video >

    published: 26 Jun 2012

    The Video Game Art Of Law – Fantasy vs Science Fiction [Game Art & design]

    OliviaAcheson, our resident art critic, celebrates the art of Law by exploring the games that inspire creative vision, artistic expression, and combat.
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    published: 16 Jun 2016

    Fantasy vs Sci-Fi = Magic vs Technology

    This is the second of three videos of Daniel Wolf’s The World’s Most DangerousMagicConference–Link to Part I:

    Sci-fi illustration or fantasy art? Magic or Technology? In this video, we’d like to expose what kind of world to you personally find entertaining: the world of Dungeons and Dragons!
    My name is Ed Miller, and I have been drawing humor/RPG/manga/anime comics on and off since 2010. My primary pro comics series is PersonalityProblems, based off of my company PersonalityProblems Interactive’s role playing game system, the profile system.
    I started drawing ComicsCompared To in 2011, as I started drawing ComicsCompared To was just a way to channel my interests on things like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Ball Z. However, since then, it’s grown to a huge community of artists a…

    In this video we explore how Fantasy vs Science Fiction is written. You will find out what makes a Fantasy and a Sci-Fi World Apart and What they have in common. If you’ve never played World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy you will be given a taste of what to expect from the world, characters and story-lines. Don’t watch until the end if you haven’t played these games before. The swordplay and combat is


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