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download softwarestrukspbufree103The present invention relates generally to gas turbine engine combustors, and more specifically to cooling system therein.
A typical gas turbine engine includes a compressor that provides pressurized air to a combustor wherein the pressurized air is mixed with fuel and ignited for generating hot combustion gases. These gases flow downstream to a turbine that extracts energy therefrom for powering the compressor and producing useful work.
One feature of the combustor that is known to be desirable is to maintain the nozzle temperature of the combustor low for fuel efficiency purposes. One known system for reducing the nozzle temperature is described in U.S. Pat. No. 6,945,612, issued Sep. 20, 2005, to Bauer and assigned to United Technologies Corporation. In this reference, a portion of the incoming air is diverted from the mainstream flow for cooling a primary wall portion of the combustor.
It is also known to have a combustor having a cooling air supply for providing a source of cooling air to the combustor for facilitating cooling thereof. One known arrangement is described in U.S. Pat. No. 6,457,863, issued Oct. 1, 2002, to Hayek and assigned to United Technologies Corporation. In this reference, a subcooling flow of air from an internal circuit is routed via an external circuit for cooling components of the combustor.
In some gas turbine engine systems, a portion of the engine supply air from the compressor is routed into a swirler of the combustor for mixing with the incoming air for facilitating delivery of a desired mixture to the combustion chamber. The swirler typically includes a plurality of airfoils that deflect the air entering the combustor for facilitating mixing.
However, the airfoils of the swirler, particularly the cooling air conduits therearound, typically operate at a temperature that is elevated relatively high relative to the temperature of the surrounding combustor. This elevated temperature is necessitated to achieve adequate cooling thereof, and results in heating of the air entering the combustor.
In one aspect of the present invention, a cooling system is provided for gas turbine engine combustor. The combustor includes an air swirler having a plurality of airfoils for deflecting an incoming supply air into the combustor. An exhaust conduit includes a first portion that is in fluid communication with the swirler for routing the supply air from the sw

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The first autoimmune disease to be linked to type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) was T1DM itself. Hyperglycaemia is a late manifestation of autoimmune diabetes and the immune-mediated destruction of the insulin-producing cells in pancreas continues until death in patients with T1DM. The vast majority of patients with T1DM have low-grade insulin autoimmunity, which means that the immune system does not recognize the β cells as foreign. In contrast, the high-risk subgroups for T1DM are mainly born with diabetes and have high levels of β-cell autoimmunity. The mechanisms by which β-cell autoimmunity may be linked to the development of T1DM are still unclear. However, recent observations have focused the attention on the potential detrimental effect of β-cell autoimmunity on the β cells. Under normal conditions, β-cell autoimmunity is not associated with the depletion of β cells. Since, however, the autoimmunity of the β cells reflects the efficacy of several processes that contribute to the development of T1DM, continuous high levels of β-cell autoimmunity likely accelerate β-cell loss, leading to a vicious circle of β-cell depletion and hyperglycaemia.This invention relates generally to tooling and in particular to a reloadable pad punch for positioning a chip of material such as glass or the like during the fabrication of a composite structure, such as a window or mirror, and to a method of fabricating composite structures.
Many structures made from glass and other rigid materials have the property of being lighter in weight than their steel or iron counterparts but have a greater thermal mass. Because of this property, glass and other rigid materials are often used in a variety of applications that require their low weight but high heat-transfer properties.
The introduction of a thermal-shock absorbing member, such as an aluminum or other material, between the rigid glass panel and the frame of a window, will reduce the magnitude and duration of

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