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SoftSpire Zimbra Converter Crack+ Patch With Serial Key

SoftSpire Zimbra Converter is a small, but handy application which allows you to quickly convert mail data from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook.
Unwanted files will be removed from the folder structure after conversion.
You can choose to convert only selected folders or all of the current Zimbra folders.
Unread emails are flagged as “to be converted.”
An automatic program scan of the folder structure will be started when you start SoftSpire Zimbra Converter.
SoftSpire Zimbra Converter Free Download.

Viewing package Contents

Viewing package file

Download a local copy of this package file to your PC and extract the contents.

Simply double click on the downloaded file and let the installation begin.

Supported mail clients

The description of this package file states that this software allows you to view messages in Microsoft Outlook. However, it can be used with any mail reader on your PC. Note: Make sure you have the correct version for your client software before you install the package file.


Does not include any add-ons/plugins

Supports v6.4.0 and higher

Auto Accept License Agreement

Supported Languages

Package includes:

SoftSpire Zimbra Converter.exe

SoftSpire Zimbra Converter README.txt

Extract the contents of the ZIP file with any archiver.

Installing SoftSpire Zimbra Converter

Double-click the SoftSpire Zimbra Converter icon to start the installation. You may be asked to insert a CD-R or DVD-R to complete the installation.

Read the End User License Agreement.

SoftSpire Zimbra Converter prompts you to select installation options.

Select the option labeled “Custom installation”. This will start the setup wizard.

Complete the setup wizard.

Viewing package Contents

Viewing package file

Download a local copy of this package file to your PC and extract the contents.

Simply double click on the downloaded file and let the installation begin.Q:

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SoftSpire Zimbra Converter

Zimbra is a mail server that works great with Hotmail, Gmail and other email services. If your are getting lots of email in the Zimbra server, you can backup it to your personal computer easily and run it on your PC.
The server can be installed on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS, and the Zimbra mail client runs on any OS that supports Java applets, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Its can support the following POP3, IMAP4, and SSL-secured SMTP protocols and also forward POP3/IMAP4 messages to other email accounts.
Zimbra is a free mail solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines the best features of email solutions such as IMAP4, POP3, CalDav/carddav, LDAP, active directory, DKIM and Sieve with the best security and messaging features of Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Apps, Mail.app, and Apple Mail.
A “Web of Trust” feature makes it possible to secure the Zimbra server via a certificate. It provides centralized management of all privacy settings and settings for user accounts, and through the centralized Web of Trust, it is possible to effectively control access to the server.
Zimbra makes it possible for users to use a mobile device to connect to the server and use its e-mail services. The interface itself is optimized for touch devices.
Finally, Zimbra stores all e-mail in version control to reduce storage space and keep users from losing valuable data.
Zimbra’s storage architecture is highly scalable, and the storage architecture supports features such as mobile devices, global distribution, analytics, archive and global presence with replication.
How to use Zimbra to back up and store your online mail
To back up your e-mail, create a Zimbra Web UI account and select the option to “use the ‘backup web interface’.” It is possible to connect to the Zimbra administration console via the browser interface using a standard web browser. It’s possible to receive the backup via e-mail, MBOX or TSV.
To store your e-mail and keep it ready for future retrieval in case you loose your computer, you need to install Zimbra mail client on your computer. Before you install Zimbra, you must install Java JRE on your computer.

What’s New In SoftSpire Zimbra Converter?

SoftSpire Zimbra Converter is a small, yet reliable program that allows you to quickly convert mail data from Zimbra to Outlook.
Basic interface
Being an easy to use application, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter does not require an elaborate interface in order to work at full potential.
The program is very intuitive even for the inexperienced computer user, and that adds to the fact that SoftSpire Zimbra Converter offers help files and links to quick tutorials on how to make the most of specific features.
Complete conversion from Zimbra to Outlook
The utility allows conversion of all the metadata found in e-mails, such as Subject, Sent Date, Received Date, To, Cc, Bcc and Contacts.
Beside e-mails, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter can also encode address books, notes, tasks, or calendars from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook.
When a message with an attachment is converted, the attached file is copied to the new Outlook formatted e-mail.
Batch Conversion
If your Zimbra folders contain multiple TGZ files, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter scans and detects all the files, which you can then convert all at once to PST file format.
The folder structure of the original Zimbra files directory will be kept as it was before conversion, even in the Outlook format.
This means that SoftSpire Zimbra Converter will save the data in their respective folder, such as contacts in contacts folder, e-mails in e-mail folder, notes in notes folder, and so on.
Quickly convert and delete old files
Once the specified folder has been scanned for TGZ files, the conversion process is carried out rather quickly.
The old files that have already been converted to MS Outlook format can be automatically deleted as they become no longer needed.

ZimbraMailer is a handy tool that can convert Zimbra to Outlook format for you. When you have a folder with tons of Zimbra mail in.tgz files, you won’t have to spend an hour or more converting them. All you have to do is select your files and click a few buttons and the tool will do the rest. The ZimbraMailer is completely user-friendly and just let you select the folder and start converting them to Outlook. A user-friendly interface makes this program an absolute breeze to use.
Convert Zimbra to Outlook with Zimb


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Xbox One S:
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