July 14, 2022

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The VerFier is meant to provide users with a way to sign their shared files and allow peers to make sure that the file they are receiving matches the original and has not been tampered with. The purpose is to allow the secure sharing of certificates, video, audio or graphic evidence, all kinds of reports and important documents that require integrity checking.
Create an online identity and profile 
Upon first launch, you are prompted to register an account and create your online identity, which can be either public or private. The only difference is that a public profile can be searched for online.
You get to choose a profile image and enter your name and your contact, as well as an address. This is the minimum amount of information that you have to submit to be able to use the VerFier service and application. The next step is creating a decryption password or importing a decryption key, which will be used to access your account.
Please keep in mind that, once created, the profile cannot be modified or deleted, as it is stored on immutable storage. Nevertheless, you can submit a request for your ID to be excluded from search.
The VerFier automatically created an ID for you and displays it within its main window when you are logged in, alongside your name and your address.
Sign files and check their integrity 
You can easily sign a file with The VerFier using the digital identity you previously created. The VerFier provides support for any file type. In other words, you can sign documents, multimedia files, reports, and so on. It is recommended to sign and share a copy of the file, rather than the original so as to prevent any accidental data loss due to file damage.
The integrity of a signed file you received can be easily checked with The VerFier. You simply have to drag and drop the file onto the main window or browse for it and enter the ID of the person that signed it. With the click of a button, the application starts the integrity check. If the file has not been tampered with, half of the main window will turn green.
A [promising application with a few flaws 
The VerFier does not upload the files it signs or checks to its servers, as all the operations are carried out on the local machine. While the idea is good and the application is promising, the lack of instructions and a detailed documentation that can explain the purpose of creating an account and how exactly the application works makes it a bit untrustworthy and difficult to configure.


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Download === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Development of apps for the Native Android Market has been rendered impossible as a result of the major Google Play Store update, which has been kept under wraps until just days ago. An even bigger number of people are having problems with the new system as of late, so Google is now rolling back changes which were not approved by the public, in order to restore more stability.
As of Friday, the Android Market App on the Android Market Web site is now back to its previous, more stable state. On this site, it’s also easy to find the Android Market updates related to this issue. (
For a better overview, I have also added additional links.
— People in trouble with the old system and trying to recover lost messages —

— People who can’t access the New Android Market —

— People with problems when they get Android Market messages about new messages —

— Further technical information for fixing this issue —-

For questions about the Android Market update, please contact the Android Market team by sending an email to android-market-support@google.com.

Please post all reports on the app. I tried the app and received an email and was able to download the app. But, I can not log into the app because there is no proper login. Please help. Also, make sure to indicate what phone make/model you have.

Launching an app is one thing. An app user is another.
Today, only one app store supports multiple user accounts: Facebook. I imagine that all the Android stores will be able to handle this soon. Please give it a try and report

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2. Login to your Google Account
Login to your Google Account with your Google account credentials (You can also use a social networking site such as Facebook). This is required for uploading the files.
3. Create an ID by signing up
If you do not already have an ID created, you will be prompted to create one when you click on the first download button.
4. Login to your ID via email or URL
If you already have your ID saved in your Gmail account, you do not need to click on the Login with Google button again.
If you are using your own ID, you may use the ( URL.
5. Sign documents by drag and drop
You can drag and drop the files to the main window in order to sign them.
6. Sign and integrity check files 
Signing a document or file is simple. If you are signed in, you can click the Sign Document button. When the window pops up, navigate to the appropriate file and choose the desired action to be applied, eg. Private, Public, Importance or Compress. You can also choose to sign multiple files to be attached to a single email.
7. Importation of the Decryption Password
If you already have a Decryption key imported, you can easily sign a file.
8. Importing a File from a USB Device
If you have a file stored on a USB device, you can easily import the file by browsing for the file and clicking the import button.
9. Importing a File from a URL
If you have a file stored at an Internet URL, you can easily import it by browsing for the file and clicking the import button.
10. Importing a File from a Download
If you have a file saved at a particular URL, you can easily import the file by browsing for the file and clicking the import button.
11. Sharing Files
Once you have signed and checked the integrity of the file, you can share it using the sharing button. You can also drag the file to the shareable menu of your choice.
If you are not logged in, you can simply click on the

