July 15, 2022

REPACK Elden Ring [v 1.02 + DLC] Download [Latest] 2022

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Name Elden Ring
Publisher banber
Format File
Rating 4.26 / 5 ( 5270 votes )
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In the online fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring,” Tarnished, a castaway from the void, has landed in the mortal world. Seeking a way back to his home world, he has left his homeland in the Lands Between and is currently traveling in the world of “Albacore.”

Having grown tired of the continuous war between the “Noblemen of the Steppe” and the “Lawless of the Plains,” Tarnished has decided to take a different approach to his adventure. While exploring the world he came across a tragic incident that led to him finally uniting with the “Lord of the Black Plague,” the hero of “Albacore.” Upon meeting the Lord of the Black Plague, Tarnished has encountered, and received guidance from, the “Bringer of Light” — the “King of the Elden Ring.”

Together with the Lord of the Black Plague, Tarnished has taken a bold step and headed to the infamous and lonely fortress, “The Stone Fortress.” After a slew of trials that awaits at the Stone Fortress, Tarnished and the Lord of the Black Plague will finally be able to find a way back home to the Lands Between…

“If you have ever dreamed of adventure and excitement, then ‘Elden Ring’ is a great RPG that provides you with everything you have ever wished for!” — GameQuarter (Game Quarters)

“A truly massive and utterly gripping RPG with one of the best interfaces I’ve come across in a while. Tremendous amount of detail, varied quests, and fantasy world that truly compliments the game-play.” — DualShockers.com

“The mystical land of Elden Ring is a fantasy world worth exploring. The progression system is simple yet it lets you decide your own path without any restrictions.” — The RPG Source

“Despite its simplistic approach, Elden Ring is a remarkable RPG that manages to channel the experience of a vast fantasy world with single-player.” — Gamezebo.com

“The world, the quests, the music and the combat system are spot-on. Every aspect of Elden Ring is perfectly realized, from its card game-like interface to its glorious scenery and epic music. It’s an ideal RPG for those looking for a refreshingly old-school experience.” — RPGFan.com

“Elden Ring is a spectacular game. It feels like an action game meets


Features Key:

  • Players can level up a rank, use a hireling up to level 7, and add items that make them stronger.
  • Players can speak to NPCs and hirelings through communication skills.
  • Players can tag, block, and mute players through social games.
  • Players can obtain pointers that act as topics and ideas to generate content for the story.
  • Players can submit writings through writing skills.
  • The Tarnished of Elden Ring environment is divided into regions called lands, and these lands are divided into regions in the same way. The number of lands is large enough that it can satisfy the needs of a multitude of players.

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    Tarnished Ring

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