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_ **Tools**_

The primary tool for image manipulation is the **lasso tool.** It allows you to grab a section of pixels and perform some kind of alteration or manipulation on the current layer. You can move and resize the image through a variety of tools, including the **move, transform,** and **transform tools** and **crop tool.** The **lasso tool** can be toggled on or off with the Alt/Opt key. You can draw any kind of shape on the image and then select it with the lasso tool.

There are two varieties of the lasso tool—the selection lasso tool and the magic wand tool. The **selection lasso tool** is useful when you want to select an object or area in an image and then make alterations to that specific portion of the image, while the **magic wand tool** is great for quickly selecting a large portion of an image and performing its own kind of alteration on the image.

Figure 6-1 shows the lasso tool set to the position of the magic wand. Click once with the magic wand tool to select the lasso tool and press the Alt/Opt key to toggle the lasso tool on. Figure 6-2 shows the magic wand tool’s options, which are toggled on with the Alt/Opt key.

**Figure 6-1** The Alt/Opt key toggles the lasso tool on and off.

**Figure 6-2** The Alt/Opt key toggles the magic wand tool on and off.

Let’s look at a little bit more about these tools and how you can use them to perform basic image adjustments.

## Create a New Layer

There’s no rule that says you need to modify an image as a group of layers. By creating new layers, you can cut the image into pieces and manipulate it individually, which is often more desirable than rearranging and editing an entire layer with many other layers layered on top.

The **layer** command is a window that allows you to create, save, and view a new layer; to move, resize, and flip a layer; and to apply filters.

To create a new layer, use the layer command to open the New Layer dialog (Figure 6-3). The New Layer dialog box has three tabs: Layers, Transparency, and Adjustments, along with a Settings button.

**Figure 6-3** The New Layer dialog box.

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What is Photoshop Elements?

The common Photoshop program is known as Photoshop CS (Common Service) while Photoshop Elements is a version of the program for consumer applications. Photoshop Elements usually costs £74.99 although you can get it cheaper depending on what version you want.

A 5 x 4 poster for small business with PS versions in her kitchen.

In this guide I’m going to detail everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements. It’s a consumer version of Photoshop so most of the information will apply to professionals also. However, we will outline some differences.

What’s In The Photoshop Elements 13?

Here are the features in the Photoshop Elements 13 software.

Versions of Photoshop Elements in the Appstore

You can buy the software directly from the Appstore or you can use a 3rd party app that manages your connections and updates.

Does Photoshop Elements 13 run on the iOS?

You can also use Photoshop Elements 13 on Android devices. It’s possible to use Photoshop Elements 15 and 20 on Android.

Can I use Photoshop Elements on a Mac?

You can use Photoshop Elements for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS.

How Much Does Photoshop Elements Cost?

Pricing for the program varies depending on your use. You can pay £54.99 for the entire package with everything you need or you can pay £74.99 for the starter package.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get for each version with prices in British pounds sterling.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Subscription Purchase – £74.99

Contains an estimated 48.8 GB of storage space, Up to version 15; Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Master Collection Purchase – £54.99

Contains an estimated 31.2 GB of storage space, Up to version 20; Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Note that some of the features in Photoshop Elements are shared with the Adobe Photoshop programs.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Master Collection

See the Adobe Photoshop Elements Master Collection:

Subscriptions (£54.99)

Become a member and access two versions (Elements 13 and 15) of Photoshop; Enter a password to access the first 12 months of your membership then you will be able to access to the full version of both programs at once; Upgrade

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Crop: This tool allows you to select an area of your image and cut it away.
Illustrator: This software is used to create vector images and icons. It is the ideal tool for designing graphics. It is the most popular vector application and an essential tool for any graphic designer.
Gimp: This software is a free, open source alternative to Photoshop. One of its powerful tools is the Brush tool.
Lasso Tool: This tool allows you to draw a freehand or polygonal line in your image. You can then use the Selection tool to erase the area you selected. This is a useful tool for editing objects like people or logos.
Photoshop: The standard for the image-editing industry.
Pixel Bender: This tool allows you to stretch, distort, and shrink pixels. It is useful for creating the illusion of movement or the illusion of depth in your images.
Quick Selection Tool: This tool allows you to select a specified number of pixels in your image. It is a faster method than the Lasso tool or Select tool.
Select Tool: The most common tool. It allows you to select the pixels you want. You can use it to select specific areas of your image, including eyes and mouths.
Sketch Up: This tool is the most advanced vector-graphics application. It’s an application that can draw images, create impressive 3D effects, design logos, and much more.
Tablet: This tool lets you draw a line on the screen by using a stylus.
Undo: This tool lets you go back one step, then one step back. Then you can undo a few or all of the steps.
Warp: This tool lets you stretch or shrink parts of your image, allowing you to create an artistic effect.
Warp buttons allow you to stretch, scale, flip, rotate, or do an assortment of other fun things to your image.
It takes a lot of skill to get to the level where you can create a professional-looking Photoshop image. There are several stages of skill to get to this point.
Photoshop Essentials
Photoshop Essentials is a way to get started with Photoshop and start learning the basics. You’ll learn how to create basic edits to your images. You’ll learn how to resize an image, how to crop and straighten images, and how to retouch images.
You’ll also learn the basics of the Photoshop tools,

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System Requirements:

System Requirements (Required) :
• CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz / AMD A10-5800K
• DirectX : Version 12
• Graphics : ATI Radeon HD 7850 Series (2GB VRAM), Nvidia GTX 970
• Hard Disk : 30GB free space for installation
• Screen : 1024 × 768
• System: Windows 7/8
• Emulation: Genso (G


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