The VerFier PC/Windows

The VerFier is an application designed to share files securely and independently verify them. It is a document signing and integrity checking software that lets users create and sign shared files using their digital ID, share and check their integrity online using an ID-safe private key.
Create an online identity and profile
In the first-time launch of the application, you are first asked to create an online identity and profile with a specified name and a contact.
The account cannot be deleted nor modified. The profile cannot be modified or deleted, as it is stored on immutable storage.
You are also asked to upload a profile picture, enter your name and your contact information as well as your email and encrypted password.
You can choose to set your profile to public or private. Private profiles are not searchable, and will not be displayed in search results.
Sign files and check their integrity
After a successful registration, the application asks you to decide which files you want to sign or check the integrity of. You can select files from internal or external storage, or upload them directly from your computer using drag-and-drop.
The files are automatically encrypted before signing or checking them.
Keep in mind that the files signed or checked are uploaded to the server and are not sent to your local computer.
Integrity check of signed files
After selecting the files you want to check, you’re asked to sign them using your online identity. Files signed and integrity checked will be displayed in the main window, next to a person’s digital ID.
Drag-and-drop the files to be signed or checked to the main window and select the person whose digital ID you want to use to sign the files. A green button will appear, indicating that the integrity of the files you selected has been verified. You can drag the files back to the main window to withdraw them from the service.
Keep in mind that if you delete the original files, the integrity-verified files will no longer exist. Also, in case the original files are damaged or not fully decrypted, the integrity-verified files will also be damaged. For more information, check the VerFier’s technical information and instructions.

The VerFier is an application designed to share files securely and independently verify them. It is a document signing and integrity checking software that lets users create and sign shared files using their digital ID, share and check their integrity online using an ID-safe private key.
Users are asked to create an online identity in order to sign files,

What’s New in the The VerFier?

The VerFier is the next generation of authentication and encryption technology using blockchain technology. Find out more about why it’s our new solution at www.theverfier.com.

The VerFier allows users to make secure sharing of files, provide audit trail, and verify originality of a given piece of content. VerFier will make your life easier and help you achieve your personal goals quicker.
The VerFier is a software solution that will make your life easier and help you to achieve your personal goals quicker. Its main purpose is to provide tools to make secure sharing and auditing possible. The VerFier is the next generation of authentication and encryption technology using blockchain technology.
The VerFier is the first project of its kind to be launched on Testnet, which is where the VerFier is on stage to prove its concept and ensure the viability of the VerFier Utility Token.
The VerFier will provide users with a way to sign and share their content securely on the Internet. This concept is based on blockchain technology and allows users to produce audit trail reports of the content they create.
The VerFier will allow you to create a verified file that is more trustworthy and less likely to be altered or modified. If you are concerned about the integrity of a document, the VerFier will provide you with the ability to do audits.
You will be able to provide your ID that you have used on The VerFier to the process of sign and share. This allows you to make the verification process quick and easy.
The VerFier is a web-based application and a downloadable desktop application. You can choose the distribution of the application and your preference on cloud or local installation. The desktop version is more secure as it can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.
You will be able to provide your personal ID and a password that only you know to the application, and then you will be asked to sign and share a file. The identity you have used will be displayed in The VerFier and it will allow you to share files that have been signed.

Would like to know more? Here are some Verfier videos to show you its functionality!

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Welcome to our last course on the Nexus Mods, Modding, and Editing series, the Nexus Mods Setup Scripting course!
In this course, we will be covering how to setup different hosting services for mods. We will also be covering some minor, interesting, tips on using the files in the Scripts folder in the event that you are not using a Nexus account.
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This course is a culmination of the series of tutorials covering the Nexus Mods setup guide.
The first tutorial will be covering hosting your mod on the


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