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You can switch among your open images by clicking the small down arrow to the right of the title bar, or you can zoom into the image by double-clicking the Image Window.

FIGURE 1-2: In the Control Palette (in the upper-right corner of the screen) you see the thumbnail of the target image.


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It has been the only non-photoshop alternative since Adobe Photoshop got a new name in 2017.

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User Interface & Datafile Structure

As with all Adobe software, the user interface will consist of a series of icons, boxes and sidebars. These can be interacted with using a mouse or a trackpad. Like all Adobe products, Photoshop Elements doesn’t provide any virtual keyboards. It uses the mouse like you’re used to on your desktop computer.

Photoshop Elements

The Photoshop Elements interface is quite different to the Photoshop interface. Photoshop Elements’ datafile structures are in a different location. Instead of one single datafile tree, there are multiple datafile trees. Each of these datafile trees is a directory that contains the same data but in a different location. It keeps data files simple and easy to find. Some of the datafile trees are like a root folder. You’ll navigate to that folder and see the same datafiles, but other datafile trees are like sub-folders. You’ll navigate to those and see only the datafiles in those folders.

You’re not limited to just the datafile structure. Photoshop Elements has many other features. These include Quick Fix panels, the creation of new documents, filters, drawing tools and much more.

Most of the different features use the menus, but you can also access these features by using the keyboard.

Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes are a set of Photoshop Elements tools that will correct any mistakes you’ve made while editing. Elements is packed with a set of helpful tools like Red Eye Fix, Clone Stamp, Smudge Brush, and Camera RAW.

Brush Tool

The Brush tool is the main editing tool. The whole point of this tool is to allow you to change the pixels of an image. You’ll use the Brush tool to create new background, foreground and gradient. It is also a good tool to paint over images. You’ll use the paint bucket tool to create a new layer and start painting.

The Brush Tool is located in the main Toolbar.


A layer is the basic building block of an image. Photoshop Elements lets you add, move, delete and edit a layer.

You can create a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+N, or simply by selecting New Layer in the Layers Panel. The Photoshop Elements interface will then create a new layer over the area of the image that you are editing.

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Vertical center of element inside of is not working using Flexbox

In this fiddle I have a small problem.

body, html {
height: 100%;
width: 100%;
.flexContainer {
display: flex;
align-items: center;
height: 100%;


The title shows at the top left corner of the page.
The content is vertically centered.
But I want the title on the top left and the content vertically centered.
I tried different things, but I do not get it working.
There is some more code in this fiddle:




Replace align-items: center with align-self: center and remove display: flex from.flexContainer rule. And, add style=”justify-content: center; to.flexContainer. And, change justify-content: space-between to justify-content: center to display title on top and content in center. In case of space-between, title is in top and content is in bottom.

body, html {
height: 100%;
width: 100%;
.flexContainer {
align-self: center;
height: 100%;
justify-content: center;

What’s New in the?

Brush Tool

The Brush Tool allows you to paint on your images with adjustable shapes. The Brush Tool has eight different shapes that can be applied to images in a variety of ways.
The Pen Tool allows you to draw lines and curves. Using the Pen Tool enables you to modify images freely and quickly.
Lasso tools enable you to isolate an area of the image for editing or removing. You can use the Lasso Tool for selecting the edges of objects.
The Masking Tool allows you to isolate areas of images from other areas. You can use Masking to cover up mistakes or selectively erase parts of your image.
The Free Transform Tool allows you to move objects freely and easily by dragging them on the screen. You can scale, rotate or skew elements of images using the Free Transform Tool.

Pen Tool

The Pen Tool allows you to create precise lines and shapes. You can use the Pen Tool to draw straight lines, curves, rectangles, ovals, freehand scribbles, and arcs. You can also use the Pen Tool to create masks, gradients, text, and paint directly on an image.

Free Transform Tool

The Free Transform Tool lets you resize objects like text, shapes, and the edges of objects. You can perform a free transform by holding down the [Shift] key and dragging the selected object over the canvas.
The Transform Rectangular Selection Tool allows you to drag the corners of a rectangle to adjust its size and shape.
With the Rectangular Select Tool, you can select a rectangular area on an image. This allows you to easily crop objects.
You can resize your image by holding down the [Ctrl] key while dragging the mouse in any direction.
You can easily change an image’s perspective. By holding down the [Alt] key and clicking the mouse to scroll the view, you can control the field of view of the image.
In order to make an image perspective-correct, it is best to use Photoshop’s Auto Align command. This command automatically straightens an image by applying global and local perspective corrections based on the angles of the edges of the image.
Photoshop also allows you to copy, paste, and link files. In the following video, we’ll demonstrate how to open a text file from an existing document:

With the Add to Collection feature, you can easily organize your files into groups or libraries. You can use these collections to edit and access your files, even when

System Requirements:

• System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or later.
1 GHz Processor.
512 MB RAM (1024 MB is strongly recommended).
Windows Aero/Composite-capable video card with 128 MB RAM (256 MB is strongly recommended).
Minimum 1 GB available disk space.
For more information on the system requirements of this game, please visit our official website.
*This game does not include the English package. However, the full version of the game will be included in an English version when that version is released.