July 19, 2022

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Farlife is a sci-fi class-based action RPG set in space. Explore the strangeness of space and experience whimsical stories with a unique geometric low poly art style. The game follows different alien species, each with unique playstyles. The player will complete missions and side quests in various open worlds and dungeons in order to gather new loot and resources to improve their loadout. The game will feature physics based systems, from animations to the environments themselves.
Loot a plethora of weapons, and upgrade them using the raw resources you acquired from your adventures. Explore open worlds, Discover alien life, tear a hole in the fabric of reality, and fumble your way through the cosmos.
Slugnoid Campaign
Take control of a species known as a Slugnoid, a sleazy, slimy, and quite grotesque individual, and do as you’re told! your mission is to journey through the stars. You will encounter aliens, robots, balls, and things from a whole other universe. Experience the strangeness of space through the eyes, and sometimes retractable optical tentacles, but beware of the dangers you may find out there. Unearth the mysteries of life itself, and fight through the interdimensional hordes of the unliving Architects.
You will join some little green men adrift through the cosmos, the slug people are here to explore the stars!
The Future
What is to come?
– New species to play as
– New customizable weapons and armour
– Expansive story campaigns on new worlds
– Repetitive game modes
– Co-op Multiplayer
.and so much more!
Will you delve into the chaos of space? Join us on our discord and get involved!

1. Install Unity ( )
2. Download the mod ( )
3. Open the.unity package
4. Load FarlifeMod.unitypackage
5. Click “import”
6. Copy the path of the.unitypackage into your Unity User Data folder
7. Run Unity

If your game is in a very old version, do NOT use the import command

## LOD
1. Open the Unity Asset Store
2. Search for [Spherical Mapping](


Territory Features Key:

  • Classical Score and Animated Performance
  • 15 Full Length Main Orchestra Soundtracks
  • Full Length Full Engine Game Play
  • Ending Theme Music
  • 11 Ending Music Performance Recording.


Territory Download (April-2022)

A brief story of a young woman named Fidelia waking up in a strange house in the forest on Halloween eve with no memory of how she got there. As she takes time to get used to the new scenery, she becomes infatuated with the mysterious house and its inhabitants. Her exposure to and examination of the neighborhood leads her to wonder about the woman who left her there. Can she learn more about this person and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance? Are they somehow connected to the house she is now in?

The Witch in the Forest is a slice-of-life visual novel that follows a young woman named Fidelia as she attempts to navigate her first day at a new school, along with having a few extra happenings in the town surrounding it. If you like human interaction stories, female protagonists, and Halloween, you’re going to love this game!

Witch in the Forest (WITF) is written from a feminist point of view and has multiple endings that are decided by the player’s actions. This gives the player a chance to experience all sides of the story, learn more about the people they are interacting with, and experience a different type of story from what they are used to.

Fidelia wakes up in the middle of the forest and can’t remember why she is there. She is taken care of by some suspicious people and after some time being with them, she decides to find the women’s home she was taken to.

I would give any one out there reading this, a bookmark. It’s short and cute. The plot is cute, has a few different but reasonable laughs and has a nice plot twist at the end. I like that it has so many different different choices. I know that is a bit of a dirty statement but I like that. And the aesthetics are just too cute. The forest looks really nice. It also has the main character lying down in the forest quite a bit.

Overall, it was cute and I would recommend it to any one out there who has a passing interest in visual novels but not a lot of time.

This was a cute game. The art and music are great. The story has a nice spooky atmosphere to it that I enjoyed. The characters are likable and the dialogue flowed pretty well. The game has good pacing which means that it only takes a few hours to finish. There are 12 different endings which is nice. One of the endings is based on your choices which


Territory Activation Free Download

Unlike the typical dating sim or visual novel style romances, you are cast as a gender bending hermaphrodite in a world where there is no such thing as men or women. The player takes control of Sinbad, a handsome young hermaphrodite, who has the ability to transform into his female form, Ohar, or his male form, Arbib. Sinbad is unique in the fact that every time he transforms, he changes into a different gender. Through Sinbad’s quest to win Ohar’s love, the player will have the opportunity to explore the secrets and stories of Al Musar, Ohar and Arbib.The good guys and the bad guys in Al Musar have their own secret motivations and personalities to discover as they work to reach their goal.Sinbad:

On December 18th, 2016, publisher and developer Nobunaga released a new trailer for their upcoming visual novel, Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands. The trailer reveals the game’s lead character Sinbad who is a half-human, half-spiritual creature that is able to possess humans and change his form to become a monster with magical powers.This is just a brief summary of the game’s story.Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands is the sequel to the popular 2016 game titled Sinbad: The Journey of a Thousand Sands. The game features a unique storyline and game mechanics that truly sets it apart from other visual novels on the market.

