July 14, 2022

SMPTE Calculator Crack Serial Key For PC [2022-Latest]







SMPTE Calculator Free Download X64 [2022-Latest]

SMPTE Calculator Cracked 2022 Latest Version provides a simple interface that allows you to type in times, frames, counts, and offsets and click ‘Calculate’. SMPTE Calculator Crack For Windows generates a full H.264 files without the need for a third party conversion application.

Comparison to existing tools:

SMPTE Calculator was inspired by a similar tool from Ted Rowe called the “SMPTE Timecode Calculator”, however, Ted’s tool was coded in a very old fashion and only allowed offsets and counts, not frames.

SMPTE Calculator adds a full mathematical frame-offset calculator to Ted’s feature set.

SMPTE Calculator extends the Count-to-Timecode offset calculation to include a full frame offset equation for all frames.
Ted’s tool only supported offsets.

SMPTE Calculator currently calculates the offset for H264 AVC streams only. Ted’s tool would have worked with H263 or VOB files too, but I believe Ted’s tool was re-written.

SMPTE Calculator currently supports only even values for timecode offset calculations. Ted’s tool supported odd values, but in its current state it won’t work with odd values.

SMPTE Calculator requires the command line. Ted’s tool did not use the command line and would have required an application such as Notepad to be coded into the tool.

SMPTE Calculator Features:

SMPTE Calculator contains the following features:


• Fast calculation of frame, frame-offset, frame-count, and frame-count offset for a H.264 stream without conversion to.mp4,.avi,.mov,.wmv, or any other format.

• Input is raw H.264 frames with no compression, for example the frames are streamed from the camera directly to the input stream of SMPTE Calculator. There is no need for SMPTE Calculator to be streaming a data stream.


• Frame, frame-offset, frame-count, and frame-count offset for all frames in H.264 stream to be produced in the specified output format.

• Frame, frame-offset, frame-count, and frame-count offset are calculated for all frames in the H.264 stream, then all frames are put in the sequence order of

SMPTE Calculator Crack + Full Version Download

This application displays all the rows in the SMPTE 24 frame timecode standard.  Users may browse the timecode table and select the timecode frame to view its fields.  The table displays the frame’s timecode and the fields of the frame.  For example, the timecode of a frame in the table may be displayed and if a field’s numeric value is “1” or “2”, then all three of the fields of that frame are displayed.  Then, the user can determine if the target timecode frame (which is selected in the table) conforms to the standard,  or if it is out of standard tolerance.  The user can also remove the frame from the table and re-enter it.  In addition, a frame may be copied to the clipboard.  When pasted into a graphics program, the fields of the target timecode frame may be changed to reflect the user’s custom display.
Main features:
•  Displays the Timecode Frame and the Fields of a Selected Timecode Frame
•  Select a Timecode Frame from the Table
•  Copy the Selected Timecode Frame to the Clipboard
•  Paste the Selected Timecode Frame to a Graphics Program
•  Change the display of the Selected Timecode Frame to reflect the user’s custom display
•  Display the SMPTE 24 Frame Timecode
It is required to view the following timecode standards on the SMPTE Calculator Free Download application. You can view them by selecting the “Timecode Types” button and scrolling down the page.
The following timecodes will show as grey background.  It is required to be able to view the timecodes within this application.
•  SMPTE-20 (Column 3 – Packed, Column 5 – Continuous)
•  SMPTE-21 (Column 1 – Clock, Column 3 – Packed, Column 5 – Continuous)
•  SMPTE-22 (Column 1 – Clock, Column 3 – Packed, Column 5 – Continuous)
•  SMPTE-24 (Column 1 – Clock, Column 3 – Packed, Column 5 – Continuous)
•  SMPTE-25 (Column 1 – Clock, Column 3 – Packed, Column 5 – Continuous)
•  SMPTE-31 (Column 1 – Clock, Column 3 – Continuous)

SMPTE Calculator Crack +

SMPTE Calculator is a simple application that shows you the various methods for calculating timecode from SMPTE time code. It was designed to be a small free tool for quick calculations.

It includes offsets for all methods for a 12-hour clock and decimal time display mode.
It was developed in Windows with a look and feel of a native program.
To create menus, dialogs, buttons etc., it uses the native Windows API.

SMPTE Calculator features include:

• displays the standard examples as well as examples for other methods
• displays the 12-hour clock with the same format as the 12-hour clock menu
• displays the decimal time with the same format as the decimal time menu
• enters the new offset in hours, minutes, seconds and fraction
• listens for user keypresses
• includes a help menu
• calculates the offset in hours and minutes
• displays the value of the offset
• displays the value of the offset in hours, minutes, seconds and fraction


Versions and other information:


See also



SMPTE-2022 (PDF)

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SMPTE Calculator / SMPTE Calculator
SMPTE Calculator / SMPTE Calculator

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What’s New in the SMPTE Calculator?

The SMPTE Calculator can be used to automatically compute SMPTE timecode offsets, and compute offsets given a number of timecode frames, from a number of video sources.


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Official site

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System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (Win7) / Windows 8 (Win8) / Windows 10 (Win10)
* Minimum system requirements:
* OS: Windows 10 (Win10)
* Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD Phenom II X4 940
* RAM: 8 GB
* Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon HD 7950
* Disk Space: 100 GB
* Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 7970
* DirectX: Version


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