July 14, 2022

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Managing the world’s largest database of diving locations, you can search for the scuba diving locations of any interest using the search tool.
When you are using the application, you can view detailed information about the location and the experience its operator is offering. You can also filter the results by date and time by clicking the “Date” and “Time” tabs.
In addition to managing the location and its operator, you can also manage your diving equipment, calculate the air consumption and oxygen consumption for each location, and use the tracking tool to log each dive you take.
You can also mark certain locations as favorites so you can always access them through the location list.
The application also offers the possibility to use it for training purposes and share experiences with others.
ScubaChampion Screenshots:

Here are some Screenshots of ScubaChampion:

Features of ScubaChampion:


100,000+ locations can be easily searched by using the search tool and the location list.

Manage your diving equipment:

You can manage all your equipment in one place, such as:

buoyancy compensators





life jackets


Your equipment will be in perfect condition thanks to ScubaChampion’s equipment checker.


You can use ScubaChampion to record your dives and view their service history.It can be foreseen that the trend of increasing the efficiency of rotary pumps, and particularly of centrifugal pumps, will continue, as they are more and more common in a broad range of applications.
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ScubaChampion [Latest]

Manage your diving expeditions by showing your diving history and statistics.
Log your dives by adding dive details, dates and locations.
Record equipment service histories.
Calculate oxygen supply and consume.
Calculate the necessary air supply and gas consumption.
Dive planning with the following features:
• Current and forecast weather conditions at your selected location.
• A list of popular or interesting diving locations with details such as resort, conditions, visibility etc.
• Equipment service history of your equipment.
• Local laws and regulations in your destination.
• Equipment maintenance charts.
• Recommended equipment to purchase.

Oxygen Analyzer Pro is designed to be used as a portable analytical system to detect and display the concentration of oxygen in the air. As well as that, it is based on a portable and compact diode-photomultiplier tube (DPMT) fluorescence detector.
It is used to determine oxygen content in the air in small laboratory situations or if oxygen is in question in case of imminent danger. The system shows a precise and full-coloured display of the oxygen concentration. Oxygen Analyzer Pro controls a suitable oxygen electrode via a digital I/O module (I2C) and thus automatically switches the sensor on and off.
Oxygen Analyzer Pro supports a large number of oxygen electrodes, suitable for most requirements.
The system allows for up to 30 measurement cycles per second and it can operate for several hours without re-calibration. It is equipped with an LCD display with backlight, an RS-232 interface and two illuminated push buttons and thus suitable for use as a permanent installation. Besides that, it features an optical system designed for maximum sensitivity at different distances.
In addition to the above mentioned instruments, the system includes a test stand and a stand for storage of the sensor.
Oxygen Analyzer Pro is equipped with sensors and a simple self-calibration function for easy operator calibration of sensors.

THE ROVAN CLIMBING LENSER is designed to provide an ideal solution for any hobbyist interested in either hobbyist rock climbing, bouldering or sport climbing, and to these sports enthusiasts, it brings added fun and enjoyment as well as the kind of challenge you can not have by yourself. If you are interested in climbing without ropes, without iron rungs, without other attachments and without any distractions.
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ScubaChampion X64

*Experience your underwater adventures with ScubaChampion
– View live charts of your dive locations
– Find your location in 3D and also on top of the map
– Set dive locations
– Integrate all dive gear on the screen of your mobile device
– Track past and future dives history
– Support all major diving equipment brands
– Use ScubaChampion all the time or as an additional app for your mobile device
– Download ScubaChampion today and discover the best diving location!
– Go to Google Play :
ScubaChampion uses GEO-LOCATION (SatAlive) for its location services. By doing so, ScubaChampion can save your dive history and your location. SatAlive is supported by Google Play Services. Thus, you will be able to get your current location. However, if it doesn’t work, your location will be provided by your mobile network. You can choose which location provider you want to use.
*Your location will be sent to ScubaChampion according to your choice.
*Data you provide will be safe.
*ScubaChampion will NEVER access to your location or your text messages.
WARNING : ScubaChampion is just an interactive map and does not require additional software except Google Play Services. It does not collect any personal or diving-related information. If you want to report a bug, a suggestion or a location, you can contact us via our web site or by sending an email to the address help@scubachampion.com.
For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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What’s New In ScubaChampion?

▶ Add historical data to the database to keep track of each dive
▶ Examine charts to see diving records
▶ Determine the best dive locations
▶ Store locations and operators
▶ Keep track of your own dive equipment
▶ Monitor and save information for each item
▶ Calculate oxygen consumption, air consumption and oxygen pressure
▶ Examine oxygen and air storage
▶ Avoid dives that might cause you to suffer from oxygen debt
▶ Make sure your tanks are filled with sufficient air for the whole dive
▶ Track service histories for your equipment
▶ Record and manage data from your dives
▶ Calculate air consumption, air pressure and tanks capacity
▶ Change settings easily

Manage your diving equipment list, easily change items, and create new equipment.
Also, easily share an equipment list with other members of the organization.

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System Requirements:

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Intel Core i7-3930K (3.2GHz) or equivalent
16GB of RAM
DirectX 11 and latest drivers
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