July 14, 2022

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Whether your are a radiologist, a researcher or a student, Sante DICOM Editor is the right application that covers your needs and your budget. This program offers you numerous ways to measure, annotate or edit DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) files, as well as create videos.
Fully-featured layout panel
The program's main window is designed in such a way that resembles a Microsoft application interface with suggestive menus and icons.
Sante DICOM Editor enables you to edit headers, remove frames, apply image processing filters, create and convert DICOM files. Furthermore, you can use the anonymizer feature that is designed to remove burned in annotations, measure localized areas or volumes, compare CT scans and create videos using DICOM files.
Since DICOM files can contain multiple images or animations, they might take a lot of hard drive space, so it is very helpful that these files can be exported to other formats, such as JPEG, AVI, HTML, BMP, TIF or PNG. Notable is that the application supports even uncommon formats like RAW, JPEG2000 or BIN.
Another interesting feature is that the contents of DICOMDIR are displayed in a tree form manner, that allows you to easily access lists with series of DICOM files. Plus, the program can estimate the amount of memory required to store the selected series. In case the maximum memory threshold has been attained, the “memory required” number is going to blink.
It is greatly appreciated that this program comes with a help menu that provides you the necessary information to understand and work with DICOM files. During our tests we did not encounter any glitches or crashes, also the memory and CPU usages remained at moderate percentages.







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Sante DICOM Editor is a powerful and easy to use application for Microsoft Windows, developed by Seo Ji Lim at
The DICOM standard is used for data storage in radiological, ultrasound, and other medical imaging technologies. DICOM files can contain images, image-derived data, text, or voice for example, and are thus, standardized storage format for such data. This format is commonly used in medical imaging systems to communicate images from scanners, medicine processing devices, and other medical technology products.
The DICOM Editor is able to handle multiple DICOM files in a tree structure, process them, extract information, and export their contents to other formats.
Key Features:
Analyze DICOM files (DICOM)
This function lets you have a quick look at the properties of DICOM images like patient name, date, series and media instructions. It can also extract attributes such as the weight of a body organ, size of a lesion and patient age.
Edit DICOM files
With the help of DICOM Edit you are allowed to create, cut, copy, rename, insert and delete files. In addition, you are able to paste images or comments into other DICOM files. You also have the option to remove frames.
Measure and analyze volumes
When using the Measure function you can measure individual objects like CT, MRI, mammography and ultrasound images. It also allows you to measure and calculate localized volumes, as well as compare images. In addition, the application lets you annotate images or even create graphics from them.
Paste images, comments and slices as though you were working in a Microsoft word processor
Thanks to Paste you can easily add new images to your original DICOM files, or paste comments about your DICOM files. The program lets you crop and create graphics from DICOM files.
Compare images and slices (planes)
After you perform a “ViewSlice” operation, it will display a multi-planar view of the data. By using the Compare Slice and Image function, you can also compare slices and images easily by using different image-analysis algorithms.
Convert DICOM files
This function can be used to convert DICOM data to a variety of image formats, e.g. JPEG, PNG, B

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Sante DICOM Editor Crack Keygen helps users to edit, view, compare and export DICOM files. Its tools make analyzing images easier, such as segmentation, regions of interest (ROI), measurement tools, the DICOM Demosaicing, color bands and colour filters. You can segment and measure each image by using the DICOM DEMOSAICING tool. The app also offers an onion skin viewer, for displaying multiple images simultaneously. In addition, the application is equipped with a useful file explorer for exploring all DICOMDIR contents.
In addition, the program enables you to convert DICOM files to other formats, including various RAW and JPEG formats. The program also offers a DICOM-compliant viewer to view DICOM files. Furthermore, you can apply the DICOM filtering tools. Additionally, DICOM objects can be shared with other software using the integration with e.g. the Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

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Sante DICOM Editor Torrent

This program will be a major hit to radiologists and other medical experts as it comes with numerous features. Its main advantage is that it can quickly identify, measure, annotate and edit DICOM files. It is also vital that this tool enables you to define a series of DICOM images through the DICOMDIR tree.

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What’s New in the?

Sante DICOM Editor is an easy-to-use DICOM tool which allows you to manage and analyze digital medical images, such as Radiological images, X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasounds. DICOM files can be created and edited in a logical and intuitive manner. The main advantage of the program is that it is an excellent all-in-one image viewer, editor and anonymizer.
It is intended for anyone, however, you don’t need any technical background because every feature is intuitively explained. A wide variety of different types of reports can be created, such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, WMV, MOV, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, SRT, AVI, 3GP and DVD ISO files.
Sante DICOM Editor has a hierarchical structure that allows you to easily browse through DICOM directories, to see the type of data stored, to quickly find the information that is needed. The application has advanced features like DICOMv3 root directory support and a menu overlay, although the application might take a lot of memory. In our tests we did not encounter any glitches or crashes, but the average memory usage was moderate.
Key Features:
– View, edit and create DICOM, DICOMv2 and DICOMv3 files.
– Anonymize in DICOM, DICOMv2 and DICOMv3 formats.
– Create and edit JPEG, TIFF and PNG images.
– Create different types of reports, such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, WMV, MOV, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, SRT, AVI, 3GP, and DVD ISO.
– View, convert, compare and anonymize DICOM, DICOMv2 and DICOMv3 files in a graphical interface.
– Organize and create DICOM directories to store DICOM files in a logical way.
– Annotation removal, measurement of specific areas, and volumes.
– Clip the Rows of a DICOM file to any custom duration in seconds.
– Create videos from frames or all frames.
– Seamless frame integration of previous and current images.
– Preserve the exposure of the current image in the video.
– Zoom in/out and seek from the


System Requirements:

OS: OS Windows 7
Processor: Dual-core processor with SSE2, MMX or 3DNow! instruction set (Intel)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video: ATI Radeon HD 4600 or NVIDIA Geforce 8600 or newer (with 256 MB RAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0c or higher
Hard disk: 250 MB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with SB-16 or


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