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A desktop utility with minimalistic design that displays a timezone clock with the time for several cities.
Key features:
– Supports several types of timezone clocks
– Automatic installation
– Edit cities
– Share via social media
– Red, orange, yellow and green progress bar
– Display date and time
– Customize colors and opacity
– Always on top
– Supports a wide variety of countries

jplayer 1.3 plugin for jQuery is a plugin that features flexible, easy-to-use, and clean object-oriented design. It is fully cross-browser compatible with the newest browsers of all the most popular web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. You can add the plugin as a library to your project, or integrate jPlayer directly into your site so you can have a completely cross-browser compatible, dynamic multimedia experience.

gmap is a cross-browser geocoder, making it possible to access Google Maps for your website using any known combination of browser and OS. gmap allows the user to retrieve the latitude and longitude of a location using a given address, a set of coordinates, or using Google search. And it can also be used to easily find an address on a map, and even add new points of interest. It is also possible to add a map “layer” to your site, just like Google’s “Map Services” and “Tile Services”, in which case it is displayed as a small image on your site along with the map itself.

Drupal and its contribs:
The following Drupal modules can be enabled to use the geocoder:
* Geocoder API
* Google maps API
* GMap
* Google Maps API
* Google Maps API v2
* Google Places API
* Google Places API v2

Interesting jQuery plugins

Here is a list of tools we’ve come across when testing the documentation. We’ve tried to find out if they were useful, broken or plain useless.
This is a list of testing tools we’ve found:

1. Builtwith

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mclocks is a simple and elegant timezone clock that simulates a small analogue clock.
mclocks Features:
Create up to 5 timezones for different timezones
Set the timezone name on the alarm clock
Display day, date and time
Change the default day and date for your selected timezone
Display day, date, date, month and time

Alyssa is the visual artist responsible for the Designs of the Month feature at Kotaku. Alyssa has also written for Kotaku previously.

It’s been a while since I have last posted an update. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I decided to forgo the next update in favor of writing something better to bring you.
Instead of one big article on everything, I’m going to break up my update into several smaller parts since it is so much more than that. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce the first 2 New Features!
The first is a new game which I’m hoping to complete sometime next week. It’s a game that I’ve had for a few months now and I intend to release it on a Steam or Humble store. I’ll have more info on that soon!
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When traveling abroad, everyone keeps track of the timezone in their home town so as to call their family at the right time.
Rather than constantly calculating the time difference, you can try a dedicated app that displays a timezone clock, such as mclocks.
Minimalist timezone clock
Once you install this utility to your computer, you get a tiny bar where you can read the current date and time for several cities.
Things start to get a little bit

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This is a simple timezone clock that displays the current time of a selected timezone as an animated bar on your desktop. A desktop clock like this is handy when you need to know the time but you are away from your computer.

Main Features:
– Display the current time in several cities around the world.
– Allows to quickly switch between cities.
– Localization for any language supported by Microsoft.
– Customization: Change its color, opacity, transparency and many other properties.
– You can even hide or disable it.Q:

EJB3.0 Local call timeout

I have EJB3.0 application running on Glassfish server. With the help of NetBeans 8.2 I can call methods that are in remote EJB’s/enterprise beans.
However, when I call remote methods from my local method the execution time is high i.e. 20-30 seconds per call.
I was wondering if there’s any kind of timeout for local calls. In JNDI the timeout is “timeout” and for remote calls it’s “connect timeout”. (Glassfish 2.x)
How should i solve this?


The NetBeans 8.2 IDE uses some other JNDI lookup mechanism than the usual Java EE server’s JNDI lookup, I suspect it uses an older lookup mechanism for EJB local lookups.
You can create a new “EJB_QNAME_TO_EJB_BINDINGS_DATA” element in the server’s glassfish-resources.xml:



What’s New in the Mclocks?

This is a simple timezone clock that simply displays the current date and time of a given city. Moreover, its author has designed this app to be simple and streamlined as possible.

mclocks Screenshot:

How to download mclocks?
The download button is on the top-right corner of the screen. Simply click on it and wait for the application to start downloading.
We provide the best way to download mclocks.
How to install mclocks?
You just need to unpack the archive with 7-zip and double-click on the mclocks-setup.exe file.
The application will automatically detect the system environment.
Save your time and don’t struggle with software dependencies.
Finally, wait for the installation to complete.
You can finish with the default setup by clicking on the Finish button.
As a result, you will be able to enjoy all the features of the mclocks.

When traveling abroad, everyone keeps track of the timezone in their home town so as to call their family at the right time.
Rather than constantly calculating the time difference, you can try a dedicated app that displays a timezone clock, such as mclocks.
Minimalist timezone clock
Once you install this utility to your computer, you get a tiny bar where you can read the current date and time for several cities.
Things start to get a little bit tricky when it comes to replacing these default cities with new ones, as you need to manually modify the data from the JSON file (you can use Notepad to open it).
You need to keep in mind that regardless of the parameter you tamper with, you need to close and re-launch the app to view the changes.
Add towns to the timezone clocks
First of all, it is important to preserve the same structure of the file when adding new towns. In other words, you need to enter its name, then the continent and the name again. The country does not need to be mentioned.
Customize colors of the clock
If you are not pleased with the default color scheme, you can easily change it. You only need to enter the new HEX color codes in the dedicated fields from the JSON file.


System Requirements For Mclocks:

– Windows 7
– DirectX 11
– 1.5 GB RAM
– 2 GB HDD
– Windows Vista
– DirectX 9
– Windows XP
– Windows 98, ME, or 2000
– DirectX 8
(Linux users should be able to run the game