July 13, 2022

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ThePhoneBOT Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Free [Win/Mac] (2022)

The PhoneBOT is a great little piece of software that can turn your laptop or desktop into a answering machine for your home or office telephone line. The ultimate tool for home management, The PhoneBOT is an easy solution for answering calls, monitoring voice mail, and retrieving call messages – all from one simple software package. It’s the perfect tool for home-based professionals, businesses, home users and web developers.
The PhoneBOT can be run as a Windows service and all of the functionality listed above can be managed via the service menu.
Once connected to the internet The PhoneBOT will notify you through emails or text messages when a new call is received and will also call your mobile phone (fax not supported). This will allow you to have your phone beep, ring, or play a custom message when a call is received.
The PhoneBOT will automatically record all incoming call information – telephone number, name of caller, length of call, and even the date and time – then EMAIL or text message those details to a secondary PC or phone.
The PhoneBOT will also play a custom greeting when your phone is first called, and provide a custom screen when someone is calling you, showing caller ID, your phone number, and your contact information.
The PhoneBOT comes with a 5 minute long free trial. You will not be charged for the Free Trial period. If you decide to purchase a license for The PhoneBOT, the license is transferable between two machines without any need for re-installation.
The PhoneBOT is compatible with any computer connected to a telephone line. Any Windows 2000/XP/ME/98/NT based computer will work fine. Voice-capable web developers that want to add a simple answering machine to their website can purchase The PhoneBOT website license. Updates to The PhoneBOT will be free during the license period, after which you may buy upgrades for $10, $20 or $30 depending on the upgrade.
The PhoneBOT will allow you to have your callers leave a voicemail when they call. You can see who’s called and played the voicemail in a PhoneBook like interface. Your phone will beep, ring, or play a message and the caller’s name, telephone number, and even a picture will be displayed in a timeline. Your Mobile Phone can even be called by SMS or E-Mail (not fax supported) to retrieve the call messages so


■ A dialup Modem running VBScript and Live Scripting
■ Runs completely in your background and does not require you to log out or quit your programs.
■ Uses an internal thread (not a service) to record and send messages.
■ Allows you to define a new greeting, and custom ring for your phone as well as forward
■ Gives you a voicemail box for your phone
■ Includes built-in phonebook, caller ID, caller ID masking, etc
■ Listens to calls on your phone and plays them to you
■ Automatically forwards calls if desired
■ Access your voicemail instantly with the Free PhoneBOT Client application.
■ Allows the caller to leave a message for you, and access the history of your messages
■ Download the custom PhoneBOT widget from the main PhoneBOT site (
■ Allows the caller to forward the call to an IP address. When received at the IP address a picture will be displayed.
■ Uses standard dialup modem port and dial up service.
■ Free for distribution with other commercial products
■ (All are also available for free on the PhoneBOT site.)
ThePhoneBOT Remote Client:
■ Allows you to scan a list of IP Addresses for the presence of a PhoneBOT
■ Gives you information on the phone number, such as CallerID, called name, and the
■ Gives you information on the phone number, such as CallerID, called name, and the
■ PhoneBOT is being used to receive calls.
■ Allows you to playback the voicemail messages left on the phone.
■ Ability to temporarily screen incoming calls.
■ Allows you to forward a call to a new IP address for the caller to be redirected to.
■ Allows you to forward a call to a new IP address for the caller to be redirected to.
■ Provides full html form of caller history.
■ The program displays total time of each call, number called, called name, and message in seconds.
■ Displays images associated with the caller.
■ Allows a user to enter their voicemail password to access their voicemail history.

ThePhoneBOT License Keygen Free Download For PC

PhoneBOT is a free application to turn you computer into a home answering machine.
PhoneBOT will catch calls from:
– Any Phone Calling Your Home or Office Line
– Any Phone Calling Your Cell Phone
– Any Web Browser Calling Your Cell Phone
The PhoneBOT is supported by any broadband connection with a dialup modem.
To get the latest version download at www.thephonebot.com
First, just download the PhoneBOT Setup.exe from www.thephonebot.com.
Run the Setup and enter a password when asked.
When completed, setup launches the PhoneBOT program.
Next, click “Play Now” to hear a sound when your phone rings. (See Playing sounds for directions on how to do this.)
The PhoneBOT will automatically dial your number when the phone rings (home or cell).
To stop the program and shut down the pc, click on the “Shut Down PC” button on the PhoneBOT program.
Next, click “Play Now” to hear a sound when you get a new voice mail message.
Next, click on the “MailMe” button to send an instant message (phone) to your cell phone.
Alternatively, click the “mail” button to send an email. (message will play when clicked)
Next, click on the “CallMe” button to call a phone number (wait for a ring tone to play and the call will be answered as if the person was ringing your telephone right there next to your computer).
You can also choose to play a custom message from a URL or a webpage you choose. Simply copy a URL, add the word “http” and the number after it like so:

Once you have the URL copied, paste it in the “Play URL” box on the phone screen. Next, click the “Play” button. You can change the settings to have the URL play in the background so you don’t have to click on the Play button.
You can also tell the phone to have a vocal message for all incoming calls, or you can choose one call and have a vocal message for that call. Additionally, you can choose which number to dial before playing the URL or vocal message.
You can also choose when to play the song, beep, dial tone or voicemail message when the phone rings.
You can choose to play a recorded

What’s New in the ThePhoneBOT?

ThePhoneBOT is a PC Answering Machine using your modem to play your voice messages. It allows you to send out automated messages and receive messages from unknown callers.
ThePhoneBOT runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. and should run under Windows 10! The PhoneBOT can use ANY dialup modem and you need not have a phone line connected to your PC. The PhoneBOT can dial, disconnect, record, listen and send voice messages to any cell phone number. The PhoneBOT will also automatically send voicemail message to a secondary phone or PC.
PC Answering Machine:
The PhoneBOT is a PC Answering Machine that will turn your PC into an answering machine! People can leave messages for you and you can listen to them. To access your voicemail messages simply dial a phone number and then leave a message. When someone tries to call you, the PhoneBOT will pick up, listen to your message and then either hang up or redirect the call to your mobile phone or PC (if you have defined that address). If you’d like to leave a voicemail message that will be delivered to a secondary phone, the PhoneBOT will provide an option to do this.
The PhoneBOT Remote Client can be accessed over the internet so you can see your voicemail messages without being physically at your computer. The remote client also provides real-time call screening so you can let others know if they should call before they do. You can use the PhoneBOT Remote Client on any Web browser with TCP/IP internet connection. This is great for anyone without a PC and home phone (ie, iphone, iphoneapp)
Email Your Cell Phone:
You can email your voicemail to a secondary cell phone. The PhoneBOT will send an email to your secondary cell phone with the voicemail message that you left. This email will usually appear in the cell phone’s email program as a new message. Simply dial that cell phone number and then enter your PIN to verify the email.
Compatible Modems:
The PhoneBOT will work with any PC having a Modem Card installed. The PC must be running Windows 2000,


System Requirements For ThePhoneBOT:

Supported OS:
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6.8
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows ME
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.5
Linux 2.6.x
Solaris 8
2 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
2 GB HD space
4 GB HD space
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