July 18, 2022

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Kind of hard to imagine a more direct attack on political freedom than
disabling a society from ever discussing something, but that’s the strategy
being used by the machine.

The best bit was when I discovered that you could “play” with the animation
code to hide another video in the div. (Using a few obvious tricks from the
HTML5 gaming gallery.)

That’s awesome and brilliant 😀

So, what the the direction we are going as far as do we work on Linux as a
priority? I know it’s not always guaranteed but it would be an amazing
opportunity in places like FLOSS, embedded systems, server architectures and
other areas. I agree with the article that Linux already has great technical
capabilities, but so does all other OSs. How is Linux going to capture markets
and grow in the future?

Desktop Linux has a strong user community, and it will be one of the many
options for consumers.

Nvidia and AMD are also pretty good about supporting Linux.

A lot of embedded is pretty cheap these days, and people that would otherwise
be building micro-controllers run on typical Linux.

I agree that Debian and derivatives are doing a solid job, but there is a
longer term trend towards less and less configuration in software,


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I Want To Be A…
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I download my copy of the Mirrored.exe to that computer. Did a “file msiexec.exe” and it displayed the same message as before.
Also tried using “.\msiexec.exe /I /Q …a” and similar combinations.
So how do I obtain the same results as previously mentioned without needing to install the.exe onto the computer?


The reason for the link error is that the file you are trying to execute is on a network share and Windows does not allow you to run executable files on a network share. Simply copy the file to your local machine and run it normally.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Examples.Net.Extensions.Core
public class Sum
public IEnumerable Sum(IEnumerable source)
int total = source.Sum(item => item);

var result = Enumerable.Range(0, total)
.Select(i => total – i).ToArray();

return result;

Encrypted device in a data centre

I am trying to decide between two approaches to storing data securely in a DC. I’ve never had experience with data centres, so I’d like to know the pros and cons of each approach.
The first approach is to use a computer running Linux as the hard drive (LVM on top of LUKS) and have the computer inserted into the DC and connected to a proprietary remote management software.
The second approach is to have the drive in a ‘locked’ bag and the bag inside an iron safe. The drive would be plugged into a USB port and connected to a computer that’s pre-configured to decrypt the drive.



The link point to a non existing page which leads to a script that does an Iframe redirect (without changing the Url) to show a content.
This kind of redirect is called an AFR.
What you don’t have is a legitimate page but an attack.
If you are using Firebug extension in Firefox or Chrome DevTools, you will see in Network tab all the requests that have been made and you can see there the one you have been redirected.

You should always enable Redirects in your Browser so you can see all the URL that was redirected.

MKII does not direct serine/threonine phosphorylation of yeast CDC6.
S/T phosphorylation of human CDC6 is believed to be important for its release from APC-mediated destruction. We have identified three serine and threonine residues in yeast CDC6 that are phosphorylated in vitro by the mammalian kinase, casein kinase II (CKII). The relative level of phosphorylation of these sites is similar to that observed in vitro for human CDC6. However, when we substituted serine and threonine residues for alanine in the CDC6 molecule, we found no significant effect on its stability in vivo, nor did mutation of any of these residues have any effect on the ability of the CDC6 protein to stimulate DNA replication. These results indicate that MKII does not direct serine/threonine phosphorylation of CDC6 in yeast and that Cdc6-mediated cell cycle control in yeast requires a kinase that is not a member of the MKII family of mammalian serine/threonine kinases.Harold Camping, and His End-of-the-World Prediction

Harold Camping, a so-called Bible teacher from Oakland, California, and pastor to 17,000 people, made a doomsday prediction that culminated with the Rapture. Now that he’s missed, is he to blame for all that has happened?

Harold Camping is a man you can’t really fault for being quirky. Born in 1921 in San Francisco, he claimed to have seen Christ in a dream and then went on to follow in a career as a radio evangelist. He attained wide-spread fame after spreading the false message that Christ was returning this past Saturday, May 21, 2011.

While some Christians acknowledged his claim to be an extreme interpretation of the Book of

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