July 15, 2022

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Name Elden Ring
Publisher yajanann
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 2733 votes )
Update (13 days ago)




“Rise, Tarnished!”

In a world where the natural order has long been disrupted, where a great darkness has spread, a little girl by the name of Fate-Claire was born in the midst of the chaos. Fate-Claire is a typical ordinary child of this world.

While she was still young, the world fell into a horrific disaster. The evil Fates responsible for the chaos attacked, fleeing into the labyrinths of the continents. Many magical weapons and armor used by the people were lost.

As the legend goes, the children who had been born on this day of the year together with the great power of the Elden magic were entrusted with the duty of defending the world.

The Fates have returned…

And so, the children of Fate banded together.

It is then that Fate-Claire was taken in by the ten children, through which they will bear the burden of birthdays together, spending their days in the endless lands known as the Lands Between.

In addition to their journey of discovery, they will come to know themselves and their power.

War and peace. Men and magic.

Along with the incredible battles and the dramatic plots.

Live this exciting and new fantasy in the Lands Between!

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Name Elden Ring
Publisher yajanann
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 2733 votes )
Update (13 days ago)


Features Key:

  • A VAST WORLD Full of Excitement
  • High Bandwidth Multiplayer Service that Works Well On Mobile Devices
  • INSTANT REAL-TIME SINGLE PLAYER online match and LOCAL MULTIPLAYER that enable seamless playing of all modes. You can enjoy the interaction between people immediately.
  • PLAY with a variety of people from around the world and participate in the exciting fantasy drama of the Lands Between.
  • MANAGABLE CHARACTERS that are useful to your adventure, and custom-made minigames in which you kill enemies in real time.
  • FEATURES the art of tabletop RPG, the huge volume of the adventure, and the diverse and wonderful worlds of Dungeons, Mountain, and Plain.
  • Enjoy the excitement of finding out what to do with your own class in the environment!
  • Real-time action RPG with unforgettable combat! Enjoy the intense battle action, one-on-one boss fights, and thrilling party battles!
  • How will you develop your character? You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic!
  • A beautiful world with 3D graphics where you can have an amazing battle experience anywhere!
  • Start in a world full of mysteries and sense of discovery, and journey to find out what to do!
  • Battle continuously with no waiting for turns during real-time play!



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    The battle between gods and demons has claimed many lives. People feared by gods and demons have disappeared from the lands. Human life has become filled with tragedies and suffering. If this situation does not change, the world will disappear in a matter of days.
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    Battle with other players simultaneously. Put your strategy to the test and challenge your opponents to see who can survive.

    Summon Magical Beasts and fight with the help of your party. Bring down the enemy and work together in a seamless, comprehensive experience.

    Strategic Character Management. Save the Land of the Elden and liberate the dead. Manage your characters and choose your battle strategy with the knowledge of what items can be obtained from a fallen enemy.

    Enhance your character and create your own “Party of the Week”. Choose the equipment and develop your heroes to increase their effectiveness. Enhance your skills so you can complete new skills and upgrade your equipment.

    Go off on your own. Explore the Lands Between by yourself and slay monsters. Find new treasures and complete quests in the game.

    Re-record your victory. Rally your troops and re-record your own victory music in your game.


    You must know to use the Run. Falling into any dangerous battle with your sword or shield will put you at an immense disadvantage. If you make a mistake, fall off or you lose your stamina, you may find yourself on the brink of death. The Lands Between that are connected by bridges, paths and alleys, and that are inhabited by humans are not like the lands you are familiar with. As you adventure the Lands Between, you will encounter things in the various landscapes that can be a problem. For example, “Exploding Plants” that turn into enemies and “Huge God” that will rise from the ground, and all these things will be more difficult than you are accustomed to. The enemies around you will become more aggressive as you decrease your stamina, so you will need to make sure to keep your stamina high.


    When you encounter enemies, your attack will mostly be made from using a shield and a sword. The shield will keep you safe from the arrows and bombs that your enemies will throw at you. Even when there are no enemies, be careful to keep the shield in front of your face. If you are hit by an enemy’s weapon, or if you take damage from falling into the ground, you will take damage and your stamina will decrease. Shield and sword are the tools that you will need to attack enemies and defeat them. However, you will find yourself on the opposite end of the scale from sword


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Start your journey on Elden Ring!

    Wed, 14 Jun 2016 23:30:00 +0900

    Life: Continue into the Future. A recording of a certain Palli and a male monkey’s conversation about the elder one’s advice
    Speaking from the male monkey, I would like to ask if you have any problems facing ourselves? Say, the university we visited together in the past was me thinking the same one at the present with a different Vigra. When I listened to the elder one’s advice, one thing about a certain Palli became obvious to me. So I offer myself here and ask if there is any similar problem that came to your mind? When I asked about the elder one’s advice, it seems that the elder one’s advice cannot realize itself until we got together with seeing the Palli, myself. When we noticed the elder one’s advice, I was given the opportunity to listen to it again. He explained that it was you, Palli, who told the elder one that the mind was your savior. Palli, you were the one who gave me the best advice ever. And now you have reached the future where other worlds are waiting for you. This is the elder’s advice for the elder. Ok, let’s continue just as before in the future, and I feel that I will be able to be able to share that happy optimism to Palli.
    Life: Fail in the Future. The narrative about a certain Palli’s advice. ”Don’t be surprised…”
    Once again, Palli, I listened to your advice and I failed. After confirming that I understand it, I thought that I will not be able to bring together with you even for a moment. I made a big mistake and made the Palli, myself, fail. And this time


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    System Requirements:

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    RAM: 200 MB RAM

    Hard Drive Space: 4.8 GB

    Additional Notes: Java 6 or higher


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  • What is new in the latest version:
    •New Game Play Routes
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    —Weapons having diverse effects and attributes
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    *New battle system including different types of monsters, traps and status ailments
    *More-detailed graphics and world layout, etc.
    •New Training System
    —To raise the level of your character
    —To raise the level of your skills
    —To connect with other players
    *… more changes and improvements (about half of the items are added)


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Recommended PC:
    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10
    Processor: 2.8GHz CPU
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1GB graphics memory.
    Hard Drive: 25GB free space
    Peripherals: Keyboard & Mouse
    Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection
    Recommended Tablet:
    OS: Android 2.2+
    Processor: 800MHz or higher
    This game is compatible with Android 2.3+ only.


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