The Game

Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands allows the player to play as Sinbad as he travels across Al Musar to save Ohar from a demon. He is joined along the way by the invisible spirit Ohar. The story takes place in the 26th century where Ohar has been chosen to be the Sultan of Al Musar, a nation dominated by the virtuous Muslim people. A demon named Korobur has been attacking the villages and kidnapping the villagers to serve him as slaves in his palace in the back of Al Musar. But when Ohar reveals her true identity as a noblewoman, the slave raiders discover Ohar’s identity. Rather than killing Ohar, they instead use her as a hostage to release the demon Korobur from his prison. This causes the demon to evolve into a more powerful, monstrous being, which then begins to attack and consume all of Al Musar.

Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands is a 3


What’s new:


    Okay, New Updates have arrived for Teslagrad. And this is it: The Tank Ver2.

    In order to update the game, I had to take out about 30 PEOPLE from the game. Thank god my team was on a vacation. Because, let me tell you guys, hell hath no fury than that of a angry art director.

    Anyway, the update includes a new tank and a lot of other things.

    Tesla Tower

    The Tesla Tower is now an in-game event. When you click on it, it opens up and reveals a mystery that is a gift from one of the villagers,.. I’m almost certain. I think we are going to get something from the outside world next, but I can’t be 100% sure.

    Big Walrus

    The Big Walrus is back, in working condition. And, it’s now available for the first time, after the update!

    Remixed Music

    The music in the game is now a 5.1 remix, of the main theme.

    New Boots

    SATISFIED? I’m starting to get why people love these boots so much.


    A few people asked where the trophies are, now. I am so sorry about that, but I was too busy arguing with my art director about the tracks. You would understand, if you would look at the update notes. But I need to argue now. There is:

    – 3 times you might get the trophy;
    – An acheivable trophy in a messy plain called “Stay Alive”;
    – A trophy in the classic Teslagrad style.

    Anyway.. Tell me what you think!

    Download and Feedback is always appreciated!

    How to get the trophy “Stay Alive”?
    – First start the game.
    – Click on Teslagrad.
    – Go to sector 2 (wicked forest)
    – Do NOT fall asleep, and avoid going to sleep because you don’t want to die.
    – You will have plenty of time and energy during the night.
    – There are a lot of tricky puzzles to solve.
    – There will be 3 bosses. Fight them all.
    – Keep your stamina up by sleeping and drinking.
    – Don’t stay in that loop if you want to get the trophy.

    Got the trophy? Let me know.

    NEW BOTS &


    Download Territory Crack + [Win/Mac]

    Before Earthlingo there were no good audio and/or visual tools for vocabulary learning. It was a very time-consuming and boring task.
    Through my frustrations with the vocabulary learning process, I created a vocabulary learning tool that combines interesting graphics, with computerized audio and visual reinforcement to help you learn faster and better.
    Earthlingo is not a text game. Unlike most apps that combine reading with listening (which requires writing skills), Earthlingo is meant to be played without even the slightest bit of text.
    Earthlingo combines interesting graphics with computerized audio and visual reinforcement to help you learn better.
    Earthlingo currently has over 5000 nouns, adjectives and verbs for each language. The number of words and languages will increase over time. The speed and accuracy of learning will increase and decrease based on how far you have already learned. The amount of time to learn or “haphazard” learning strategy required will vary based on your language proficiency.
    So, play as a hypothetical alien (that is, a beginner if you have no previous knowledge), and learn all the new words in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian and/or Vietnamese, and go to the next level. Learn.

    What’s New

    – Added new words and categories. They are rated from 1 to 4, where 1 is easy to learn and 4 is very hard to learn.
    – Added a new words list with the top 1,000 most frequently used words in English.
    – You can now click on the words in the sub-lists to learn them.
    – You can skip all the words if you only want to see the lists.
    – You can now change the difficulty level of the game. 1 and 2 are both beginner, and 3 and 4 are more experienced.
    – You can also learn the words of other languages if you know them, or you can learn a random set of words.

    What’s In The Store

    New words

    – Added a new list of words and categories. These are the words that are the most used, but are really hard to learn.
    – Added a new list of words and categories. These are the words that are the most used, but are really easy to learn.
    – Changed the difficulty level for all the categories from 1 to 4, where 1 is beginner, 2 is more experienced, and 3 and 4 are the most difficult.
    – Added the most frequently used


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Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue is a modern combat simulator game. It is a great first person shooter game.

In Space Mechanic Simulator: Prologue, you are a free human being on a one way journey to colonize a new planet named Res-1. You are the first crew in space and you are using your ship as your home. You need to fight evil and rednecks during the journey on the way to Res-1.

You feel alone and unprotected until you spot people you never knew to be real human beings.

Finally, you got help and you got a reason to get out of your comfortable life back on earth. You find yourself fighting a small rebellion behind enemy lines and you have to win several unknown combat spaceships.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Multilayer games will challenge you and take your skills to



System Requirements For Territory:

HDD Storage capacity: 128 MB
256 MB Ram
1 GB
128 MB Ram
1 GB



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